I hate it when people say that horse riding isn't a sport. Of course it's a sport. When you ride, yes you sometimes just sit on the saddle and let the horse walk, but we do everything else! We tell the horse where to go, when to go, and how to go! And that's not so easy. To everyone who says that it's not hard, try it! After a good ride, I usually have giant sweat marks everywhere! Riding is fucking hard. And when we're done riding, we have to take care of everything in the stable, and if lifting tons of hay isn't weightlifting, what is?

To all the horse haters, do you have any arguments against the fact that horse riding is a sport? Don't just say "the horse does all the work". That's not really a solid argument. If it was a solid argument, I might as well say "Rally isn't a sport, the car does all the work", "Golf isn't a sport, the club makes the ball move". See? It doesn't really work.

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