Why plant based diet?

After being diagnosed with a long-term digestive condition and not being able to find a "cure" , I decided to incorporate a plant based diet to hopefully cure or heal my condition. It will be tough to transition but thankfully I am beginning during the summer vacation to be able to adjust. Although it could be difficult because I have been recommend to go on a LOWFODMAP diet but foods such as chickpeas ,legumes and lentils are HIGHFODMAPS. I will just have to experiment and try to find out what is good for my body.


What motivated me to have a plant based diet is finding out the benefits. Most importantly finding out from health forums that there are many who has switch over having a based diet and healing from their health condition like digestive problems. Another factor of me deciding to have a plant based diet was realising from watching a lot of videos or reading plant based blogs that it is easy and not boring. YES some plant based foods that we can find in grocery stores can be expensive but health is wealth.

I know that..

... the road to plant based eating and being healthy is a journey... That there will be a lot of ups and down ..  I hope to make plant based diet apart of my lifestyle and looking forward to start eating plant based food starting on Monday.

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