As a uni student I am surrounded by people striving to improve, create, have ideas, and goals. I'll be honest, the passed week has been rough for me. It has just been one of those weeks where nothing goes as planned. But hey, it can only go upwards when you feel like you've reached the bottom!

I got to say the theme of the week has been 'goals'. As a student you cannot avoid the question "so what do you want to do when you finish your degree?" or "what jobs can you get into with that degree?". Most students (I know anyway) will have some kind of idea of what they strive to become, but will usually keep the options open by saying "Honestly, I have no clue".

What I find really interesting is listening to what the people around me plan and think of as life goals for themselves, in other words: what is success? Just think about it yourself; wherever you find yourself in a crowded place, every single person around you will most likely have an individual idea of what success is.

I have heard so many different answers. And it fascinates me. Where do we get these ideas from. We all come to life with the same: nothing but ourselves, but we all develop into having such different definitions of what life should be like.

I have to admit, I cannot stand it when people use the word "goals" to caption a picture on social media. You have most likely seen it yourself, or used it. Look, it isn't the fact you have dreams and a sense of direction in life that bothers me. It is the fact we tend to idealise these materialistic or shallow things. A Mercedes #goals, A good looking couple 'candidly' standing by the sunset kissing #goals, A person posing in front of a beautiful castle of a house #goals, a real fit person showing off their body #goals. I get it, they are things that people work hard for and have earned. It is just the fact that no one on social media points out the little things. The things that should be primary goals: food, good health, love. And again, I get it. No one would like a post where you managed to pay your bills this month #goals, filled the fridge up #goals, or said your hair looks cute on a bad hair day #goals.

What is even more interesting to me is the fact people around me will throw the word 'success' around like confetti, but it never even seems like they define it for themselves. "I just want to be successful in life". And if that is a Mercedes, or a smile from a stranger on the streets, that is relative.

Did you know when most people are asked what they want in life for others or themselves, the most common answer is 'happiness'.

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As we are getting ready to take on another year, it is good to reflect on the journey of the last. One thing 2016 sure taught me was to be more kind to myself. I don't believe in New Years resolutions, but I wanted to share a few lessons I learnt that might be helpful to you, or even be something you relate to!

1) Be kind, even when the person hasn't given you are reason to
2) Be confident in your kind of weird
3) Forgive the mistakes you've made, and move on -Everyone else does too
4) A broken heart sucks, but you'll be fine -remember everything happens for a reason
5) Surround yourself with people who makes you forget about time, and at the end of the day make you feel like all you did was being you -it will make your heart fuller
6) Put your phone down more, be around the people you love -they won't be on this earth forever
7) Dress to impress yourself -it will make you happier
8) Don't be afraid to say the things you want when you worry "it might be weird" -people will appreciate it
9) Be the person to include others -the in-crowd is nothing without the out-crowd afterall
10) Eat with a healthy appetite and no guilt, and it's okay to have Ice Cream before dinner every now and then -treat yo'self
11) Laugh -even if it is at your own jokes
12) take breaks, do things you love
13) Worry less about the future -everything will be fine if you follow your gut-feeling

Although these might seem cheesy to most, they are important lessons that helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin, and will keep me happy if I remind myself of them. I hope they can do the same for you!



The most freeing realisation of all, was the one were I found that whateveryone else thinks doesn’t matter because it doesn’t stop you from being whoyou want to be or who you are, the only one stopping you is you. I am not goingto tell you this was something that came easily to me. This was something Ilearned as I have grown over the last two years. And it changed my life.


Humans need humans, and people get so hung up on being accepted theyforget to reflect on what they want to be. What do I want to do with my life,how do I want to look? Instead of “that’s stupid and weird, I can’t do that”.There is so many weird people out there simply because of one reason: they areall different. And usually what’s different we, as humans, label as ‘weird’.Simply, because it’s different. There will be people like you, but no one willbe just like you.


Over the past two years I’ve had a lot of changes in my life, and whileI have parted with some friends along the way, I have also gained some reallyclose bonds. I choose not to think about it as losing friends, rather we chosedifferent paths because we wanted to be people who don’t are like each otheranymore. And that is just fine.


I have come to realise that no one really cares who I am or not. Becausethe people who like you, will like you no matter and independent of your haircolour, choice of clothes, and appearance. They like you. Your appearance,personality, traits, flaws, and everything you are. So stick with people whomakes you feel fearless. Like you could do anything you set your mind to, andlike you could be anyone you wanted to be. Because you can.




Yesterday, while on a walk to the grocery store, one of my friends and I started talkingabout the dreams we’d been having lately. It was quite amusing as dreams can bevery absurd and most of the time don’t make much sense. She told me how she’dfelt something in her dream that felt real, and we talked about how strange it is that your head can make dreams and the sensory input seem so realistic. Think about it: every nighthumans lay down, put themselves under some sort of self-hypnosis, it is definitely one of the many strange things we do? Dreaming is a strange phenomenon, and itis even in the 21st century still not sure why exactly it happens. Whereas some theories suggest dreaming doesn’t have a specific function but is explained by random firing in the brain that doesn’t happen throughout the day. Other theories suggest dreaming is either reflecting our emotions of the day,or a way of processing/dealing with sensory input (Science, 2016). The latter was the explanation I was always told about dreams, and as we were talking, something I have never thought of before popped into my head.

Do blind people dream too?

None of myfriends were really sure, so I did the only right thing: Googled it of course!

