Our spa visit yesterday was fantastic! If you live around Gothenburg I recommend Arken spa & hotel, it was so beautiful and the half day pack we took was crazy affordable.

It was really well needed, at least for me. My anxiety has really been stirring up these last few days after giving me a couple of days off. I'm going to try to pamper myself at home a lot, I really loved the spa-feeling 💕 Any pampering recommendations for me?

Face mask: The Birth of Venus - Lush

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Some friends of mine are expecting a baby soon and today I hosted their baby shower. It didn't turn out exactly as I wished but it was a sucess either way. The parents to be were happy so I'm happy 👏🏼

We also put together a little scrapbook during the party with some well wishes and pictures.

I didn't really have a great day yesterday or today but I'm really glad it turned out good. I can't wait to meet their kid, it's going to be really cool!



Today, we went in to Gothenburg to have dinner with my father and grandmother. It was really lovely! Before we met up with them though, I took Simon to a place that meant a lot to me as a child: The Maritime Museum (Sjöfartmuseet).

Me and my father went there quite a few times and I thought it was the coolest place. Fish, huge boats and different recreations of Gothenburgs history.

We also bought this little buddy. Any name suggestions? 😁

I really felt good today! Not as much when we got home unfortunately but I guess you can't get everything! Really loved my style today though, love when I have the energy to really get ready these days.



Me & Simon are going to a half day spa on monday and I'm SO EXCITED! And being the way I am of course I had to order some new swimwear for the occasion.

I wasn't too sure about the sizes so I ordered two swimsuits in different ones to see which felt the best. They arrived today and are SO GORGEOUS. Unfortunately one of them was a bit too small so either I'll sell it or screw it and squeeze in to it anyway, hah!

But for spa day I'll probably go for the one with the blue flowers 😍

Pictures: Prettylittlething.com



Fall is well upon us and being outside is starting to suck more and more. Even though TV-show binging is always a great way to spend your day, it's even BETTER now when the outside world is turning on us (I don't like being cold... mkey).

Being on sick leave I've had A LOT of time on my hands. Which, don't get me wrong, was and still is well needed. But not really being able to put much focus on things, TV-shows has been great company to me as always. I'm one of those people that really enjoy watching new and fun shows, but still love to go back and watch my favourite shows over and over again. You know that it's something you love and especially when you don't feel like getting in to a new plot, it's a great way for entertainment that you know suits your taste!

Enough babbling about why TV-shows are awesome, I just thought it would be kind of fitting to share my favourite shows with you, if you're in need of some BINGE-spiration!

# 1 - F.R.I.E.N.D.S

This was probably the first show that took my heart and made me a TV-series junkie. I’ve seen it way too many times and have actively watched it through and through at least 5 times (not counting the times I’ve had it on in the background). I haven’t felt a strong connection to the show in a while now because of my interest in other shows, but also for their old way of seeing people and their differences. This show will forever have a place in my heart though and as we speak I’ve started the show over again for the first time in what feels like forever, just for some easy background noise.

# 2 - Bones

Bones kind of became my “new FRIENDS” - the show I’ve seen through and through more times than I can count and is my go to ‘have in the background’-show. I really love it for the strong female characters, everyones deep and relatable personalities and the way you care about what happens in their lives. I still cry every time I see the episode with the death of one of my favourites.

#3 - That 70's show

The first time I saw this show was with one of my oldest friends. I remember always watching it at her place, and nowhere else. When I got older, like a few years back, I found in on Netflix and started watching it and I had forgotten how great it is. Now I’ve actively watched it like two times and had episodes on in the background countlessly. It's easy to watch and oh how I love Hyde!

# 4 - Gilmore Girls

I remember watching a few episodes here and there with my mother when I was younger. The show was okay to watch but didn’t really call to me at the time, it wasn’t until a few years back I really understood it. For me, it’s not as easy to watch as say “Friends" or "That 70’s Show” - probably because of the plot being a bit more “complicated” than the others. So this show hasn’t really been as much of a ‘background noise’-show, but I’ve still watched it all the way through about two or three times, not counting the four last Netflix episodes that came out 2017 (that I’ve only seen the one time).

#5 - Doctor Who

Just to clarify - this is the new series I’m talking about, and not the old ones which I’ve only seen a few episodes of. AND clarification number two, I’ve been the worst fan ever lately so I actually haven’t seen more than a few Capaldi episodes…

ANYWAY. Doctor Who. I can’t honestly remember when I got in to this show, maybe 8th grade (so around 13-14)?. The show is just so much fun and I love how it can be so goofy and easy but then switch to full on serious mode. Not really a backgrund show either but I’ve seen seasons 1-7 about three times and it just never gets old. I just really need to get cracking on the later seasons soon… Btw, favourite doctor? Tennant all the way!



I LOVE halloween! It's not as popular in Sweden as it is in other countries, but it's on the rise. You can find parties, a few trick or treaters in the bigger cities and people, including myself, love having an excuse to dress up. Costume parties are the best!

Halloween 2016 (electrocuted sim) & 2013 (ravenclaw student)

My family has never been much for holidays or decorations for that matter so having my own apartment for the first time ever I was super pumped to decorate it with pumpkins and creepy, cute stuff. I wanted to watch a scary movie or two, even though I hate them and I wanted to do a kick ass costume with my partner.

Those plans did not fall through though. I've been on sick leave because of my anxiety for about a month now and my well being has been like a roller coaster. The energy and drive to get my halloween on this year just wasn't there when I needed it. It makes me really sad to be honest but knowing that I'm getting better and I'm getting the help that I need makes it okey. Halloween will come next year too, hopefully I'll have more room for it then.

Good thing is that we're invited to a late halloween party next weekend so hopefully I'll get to dress up at least once this fall.

Next year, I'll be ready for you halloween!

(If you're interested - a GRWM/Tutorial on my Sim look is on my youtube channel!)



Me and my hair are having a fight. I recently dyed it and I was SO happy with the colour, but red being the way it is it's not cooperating anymore. I knew it would happen but it still sucks.

So, I've decided to leave the red behind and try a new colour that hopefully will stick a bit better to my damaged and stubborn hair. It's a colour I've never had and even though I've had ALOT of colours, I'm honestly a bit nervous hah.

Probably going to dye it today... Wish me luck!



I like starting my mornings with a smoothie so today I wanted to try out a smoothie recipe from Monami Frost's cookbook. This was the awesome outcome of it!

* Bananas
* Cocoa
* Hemp seeds
* Dates
* Water

- Done!

May not look THAT amazing but trust me, try it out!



I used to blog when I was in middle school, or somewhere around that age - but I thought it was time again! I never write more than a sentence these days so this will be good for me. Let's start this blog out with a walk in the forest.
Since going on sick leave I've had a hard time getting outside but thanks to my lovely partner I get my ass moving.. Sometimes anyway. It wasn't too chilly and the sun was really generous which was very well needed.