Oohh heeyy there! We haven't forgotten about you we promise, it's just that we have been very veeery busy. Done a few business trips you know😌😎 The day after our last post we packed our bags and took off to Langfang (more about that later). We spent 4 days there and then returned back to Beijing and East Hotel😍 After the weekend we flew to Shanghai!🌆 And yesterday we flew back "home" (East Hotel)👌

So here is a quick update on what we have been up to here in Beijing👐

We decided to do some grocery shopping, it took 2 hours!😅

Food for days!🍝🍊

Feeling happy over western food😍

East Hotel, you never disappoint! Feels awesooome to be back here💞

At Beijing Zoo! We were supposed to come here previous weekend but we are here now instead🙈

We finally got to see pandas🐼🐼...Buut..they looked tired, dirty and lazy so yea😔

Sad elephant😓

Hippoos👀👏 We had to walk VERY long to find them, even tried to ask for directions usuing body language..  He sent us off to the elephant area😅

Very playful monkeys🐒🐵

We didn't get any good pics of the animals due to the very crowded area but they had pretty much all animals. Some looked very happy and some looked sad😞

At the Aquarium, it's supposed to be the world's largest! I feel very proud for getting us muuch cheaper tickets, 70 instead of 150😎 (I asked for student price)

China in an aquarium.. This is how crowded it is in this lovely country👥👥👥
(When you accidentally open front cam👆)

How coool?!!


Dolphin shoow! A lot of talking in Chinese was done so it was rather hard to keep up🙈

Juman found a bestie👭

Hello bubbles👋

Corn yeaah🌽

After too many pictures, can't be bothered anymore..

It took very long for me to write this post so hope you enjoyed😸 Nighty noow❤ /Juman

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Finally at the Great Wall! (Sunday tho 😅) It's definitely our favorite attraction so far. We have wanted to visit it for soo long!

I know you all wanna go to the great wall too and sharing is caring so here are some pictures😉😁

We decided not to take the shuttle bus from the main entrance to the beginning of the Great Wall and we thought that everyone else that did so were just lazy. BUT after walking and walking for 30 min we realized maybe we had made the wrong decision😆(Who would have thought it was so far?)


(After 5km of stairs) 😄

The only missed thing in this picture is her Alddins carpet 🐒 yesyes

Ninja 👶🏻

...maybe not 😂 She tripped on a tiny tiny rock (if even that) and scratched her knee😅

Sliding back on the way back from the wall, yeey ☺️

You fulfilled our expectations The Great Wall 👍🏼

The day ended with jasmine-ice cream 🍦

Goodnight 👷🏼



Soo this was supposed to be posted last night but due to internet problems and MAJOR tiredness I decided to sleep instead and post later😳 Cheers to Indira for posting her part in time💋

Getting loaded for a second day at work with breakfast..I mean can it even get better?🍳

At work! The time is 8.27 and no one has come yet. Veery excited to finally meet our mentor Music in person for the first time. Ps: we have been texting with her for several months and before meeting we already love her!
(Ps2: We start 8.30)
Btw they reaally loved the little gifts we brought and the Swedish chocolate, liquorice on the other hand; NASTY!😷

I'm eating the very famous Chinese "pancake"; an omelett filled with fried dough sticks? (The sticky note on my phone says vegetarian/ no meat) You might not know but I'm only eating veg food in China so in a best case scenario I have one-two choices to pick between!😅 And due many choices for Indira she didn't like/eat her food at all😶

We were watching her making food and before finishing her order she all of a sudden drove off.. Then she came back and completed the order. Police? We will never know why!

Our hotel from the outside😍 (We have our rooms on 10th floor)

And from the inside..

Does it really require 4 guys to hold up 2 doors?😶 (No it's no coincidence they are all standing there, it's their job)


Our hotel is connected to a ...shopping mall!! So basically this is our home too😏 How cool isn't that😎

My favorite restaurant in Indigo, they cook your food infornt of you👏

Frozen yogurt for dessert👐

(Without having to go outside) Back at the hotel!😁

My room view😍 Good night!



👋🏼👋🏼 Long time :)

Today is one of the best days so far here in China! The day began with a good breakfast, but when Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2006 Muhammad Yunus and his colleagues arrived 20 minutes later and sat down just two tables behind us it was enough to fulfilled our day! Short said we were very happy!

We spent our day later at Summer Palace and had a very nice tour guide who could stand us even though we asked many other questions (interesting questions) that had nothing to do with the place 😅 Simply a cool and nice day.

