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Most people tend to find Mondays dreadful and unbearable without at least 5 coffees in their system. I usually try to use this day to plan my week (in a color-coded fashion, of course) so that I know what I need to get done and what things I would like to do during the week.

I also like to settle in front of my current Netflix binging fave with a cup of tea and unwind before I take any of my current projects on. I just think it's a great way to get my thoughts together and relax so that I'm prepared for whatever life decides to throw my way this week. I think many people tend to forget that you need to do what's good for your soul first (If that means double stuffed Oreos, you do your thing honey!).

I also love to plan my outfits for the week so that I never have a wardrobe crisis at 6 a.m. when I just need to get out of the house. I'd much rather spend that time on some well-needed breakfast. I mean, really, who doesn't love all things breakfast?



As the cliche goes, good wine and friends get better with time.

Yesterday I met up my friend Viktoria and we decided to go for a picnic since the weather was so nice (Swedes are biologically programmed to take advantage of any vitamin D they manage to stock up on before winter). Subtract utensils and plates from this equation (we blame it on the seniorits), and you're left with wine.

As the first quote goes, it really is amazing when you stumble upon people who share your level of ambition and values. The conversations are always endless, and you gain so much insight into your goals and career through their experiences.

When two future girlbosses get together, the day won't end up being anything but fabulous!

What I love about Stockholm is that you never have to go far to find a natural idyll. Most likely, around the corner from the city rush, you'll find a scene of greenery perfect for a walk.

We ended the night with some games, and most importantly, a karaoke game. The tense duel ended up in us crying from laughing so hard. If you've never sang a song you don't know the lyrics or pitch to, you really should. It's definitely the ideal recipe for a good laugh.

Now it's time to catch up on the assignments for the introduction to financial derivatives class that should have been done yesterday, but clearly had to wait!



A picture says a thousand words. And in this case, you've been charmed with the equivalent of 2000 words, so much needn't be said here.

My mom asked to be picked up right as I was soaking off my gel polish in these lovely clothespin contraptions, and of course I came to the rescue. It's comparable to upping the ante and challenging your abilities; except in a completely superfluous way. However, I was not going to take them off and have to start the process over again. It's very time consuming, and I'm a busy gal these days.

Although I'm grateful that these are the types of superficial problems I am faced with most days, I still don't recommend it. And don't even ask how it went with the turn signals. Let's not even go there.



Spoken in true form by The Betches:

"Does it? DOES IT? Or is the saying, "out of sight, out of mind" more true?... One says that the time spent away from a loved one makes you closer to them. The other says that the time spent away will make you forget them. So like, which one fucking is it?"

If you haven't already read the book I had a Nice Time And Other Lies, I highly suggest you do. For the sake of your soul and sanity.

I have to agree with the latter. Survival of the fittest, hellooooo. After realizing that half of your soul isn't missing, and that it is actually possible to have just as much fun dancing with your friends to deeespaaaciiitooo as staying in with your most recent bae, forgetting is a piece of cake. Make that 3 - you definitely danced those calories off last night, and it's gotta be somebody's birthday.

If the return on your investment isn't as high as you anticipated, find a new one. Or don't find one at all. There's no need for a commentator throughout the latest episode of Game of Thrones, anyways. Your life is your hedge fund, and you better manage that shit well (*pats self on shoulder for having actually learned something today*).

If you take in account that there are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world, I promise you that there are plenty of eligible partners apart from the fuckboy that magically disappeared and never texted you back. There are even ones that share the most important values in life - Kate Spade, Sunday brunch, and endless Netflix marathons.

So take another sip of that mimosa and dance the night away, because in time you will forget all about his hazel eyes and move on to new things. Better things. We are so independent these days that there's nothing we can't do by ourselves, and nothing standing in the way of reaching our goals (maybe now's a good time to get out that New Year's Resolution list... it is almost September after all).

At the end of the day, all you need is a non-fat latte (extra shot, light on the syrup) - along with your favorite shade of lipstick, and you're ready to conquer the day like the fabulous girlboss you are.



Spoiler alert: This girl right here did it all on her own.

If I were to rank my skills, let's just say that handiwork of any kind wouldn't make it very far on that list. Anytime I begin any such endeavours, one or more of the following outcomes is very likely:

a. give up and cry

b. "MOOOOOM can you help me with this?"

c. Fuck this it's not worth it *Tosses project in the trash*

d. one or more of the above

With this adept background knowledge, one might wonder why I would attempt such a permanent DIY project. I mean, all failures will clearly be on display each morning as I turn on the light to get dressed. With the additional wisdom of the extent of my impatience, one might also understand why "the closet wall needs to be white, and it needs to be white NOW!" is a perfectly rational thought.

The Before

Last year we put up the double clothes rails so that I could fit more hangers in, and to get all hanging clothes on the same wall. However, the slanted ceiling vastly limits the possibilities for this poor little closet (what being doesn't make walls straight??)

When we painted the space last time, I left one wall grey since I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. Looking back at it now, I might as well have done it all in one go as it was bound to happen sooner or later. The "before" was way too messy for my 'slightly' OCD brain to handle, with the different colors and setup. When my room used to be grey and silver, it kinda sorta worked. Now that it's beige and gold, not so much.