On a forum on a website for University of Illinois, someone had asked just that question,and the response was from a girl who’d been blind since she was ‘fairly young’. According to her, blind people do dream, depending on how much they were able tosee before the went blind. If someone have been blind since birth, they will have 'auditory dreams' which are dreams with only sound, and no images. Can you imagine having a dream where you could hear people speak but not see them? She also added that if the person had a measure of sight before it got worse, their dreams will usually consist of the images they remember, even if it is only blurred faces and colors.

I can understand why there isn't a clear cut answer to why people dream yet. I don't even know what theory is supports the fact that blind people do dream. Is it that dreaming doesn't have a function and they only retrieve memories in their dreams? or that dreams have a function and they process sounds and images they remember?

Independent of whether dreams have a function or not, one thing is for sure: it is just another weird thing humans do. 

​If you happen to know anything more specific about it, I would love to know!



"Some of the things we say to ourselves we would never dream of saying to anyone else"

I am an over-thinker, and these words sure had me thinking...

I cannot take the praise for coming up with that saying, but they are some of the most mind blowing words I have ever heard. No, really though. Think about it: How many more times do we tell ourselves that we 'can't do this' or 'what if?' or even 'I give up'. I realise not all people overthink, and thank goodness for that. Can you imagine a world where we would all spend our time wondering 'what if?'. For some overthinking is worse than for others, and in my opinion it does not have to be a bad thing. Of course it is not the most healthy option once you are constantly worrying due to your own thoughts. But how about this: over-thinkers, like myself, often daydream, and daydreams can often drive your mind to ideas and thoughts no one might even have thought of before you. However, a lot of people might disagree with that way of looking at it, and that is absolutely fine. That is simply the beauty of individualism.

When I first heard the saying: "Some of the things we say to ourselves we would never dream of saying to anyone else" I was sat in a surrounded by strangers in a crowded room. I did not look around as this was said, but you know what? I wish I had. I wonder if anyone was just as struck by it as me. I for one, is not the nicest to myself. Although I believe I am looked upon as a kind person to others, I am not nearly as kind to myself. And isn't that strange? Why is it that we strive so hard to be kind to and liked by others, but we don't even remember to appreciate the body we are going to be staying in for a lifetime?

And it is easier said than done. But think about it this way: if you were told to go tell someone you care about the negative things you told yourself, would you? Would you really have the heart to tell someone else those things? I know that I could never do it. I would never tell anyone else they are 'not good enough' 'not pretty today' or 'they probably think you're crazy'... however, these are things we tend to tell ourselves.

So the next time I doubt myself, or I'm angry with myself for not feeling good enough, I will carry this thought with me: "would you ever tell anyone else that?" Hopefully it will make me thing twice before I allow self-destruction one more time.

It might not seem easy, but I encourage everyone to do the same: If you would not say those things to anyone else, do not tell yourself those things either.



I wanted my first blog post to be about something I simply love. Something I could go on and on about (and I sure did!). I am confident that this is something that not only fascinates me, as it touches people all over the world. If you haven’t guessed already (headline hint hint..) what I’ll be talking about is: Music.

What amazes me the most about it is how It to me seems like a third human language. By that I mean it has this power to bring people together in a very special way. People from all over the world can come together, read music, and play together. It is amazing. From the little I know about piano and sight reading (still learning), I know there are (among others) components to a musical piece that is the equivalent of a sentence in a spoken language, which again is another example of how music is its own language.

I know that no matter what I am feeling, there are always songs that can put what I feel into words. To me at least, that is a safety. A safe haven to always come back to when I don’t know how to explain what I feel. But it is so strange how music can both make one feel so safe, and so scared. Just take horror movies for example… I always turn off the sound when I watch a trailer to a new horror movie. Music triggers so many feelings, or it can comfort one that is already present…

…But have you ever asked yourself what happens to us? Why does music have this power over us? So many times in our lives will we feel something that is out of our control. Whether that is being head over heels in love, or furious. How music makes us feel is also: out of our control.

I came across an article called “Music and its effect” in one of my uni readings. This claimed that the emotional stimulation that is the reason to why music makes us feel all kinds of ways, are issues yet not understood. That amazes me as somany people find this fascinating. How come no one really knows?

I play two instruments myself, and when thinking back at how difficult it was to learn playing, it makes perfect sense how come no one really understands how all the different components that make up music, affect the human brain. What the article thought me is that it’s believed that the humans sense of tonality evolved to convey information such as gender, size of the person, and their emotional state. How I see it, that makes perfect sense as that is exactly what people do with music: convey their feelings, and express who they are.

So what exactly does happen to us? in our heads? In our brains? something must be known about what happens to us, right? The article claimed that several neuroscientists (brain scientists) with musical backgrounds have found that areas near the primary auditory cortex (the “hearing” part of the brain) are particularly active in response to music. PET imaging have also shown that there is increased activity in brain regions that deals with reward, motivation, and arousal in relation to music that gives one “chills-down-the-spine”reaction. This means our brain tells our bodies to physically feel good! How crazy amazing is that!

I realized I used the word 'amazing' a whole lot.. but really though.. it is! As a uni student I would feel guilty without a reference (👼) so here we go...

Purves, D. et al. (2013) Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience. USA: Sinauer Associates, Inc. Publishers




Hello! Whether you chose to or justended up here by accident I am happy you did stop by. I've been contemplating whether or not to start a blog for a long time, when I today finally decided to throw myself into this. I am entirely new to this so it will be interesting! 

For now I won't talk too much about myself as I want this blog mainly to be my creative outlet place. I will write about whatever thoughts pops into my head (and I do have a lot of them..) or if I get any other ideas such as DIYs or who knows really.... If you have any ideas or suggestions I am open for inputs! 

I know this isn't much to judge from, but if you stop by later you might get a better idea of what this will be about!