More than happy ❤️ Muhammad Yunus

Arrived at the Summer Palace

Lunch time! Every time I think of this name I can't stop laughing 😂👏🏼
Exiting how it looks like 🍚

Yey hahah (not so yummy ) 😕

Why so strong?

Why am I sitting there?

Basically because we are so cool.

Happy girl 😄 On our way home Juman finally found her sweet potatoes, that tasted very yummy (better than the winter rice 😂)

Feels like we are in a dollhouse 😁

It took us 1h 30min to get back to the hotel by subway. But we saved a lot more money than taking a taxi 🚅

I wonder if they will ever fill the shelves with water bottles haha.

Okey enough for today, goodnight 😅



On our way to East Hotel, exciting! 🏨🚐

Tired Juman? 😏

Finally arrived at East Hotel 👌🏼 Taking a quick lunch, very tasty, even better with the beautiful view from my hotel room. /Indira

Later at night we had dinner at Middle 8 restaurant that our mentor Music recommend. Cool and nice place where you order your food by an iPad 📱😃


"Going to sleep with excitement in our stomachs" (😂) //Indira //

Our first day at work. ✒️📋

The day started at 8:30 but since we were a little bit too early no one had arrived to the office yet 😅😅 Made us confused wether we had been taken to the right place or not...

Turned out to be the right place! We got a warmly welcomed by HR manager Melody. Our mentor Music couldn't meet us this first day. 😞

We didn't get to do much the first day, we just got the traditional Sandvik introduction and then we could go back to the hotel.

Lunch 🍲

These mangoes may look innocent, but after a few bites I found a worm 😰 (so sad 😏)

After a quick gym pas, a needed shower and a updating for this blog I might say goodnight ✌🏼️ / Indira



Hi hi our lovely followers, here is a quick mini update of some things we have been doing. Enjoy!❤

Food with a view😏 (You can't see the food cause it looked a bit chaos)

At silk street, where Indira had a fight with a sales man😇 He was trying to sell her cheap speakers for 699 RMB (923 sek) and after 10 min of barging to get it for 100 RMB (132 sek)  he finally said okey!! But we got suspicious and she asked "Why is it so cheap now all of a sudden?" Now you could see his eye starting to twitch in anger and when Indira didn't wanna buy it anymore he got so furious he started yelling. Hahaha😂😂...We got so surprised that we laughed in his face and I pulled Indira out of the store (so that she wouldn't kung fu him)👊👊

The sky was so smoggy that day we didn't feel like staying outside so we canceled our plans of going out for a tour so we chilled at a bookstore instead📚📚

Cozy book, cozy floor and a cute kid in front of me. Life just cant get better 😄📖
(I might have fell asleep a little bit, just a little bit tho) / Indira
(it wasn't a little bit)😁 /J

I miiiss you mami!💖 /Juman

A small stop at "Time square" on the way home💐

(Kinda exotic pic I guess) We finally tried the fresh coconut water we have been longing for the past few days! It's really to recommend🌴🌴



Hellooo! So this is our last day in Wangfujing and Prime hotel, tomorrow we're getting picked after our check out to East Beijing hotel to start our internship!!😁(scary, exciting, Fun!) Anyhow, more about that later!
And here is a lil update of what we have been up to😊💕✨ (will be continued tomorrow)

Studying some sightseeing destination cards we took from the hotel lobby🌇 We ended up picking Madam Tussaud's and a famous street called Catipal M for the day👀💓

With the luck forever on our sides, the particular station we needed to go to, was of course closed just that day😞👌 And after moments of confusion we figured that out so we took a riksha from the nearest station instead😍👏

Turned out the forbidden city was on the other side! (This is were we noticed that the air was starting to become smoggy😷)

On our way to Madame Tussaud's.. (toook quite some time to find there) (Ps it was actually positive since we got to explore such a gorgeous place! )

After getting a kinda confusing map from a British man, guidence from a few Chinese police officers, plus about 5 other Chinese people and a few more Brits we still aren't there yet😤 (we got different directions all the time😧)

So yeaah, after hours of walking in Quinmen and talking with people we FINALLY found the place!!👣👏💞

Yep...selfie with Beckham!💖

Uh yea I'm taller than Messi😆

Perfect match...innit?👀

Jackie Chan💙

Okeeey Moviing on to the Capital M!

We found Lenovo!

After loads of giftshopping (and my hat)🎅

Capital M from the outside!

On our way to the subway👣

On our way home the station was still closed so we had to WALK to the next station and take the subway from there. Luckily we had a very helpful lady helping us to find the way. We also had our ways crossed with this nice couple, they were also going to the subway so they joined us 🌌🚈



Hello there everyone!

