Rocking Rockstuds 

As far as months go, this one has been pretty spectacular for me.... I have to appologise for being less active on the blog this week, you know how it goes busy life quiet blog.
I did a photo project for my friend on Tuesday and took some amazing shots, I plan on spending my evening cropping and editing the best ones so she can sent them in for a school exam. Yesterday Kim had a training conference in Stavanger so I decided to go with him and spent the day browsing through the shops... I have had my eye on the Valentino Rockstuds for sum time and thought that I might buy them whilst in the US. I have been keeping an eye on the exchange rate and it's safe to say it's defiantly not looking good :( I took a trip into Høyer in Stavanger yesterday just to try on the shoes.... Uno just to see how they looked.
Well they looked great,amazing in fact and I defiantly think they looked better once I got them home.
Yes... I bought them, guess I lack some serious self control but the way I look at it is I am saving myself money as they are more expensive in the US ;) shame Kim didn't see it that way.

I also picked up some amazing little piece for Elise from Zara and a couple for my self from the Lene Orvik collection in Bik Bok.

Had an extremely satisfying day to say the least and I even think Kim learned something.

I will put up my other purchase later but for now here are my amazing new Rockstuds.

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Football seasons over 

I think old age has started taking its toll on me, after this weekends goings on and maybe a little too much alcohol I am feeling a little poorly.

We had a fantastic weekend with loads of friends to celebrate the end of this years football season, sadly we came in 2nd place this year so we won't be advancing to a higher division but non the less the boys had a fantastic season and I am sure they can take the win next year!
We have said goodbye to some good friends this weekend and wish them all the best in their new clubs.... For now we are going to enjoy a short holiday from football and spend some long overdue family time together. We still have another 2 year contract at the current club but who knows if and when an offer might come along so I guess we will have to wait and see what happens ;p

This was today's very casual look :)




We are gearing up for our winter travels and as everyone knows the biggest problem when you travel is space, we never have enough of it! I wanted to get organised early, we needed a travel cot, travel buggy and high chair. Our daughter will be 11 months when we travel and these are things she simply must have.

So my job was finding the most compact versions on the market but still at a reasonable price....easier said than done! One of the smallest prams on the market at the moment is the Baby Zen YoYo, it fold so small you can even take it onboard a plane as hand luggage smart huh. At almost 4000kr it was for sure out of my price range so i started looking again, i came across the Mountain Buggy Nano on and it was on sale.... at 2000kr i decided it was worth looking into.

The reviews were fantastic, and as you can see from the photos its folds away super small! We received it yesterday after only ordering it on Wednesday and i love it, it is exactly what we have been looking for.

It may not be as small as the YoYo but we are only talking a couple of cm and it is half the price, well worth what we paid for it. I have also ordered a Phil and Teds travel bed, it fold small enough to fit into a suitcase again ideal for traveling.

It´s 6 weeks until we head off on our american adventure and its safe to say Elise will be well kitted out for her travels.




...Comes change

Relaxed Friday, thats all i can ask for. I have spent the day with my daughter catching up on some long overdue washing, i have received some really exciting packages in the post this week and one arrived today for little elise. I look forward to showing you all tomorrow:)

I hope everyone is having a nice friday.

This is going to be a HUGE weekend for us possibly life changing... but i will not spoil the surprise just yet ;) we will be saying goodbye to a close friend tomorrow as the football season comes to a close... No doubt we will make it a night to remember.

Loving todays casual look, it can easily adapt to the colder weather by adding pair of thick black tights.

Coat//ZARA Scarf//MULBERRY Jumper//HM(old) Skirt//UNKNOWN Shoes//ACNE(old)



You let me down.

I was crushed this weekend...My partners trusty old laptop broke! I couldn't believe my luck, felt like i had finally gotten my blogging schedule worked out... then boom.

All i can say i thank god for the App "blogging from my phone" this week has been a life saver.

I went on a hunt to find a budget laptop down at my local Expert (electronics store) when kim suggested we had a look at the MacBooks.....i wasn't going to argue, it was about time we invested in a good quality Laptop given the amount we use it.

I had finally decided on the 2015 Macbook 12" in silver, its small light and to be honest it looks really smart. Its safe today we are loving our new toy!