*Note the aftermath of emptying (half!) of the closet on the bed. Cringe.*

A very necessary IKEA stop and a very necessary strawberry-snack-stop!

The first thing I did was go shopping for a round beige rug to go in the closet, and some other small things for my room makeover (not completely finished yet!). I managed to jaunt out with way more than I (and my budget) had planned for.

As a finance nerd, I like to budget and plan everything. Not only for practical reasons, as I usually tend to stray off anyways, but merely because I find joy in the planning - execution relationship. Basically, planning something and then making it happen.

Of course, an organic strawberry snack stop was vital to this operation. Darn you perfectly-positioned-irresistible-strawberry-stand!

The After

After a feeble 5 hours of sweat and tears (does paint splatter on my clothes count?) and at least a dozen Serbian profanities, the wall and the shelf are finally white. The most significant part of this, however, is that my compulsive brain is no longer troubled daily by the 4 colors it used to embrace. Apart from the multitude of colored pieces, that is.

I am really happy with the result, mostly my own efforts if we're being honest here. The least handy person ever, yours truly, actually accomplished some DIYing for once.



The perpetual question... whether to splurge on that fantastic wool coat with fur trimmings you saw when window-shopping and "just have to have," or whether to get a high street alternative that won't budge your budget.

The other day I went browsing (aka socially window-shopping, and shouldn't be buying anything) and happened to stumble across this fantastic ecru-colored tie waist coat . Wool-blend, high street and totally affordable. Paired with a knit hat and leather riding boots; this is probably what you'll find me sporting this winter.

I am a coat-o-holic. Especially beige trench coats (I own like 4 at this point). My mother will vouch for it with the lack her of downstairs closet space. I admit that I am a classicist when it comes to coats; I prefer the feminine, knee length, tie waist kind. There's something about sublime and timeless coats that gets my endorphins flowin'.

I decided that I would be purchasing a beige wool coat this year since I already have a few in darker shades: navy and black. It's great to have a lighter color during those dull and frosty mornings where you'd rather just stay in bed with your coffee and a croissant.

Splurge if:

  • Your budget allows for it
  • You are going to use the coat for a long time, reducing your cost-per-wear
  • You find a high-quality and durable material piece that won't go out of style anytime soon

Save if:

  • You like to change coats often (like me) and want to have a few in your collection
  • You find a trend piece that you know might not be the "it" thing next year
  • You spent too much money on bellinis and macarons this summer and your shopping-budget just isn't up to par

The Fashionomics Verdict: Save!

As great it is to have that it-girl coat with all the bells and whistles, there are great high street options that look just like the real deal. I'll be saving this season and splurging on travels - the type of consumption that actually leads to long-lasting utility.

I compiled four coats below that I discovered whilst online shopping for the perfect winter bae. I think they are all great options that accentuate most body types and will definitely leave you with a low cost-per-wear since they won't go out of style next winter!



Last week as I was rummaging through a box of dusty photos that I found at my grandparents house, I couldn’t help but awe over the class that seemed to have graced the 60s. The polished suits, slicked hair and Homburg hats are only a few of the things that caught my attention and brought me to the ceaseless question: where have all the gentlemen gone?

As if with the wind, gone are the days of chivalry and manners (table and all other kinds). Nowadays, we oftentimes find ourselves lost in an agglomeration of horrible first dates that lead nowhere and swipes in all directions in the pursuit of the perfect gentleman. Tall-Enough-For-Heels, ambitious, job (notice I didn’t even extend to specify a good one), owns a car, will text back… I won’t bore you with the cliched details of every 21st century chick-flick.

No matter how minimal or extensive our expectations seem to be, we are constantly greeted by another fuckboy who slams the door in our face. Literally. Where’s the chivalry? Where are the dancing dudes in suits? *Insert snazzy musical scene here*


Where art thou gentlemen?

Let’s get real here: it’s not fair to brush the liberal and independent women’s aberrations under the rug whilst bashing on all the bearded, skinny-jean-wearing men we surround ourselves with. Times have changed, and men are no longer the sole breadwinners of our society. Serving as a companion is no longer the sole purpose of our existence, and we no longer find it taboo to pick up the drink bill. It’s liberating, having the choice of independence.

Whilst many are intimidated by independence and success – personal and financial – it should be noted that gender equality is unquestionably necessary. Not to confuse this with equity, which is just total bullshit.

The courting customs are further muddled by the expectations we are placed under due to the transparency of our lives on social media. The struggles of capturing the perfect profile picture that conveys the easygoing and fun girl guys want is a full-time job these days (Seriously? What’s easygoing anyways?). And not to mention the daily pressure to post the perfect stories of your fabulous day.

One might draw the line at traditionalism, but there’s nothing wrong with holding up doors, paying for dinner, pulling out chairs, and monogamy. It’s encouraged. Maybe you’ll even be surprised to find that the reciprocation is someone who won’t stalk the shit out of your Instagram followers, ignore your texts for two days because you “went out with the guys” and acts like a pleasant human being. All of this “swag” (like really, come on) is the reason we feel the need to guard our trust as if it’s the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s perpetual youth.

Our generation seems to be lacking the sense of comportment that adorned the ones before us, and chivalry might just be dead. So the question remains – where have all the gentlemen gone?