"Studying Hard Or Hardly Studying" seems to be the perpetual question now that I only have my thesis left before graduation. It is so difficult to keep tabs on yourself and keep your own unofficial guidelines sometimes. So while I was supposed to be finishing some research today, I baked instead. Shocker.

I decided to make a variation of a Swedish saffron bun (lussekatter, as we call them) that is a cinnamon/vanilla wreath. It definitely has all the bells and whistles, with the nostalgic Christmas smell of saffron, but with the sweet taste of regular cinnamon buns.

The dough proves for about 45 minutes, is then baked into desired shape, and then proves another 40 minutes or so. It is definitely not a task for the impatient - it definitely becomes my baby for a good 2 hours. It ends up being so fluffy and delicate, even if it requires tedious TLC before it gets there.

The second 40 minutes of rest time was obviously used to try on some of my new Christmas props that I bought for this year's Christmas card.

Please excuse the excess flour on my shirt #bakingprobs

Voila! Golden baked goodness is probably the best way to describe this.

You can never go wrong with pairing your Christmas bakes with a peppermint hot chocolate - topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows. Yum! 😍

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As a stickler for lists, I find any and every excuse to intertwine them into my days.
The best “3 Things” list I’ve learned to make is the 3 Things I’m grateful for today: at the end of each day, write down 3 positive things that happened that day or things you are grateful for.
It makes it easier to look back and reflect on days, and only remember the good things. No matter how microscopic or grand, as long as the sentiment is positive it can be included.

1. I didn’t have to set an alarm and finally got to have a sleep-in

2. I cleaned out two entire trash bags of old school papers that I had been hoarding

3. Got some writing done on my thesis

Another great 3 things list is the 3 Goals For This Week list. It can be school, work or personal. I try to combine my goals so that I have at least one personal. I think that focusing on yourself and your own personal development process is essential. I think about it like this: if I wouldn’t enjoy being around myself as a person, something needs to change. So I try to be my own role model in that sense. Examples of what my weekly goals might look like:

1. Finish writing x section of my thesis

2. Take the time to read “women in business” book

3. Catch up with a friend

Since we tend to be quite busy during the weeks, it’s always a good idea to try to stay grounded and check your priorities. What better way than to make lists? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔



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Those that know me also know that my ultimate career goal is to become a pastry chef. Tier cakes, pies, pastries, bread, you name it - I love it all.

Some people go to the gym to let off steam and stress from being caught up in the corporate hamster wheel. Me? I bake delicious desserts. There's something so soothing to me about the process: starting out with ingredients, combining quantitative measures with creativity and ending up with something delicious to share. That's the best part. Sharing desserts (poor family, they can never go on a successful diet haha) with people around me.

On Friday night, I came home absolutely stressed about my thesis and life in general. Some PMS may or may not have been involved, I mean who knows. Since we have recently renovated our kitchen and most things are still disheveled, the first thing I grabbed were 3 apples that we had lying on the counter. My first thought was "3 apples? That's it? Maybe enough to make a miniature pie, but I guess that's what I have to work with". My plan A was a carrot cake, but the lack of cream cheese supply at home kind of crushed my expectations, and cravings.

I followed the recipe from Roy Fares (Yum-my 😍 ) book Roy Fares - United States of Cakes for Michigan Apple Pie - and as usual, the recipes never disappoint. Although they're not intricate and delicate desserts, they are absolutely delicious.


2 hours later (I didn't let the pie crust rest in the fridge for the recommended 3 hours. A meek hour was all they got, but it worked) a beautiful crisp golden brown pie was born.



Holiday party season is coming up, and the struggle is real, ladies. How to look festive and glam without having to buy new dresses for every party this season. So in celebration of last year's "Bond Babe" office party look, I decided to recreate it (mostly because it was raining and my hair got ruined before I even arrived 😳 =no great pictures).

What I love most about vintage glam is that it always stands out, and will definitely score you some free drinks. It looks very put together and cute - and doesn't require more effort than any other nighttime hair and makeup.