The only downside (to speak of) is the USB-C, apple want to go completely wireless with their products so it only has one external import. This means buying additional products including an external HDMI and SD card reader, however i feel like the size and design truly make up for its small disadvantages.

All in all i am over the moon ( if you couldn't tell), HAPPY NEW MAC DAY TO MEEEE.




I am not one for talking about the weather but dear god......

We are experiencing a full blown storm here in Egersund, so its safe tonight i am sat at home wrapped up in my wooly stockings watching some junk tv with my friend :)

I hope you are all having better weather than we are?

Its been a while since i have posted a proper outfit post seeing as our trusty old laptop gave up the ghost..... finally i received a shiny new one today, photos coming up tomorrow ;)

Here was todays not so storm friendly outfit... non the less i thought it was cute.

(i am surprised my hair turned out looking so good with all the wind)

Coat//NEXT Top//ENVII Scarf//RIVERISLAND Skirt//Unknown Shoes//ZALANDO.NO (sold out) Bag//LOUISVUITTON



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To my Daddy of the year

I realised the other day that people read my blog and get a look at my life but many of you know nothing about me.... So I figured it's about time that I properly introduced myself to you :)


Well first and foremost my name is Carolyn Bown and I am a 23 year old living and working in Norway. I moved to Norway a little over 3 years ago with my Norwegian boyfriend and now the father to my daughter Kim.
Kim and I met in Glasgow whilst he was plying for Glasgow rangers (football club) we hadn't been dating for long when he asked me if I would move to Norway with him as he had been offer a contract with samdefjord football club.... Of corse I said yes who could say no to such a huge opportunity !?
So that's the story of how I got here....
What do I do here? Well now I am a mummy!
My daughter was born in tønsberg hospital on January 16th, her name is Elise Anne.
Believe me when I say she wasn't planned because she wasn't.
Becoming a mum at 22 was not something I had ever expected but here I am.

I would t change it for the world because my daughter is amazing and I feel closer to Kim than I ever have before, The feeling is undesirable. I wish I could nominate him for daddy of the year.. He works his butt off to make sure me and Elise have a great life and he knows better than anyone how to make my daughter smile, as cheesy as this may sound it's magical to watch!

My maternity leave has recently finished so I have began working weekends in a small bar in town, the extra income is welcome and it's actually really good fun :)

It's safe to say I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life.... You would think at 23 I would have had all that stuff figured out but no, I don't have a clue. The plan is to begin studying next year..... So I need to start looking into courses available to me.

So I think it's important to include a "why I blog" section... As you can see I am very new at blogging, it's something I have always been fascinated with but never really had the drive to try myself. Recently that changed a few people has asked if it was something I had ever thought about doing and my answer to that was "yes", I had thought about it... Then I was asked why I hadn't started one and honestly I didn't really have an answer for that.

So I decided that now is as good a time as any, I had finally  gotten my life together and figured out who I was as a mummy.... And I guess over the years my style had developed into my own kind of personal expression, so why not share that on a blog?

So I guess you know how my blog started but I am sure many of you would like to know why it's called The Expat....

That's simple, I am an expat myself.

An expat is a person who lives permanently in a country other than the one they have been born and raised in.... So I am a uk expat :)

From the Uk permanently living in Norway.

My boyfriend, daughter and I all live in a little town about an hour from Stavanger called all honesty there really isn't a lot to do here but that doesn't stop us enjoying it. It's a lovely place to live and the people here are friendly and welcoming. I guess it's what you make of it that matters.

So here is a little introduction into my life, i was hoping to do a little Q&A on the blog this week so please leave any questions that I haven't answered in the comment section below, you don't have to be a member on the site to leave a comment all you have to do is enter your name and email address :)




Hey :) I must appologise for my lack of activity the past few days but I was struck by a disaster this weekend, my laptop broke! Needless to say that has limited my blogging abilities. I have a new one on order and I thought until I could get up and running again properly I would do a few post that are a little different.

Well as the weather is starting to signs of early winter and the light fall coats and leather jackets will be finding themselves hung up in the wardrobe until next year. I wanted to do a little outfit recap.
So here are a few of my Autumn looks :)




Pulp Fiction 

Feel like I could have walked off the set of pulp fiction (the movie) today in this oversized shirt and pants.

Pants// mango Coat//Zara Shoes//Topshop

Love a fuzzy mirror selfie.



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