We are so sorry for this late post (again) 😅 But hope you all are still there following our trip.
The last two days have been moving on very well and we are taking it pretty easy right now because we realized that we will stay in Beijing quite long. 👍🏼

But here are some pictures from the last two days:

Elegant buildings at Silk Street ✌🏼️

Hahah maybe this is your real soulmate Juman 😂 

I just wanted to share this beautiful view with all of you 😊

On our way to the supermarket, still filled with enthusiasm...😋

The supermarket turned out to be 4 floors and it seemed impossible to find what we were looking for, and even more impossible to find someone that speaks English😟 eventually we succeeded to find what we needed..😏

This is pretty much where we chill every night, it's filled with activities and life!😍 also what we and Indira call Time Square (okey mostly me)🎇 Btw (check vids on Instagram)

Ps, just ignore the yellow long sleeved man okey..😐

The magical noddles 🍜 🔮

Try to find to Indira!🎎🎎 (HINT: she's standing beside me)

Subway never disappoints ✨

After taking a very long walk through Wangfujing street we chilled at the gorgeous park with social Chinese people for a few hours🎋

It looks better then it taste 😶

Enjoying the park 🍃

Yep ☺️

I was a little surprised when people asked to take pics with me but it was fun because they were so happy after they gotten the pictures💛

The Forbidden city 🇨🇳

Why is it a basketball court here?🏀

Peoplesss 🏃🏻

Find the two special guys 🔴🔴

Older people dancing in group, impressing! 😃

We don't really know what the text is about but it is cool anyway! 📝

I so like it ☺️

Dinner for the day 😄

How's it going with the dishes Juman?😂 Ps the new toothbrush is excellent to use as a dish brush 👌🏼

Late night snack😌 (too expensive tho)

Sleep tight, goodnight 😴



Because we only fell asleep at 7 am we slept in and started the day late... And despite subway confusion, pushy sellers, pouring rain, lack of Grocery shops and getting lost we actually had an awesome day exploring Beijing. We are so excited for yet another day in this beautiful lively city💫🎏🎋

Chinese Subway for the first time... a little confusing at first as we went two stations to the opposite direction🙈
BUT we eventually figured it out and you can now officially call us subway PROS⭐️

After we realized we had forgotten to eat all day we decided to pull a safe card and eat at Pizza Hut this time😇

The victorymilk! The cashier ignored me first time I ordered it and I wasn't happy about that. So I made a comeback by storming back down to the cashier and demanding to buy my milk...and finally I got it 😏 // Indira

So yea, when it's green for us to cross over it's also green for the cars to the left? After gathering courage for 5 min we decided to just run over next time it was green✌🏼...Hmm safety first?

Wheey Juman is that you?? 😄 I may have found your soulmate 😂 / Indira

When you forget your rain jacket in Sweden you gotta be innovative😁 🌂Unfortunately she dropped her knight hat when we crossed the road running😭👏🏼

Believe it or not, but you can actually find a seat place in China subway! 😉 / Indira

Of course the day ended the best way possible. Clearly there are 4 different gates to the same subway stations and after exiting the wrong one we ended up marching around the streets for 2h 30min trying to find back to the hotel😓😓 But eventually we found a true hero who both spoke English and was helpful enough to search on his phone the way to our hotel and directed us and we finally found hoome!!! SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM💛💛



Hi everyone! Sorry for this late update 😁

We've problems with wifi , but except that, we really happy because we are finally in China 😍!
Our flight went well and we also got to know a friendly Swedish guy who taught us a few things about China.

After arriving we got picked up by a happy driver with the name Lee, who drove us to our hotel😃

The whole day ended up with a power nap, exploring town, eating Chinese dumplings and hanging out with two tourists from Spain that we met at the hotel 😊

Here are some pictures from our day ✨

So excited! 😄 waiting for our limo to drive us to the airport.

Best uncle meeting up with us at airport to say goodbye!

Just before takeoff ✈️

The special birthday present for me from my beloved uncle and his wife ⭐️ and also a lovely surprise gift from Juman 💕

Airplane food 😁 (tbh we've had better)

Finally in China 👏🏼🇨🇳 Off to Prime Hotel! 🏨

Prime hotel 😊

Prime hotel 😊

Taking a walk in the famous Wangfujing street 🚶🏽🌃

Our first dinner, trying out real Chinese dumplings. No comments on the taste 😅

Birthdaaay girl, can't believe she's 18?!?😲💗💗🎉🎉

Our first day is over and we're exhausted and of course jet-lagged so we're gonna go try get some sleep, a big day waiting tomorrow! (Check us tomorrow to know;)) Goodnight ✨😴