If you're feeling ambitious and want your hair to last all night, here's a great video for how to get those old Hollywood waves:


I did a lazy version that took about 5 minutes, so at least it lasted through the photos...

As for the makeup, I did a subtle rose gold cut crease with some major lashes. Lashes are definitely optional, but I always look for an excuse to wear over-the-top ones I normally wouldn't wear. You can go for anything from a dusty rose lipstick to bold red or purple, but I tried a berry color to contrast with the dress.

I personally love the 20s - anything and all things glitter are my middle name. That's why I decided to go with an open back, tie front navy dress, which is actually quite simple and modern. Pairing it with the sparkly earrings makes it very old Hollywood, if you ask me.

This is definitely one of my go-to looks (in different combinations, of course) for parties around the holidays that I really think suits everyone since it's so flexible and you can put your own twist on it!



As has been etched into our brains since kindergarten, breakfast is the most important (and best, if you ask me) meal of the day.
Who doesn’t love the smell of crisp bacon, fluffy golden pancakes drenched in syrup, or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice?

As you can probably tell, I could live on breakfast foods. Especially on days like yesterday, where I woke up with a real “mancold.” Yes, one of those where I felt like I was dying and just wanted to stay in bed all day.
I am usually not one to complain with my almost non-existent immune system, but I’ve been so stressed out lately that it just felt like a slap in the face. With a chair.

I decided to enjoy my chocolate-chip pancakes with a favorite combination of pomegranate and mango - in my fluffy robe, of course. In the background was an episode of Jane the Virgin. It’s the most quirky, dorky, fun show ever (although slightly girly). Gina Rodriguez is just absolutely amazing and I wait for each episode like a kid on Christmas morning 😍🎄🥞✨



In the trying times of writing a finance thesis, the analogies between financial investors and oneself really start to arise. Not only are we all essentially profit-maximizers, trying to get the most out of every situation and relationships.

Remember that time you felt like your job really wasn't GIVING you anything in terms of experience and happiness? You just want to feel like you're learning and developing all the time. In addition to receiving a descent salary that will finance your current skim latte obsession, of course.

What about your ex? He wasn't treating you like the Beyonce you are? He didn't even bring home flowers that Friday when he ended up working 2 hours overtime even though you had been slaying away in the kitchen for 3 hours for that date-night?

If a situation or relationship isn't meeting our expectations and we feel that we aren't receiving any bang for our buck, we tend to change the terms of it. A.k.a.: break up with the guy, quit our sucky job, or toss that lost friendship in the trash.

When it comes to dating, it seems that increasingly more people aren't really that worried about sentiment anymore. They want a quick risk-return reward without committing to a long-term investment. In my experience, those long-term diversified portfolios tend to bring higher rewards if one is willing to put in some effort.

If you find that your right thumb getting a significantly better workout than your left, and that you are Ubering home at 2 a.m. most weekends after having 4 or 5 or 6 rounds of drinks with your new potential day-trade, you're exactly what I'm talking about. And don't worry, you're not alone. The number of independent day-traders within millennial dating has exponentially increased and it seems that it's gonna stay that way.

The pressure on the job market to have a top-notch education, superior references, work experience and one-of-a-kind internships and extracurriculars to make you stand out really leaves most people with very little time to make any long-term investments. The best way to maximise profits and utility without anyone getting hurt is just casual dating. For women with biological clocks, this goes against 96.72% (Insert non-existing reference here) of our imbedded biological traits, which is why this culture is the reason we walk around with constant under eye circles.

It's also the reason why most dates we go on leave us disappointed. As we learn with experience, most stocks look great on paper - we usually only see the positive press releases that promise a high dividend payout and future growth in the short- and long-run. As the rational boss lady investors we are, though, we probably should get to the bottom of what's really going on here.

Is your time really worth investing?

Are you willing to give valuable time to such a risky asset?

Are the losses going to be substantial if the asset crashes and you lose your entire investment?

