Welcome to my first 'my week in pics'! This pictures are mainly from last week (48), but also continuing this week, into early December.
On 28th of November I woke up to the great news of being the winner of a suede bag by wonderful Hvisk in collaboration with Maria Kragmann.

Wednesday, 29th November, me and my friend Nina shot some very nice photos for my stylist account for Hvisk.

The beginning of December treated me so well! I am a stylist for Hvisk and I could purchase one of their pretty rings, which arrived on the 1st!
ASOS stopped by the University's campus with free juices and chances to sign up for a competition!
And last but not least, the pretty Allure suede bag by Maria Kragmann got here this morning, and I am stoked to wear it!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

D. xx

Outfits and bag:
I AM GIA - Pixie coat in Caramel
Hvisk Honeycomb tusk necklace silver
Vanessa Moe x Na-kd Crewneck Sweater
Na-kd Side Panel Jeans
Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra - Naked CPH
Hvisk Cross Ring Silver
Allure Suede Crossbody Black



Spoiler alert - this post is a throwback from exactly a month ago, on November 5th, when myself and my good friend Nina have spontaneously decided to go on a one day trip to a little city in the North Jutland region in Denmark. We quickly booked a GoMore for the next morning, and on November 6th we were on our way to the charming city of Aalborg.

It was my third time there, and I will say to you the same I said to Nina, which is that Aalborg is such a pretty, and full of street art little gem!My first time seeing Aalborg was in January 2016. Together with some work colleagues we were invited to a music festival there, so we didn't have much time to visit the city.

My second time was a one day trip via GoMore in April earlier this year, with my friend Martina, when we were amazed by how much street art the city has to offer.What I loved this time around about our trip was that I visited streets and places that I have not seen in my first two visits up north. And luckily, on both trips this year, the sun was on our side!

I've gathered up a little collection of my favourite shots taken in Aalborg last month, and hope you enjoy them!

Aaaand I'm a major street art fan, or anything street (fashion and music!!) to be honest, so I can highly recommend taking a stroll through Aalborg if you are into street art too.Here are a few of my photos from November's trip :)
Shoutout to my friend Nina for making me look cute in every photo she takes of me! ;)

This cute cafe was our pit stop when we got pretty cold and a bit hungry - it's called Good Life Society, and you can find it on street Nørregade 25. Can't recommend it enough!!

The setting is just the cutest, and very artistic with a hint of vintage. This is the only photo I will post from it, so you can get a glimpse of the vintage feel, and can see more for yourself ;)

Queue some more street art! I mean, 3 pieces of art right next to each other - how visually satisfying is that??

In the two photos above you can spot the amazing House of Music. It has such futuristic, simplistic architecture and is a must see while you are in Aalborg. I have visited it on trip I took to Aalborg, and will definitely revisit every single time I will be there. Oh and at night time, it looks like this! (pictures below - how amazing is that?!)And the lights in the pavement change colours - a design nerd like me can only be fascinated by something this cool!
That was it for my little throwback - this city simply deserves an entire post about it and it was about time I wrote it.Hoping you enjoyed the little glimpse into the tiny northern Danish city of Aalborg! 

D. xx

I'm wearing:

Vero Moda pink sweater

Zara skirt (similar)

Pieces bomber jacket 

Hvisk Honeycomb tusk necklace 

The Weeknd merchandise - XO beanie (not available anymore)




Heya! My name's Daniela Popa and you are warmly welcomed to my personal blog! ☺️

I started this blog as a challenge to myself to start going for what I want, and try to be my best at it.
I've wanted to try my hand at blogging for some years, and on an autumnal day in September 2017 me and my friend Nina decided to go for it.

I am a social media nerd, who is educated Multimedia Designer and Digital Concept Developer, so it was only natural that I would be interested in blogging sooner or later.

I am super excited to dive into this, and keep you updated on some of my favourite bits and pieces, (hopefully) while inspiring and entertaining.

I am currently living in Jylland, Denmark, and am super stoked to show you life through my eyes.

Hugs xo