If your answer is yes to 1 or more of the above, don't buy into any of the millennial dating bullshit. I promise you that there still exists those that are willing to give you time and respect before expecting their payoff. That's not love in any way - that's just a profit-maximising investor who's more worried about their stats than a portfolio for the long-run.



Waking up to the smell of a freshly brewed dark roast with the sun sneaking its way through the blinds at 8:30am is an absolute bliss of a Monday morning.

Unfortunately that dream was shattered at 6:30 since our kitchen renovations still in full effect.
On a brighter note - I got my daily espresso con panna - I got my dreamy sunny morning - so I have no excuses for not getting out of bed.

I’m willingly (or let’s say forced by my conscience and better sense of self) going to school to do some research for my thesis for a few hours. It’s vaguely satisfying to feel that clustered ideas are finally coming together and that I’m actually getting somewhere. Only last week it felt like the thesis was just a lost cause, but the hope is back ladies and gentlemen!

With the ever so confused weather here in Stockholm, layering is really the best fashion advice around this time. Relying on blouses to keep you warm, no matter how fashionable, isn’t the best choice. I decided to layer a white button down blouse with a lace top that is quite summery. I find that this actually works really well if you’re sticking to monochrome, or even sequins. Sequins always works. Not pictured (blame it on the fact that it’s a Monday and my brain hasn’t quite gotten with the lingo yet) are the leather pants I paired this with.
If it’s cold in the mornings I usually throw on a thicker coat and a scarf so that in the afternoon I can take some layers off depending on the weather. It feels better to leave all the thick knitwear until the first snowfall, if you ask me.



A wise woman (or man, who knows) once said that you become what you surround yourself with...

So in light of my recent epiphany and go-getter feeling, I thought I’d share some books I’ve recently acquired. They all follow the same theme - woman empowerment.

Since I’ve had the whole “the universe is in my favor/the world is my oyster” thing going on, I think it’s important to surround myself with positive things that will only contribute to prolonging the feeling and let me really get started on some of the projects that have inspired me lately.

One of the best ways I do this is to switch out my smartphone for some wise words of wisdom at the end of the day.

*Let yourself get inspired, and hold on to that feeling. It might just be the start of something great*



We often hear that the most important relationship that we have is the one with ourselves. It really is the quintessence of truths, as all our experiences and relationships are a mere reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. Our true self - the face that we don't show to anyone - is according to the Japanese the truest reflection of who we are as a person.

As I reflect on this past year, I find that it's crazy to think about how much one's values, relationships and mindset can change in what seems to be such a short time.

A year ago, I wasn't thinking about making any future plans, with well over a year until graduation. I was consumed with a new relationship that took me by storm, which made me give up on a big part of myself. I quit cheerleading, I gave up all my free time, and noticed I was gradually revolving more of my time around planning a future with this person.

The problem with being an adult is that sometimes, decisions that you make leave a permanent effect that is irreversible (This all adds to the notion that being an adult wasn't as much fun as I thought it'd be - is it too late to change my mind?). After 8 months of not prioritising myself and realising that I had completely abandoned any thought of my goals and future, I was able to get back on track.

Sometimes this type of relationship becomes unappreciative and makes you feel like you can't be "all" of yourself because your partner can't handle it. It definitely deteriorated my confidence and didn't have anything to offer me anymore. To me, it isn't worth settling for something (or someone) who can't let me be the person that I want to become, and hurts me in the process.

I would definitely describe myself as a "there is no success without hardship" person: when things seem really hard, I focus even more on setting goals and seeing that the future is so bright. There's no need to bury yourself in the ifs and if only's... if it was meant to be it wouldn't have happened this way.

The past few months has really allowed me to focus on being self-centric, healing, and finding a way back to myself. As I turn 21, I am happier, more humble and achieving more goals than ever. A real girl boss. The good type of single-girl that spends her time being inspired and getting shit done instead of day-dreaming about the past.

I think that the lesson here is that it's easy to get caught up in a bad cycle that strays you away from who you are and who you want to become as a person. Personal development is something that should never stop, no matter how many material goals you achieve.

✨ It takes courage to be kind ✨

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle - you are worth so much more