Sooooo... Here's my new eyes! For those who don't know, I have brown eyes. I like it, but I also like to change. I always changed my hair (right now I have it black), always wanna change my style and now I decided to change my eye color. If I can, why not? ;)

They look so natural! I bet if I didn't tell you that those are lenses, you wouldn't even find out! I love it so much, they are super comfortable, natural looking and beautiful. And oh, I also love how I look with light eyes haha

The lenses I bought are from a brazilian brand called Solótica, that became super famous worldwide cause of it's quality. The good thing is that I can pay way cheaper than anyone else in the world, cause it's a brazilian brand haha So I'm lucky. The color I got is called Quartzo (Natural Colors).

If you are brazilian or if you know someone in Brazil who can get it for you, I recommend you the e-lens website, it's where I bought mine and I got it a week later (but only cause I NEED lenses, I wear glasses since I was like... 5 years old or something and I wear lenses for 10 years now, so I just decided to buy those with color this time). If you buy it without grade, it will arrive even earlier.

If you are not brazilian or don't know anyone who can buy it from here and send it to you, just search on Google if somewhere where you live or close to where you live sells Solótica lenses. A brazilian website has worldwide shipping, but you have to be aware that it may take a little long for you to get them cause of the long distance. The website is Paraná Lentes. The prices are also higher than buying it in Reais (brazilian currency), but depending on where you live, I don't think it will be a problem.

If you are from Sweden, by the way, do you know if you have those Solótica lenses anywhere in Sweden? I'll move there end of the year and would be much easier for me to just buy it there, instead of asking someone from my family to send it for me (so I pay the brazilian price hehe). So if you know if Sweden has it, just tell me cause then I don't have to bother waiting so long!

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Going back to winter 2015, when I visited my boyfriend in Sweden for the first time. First time in a new country, first time getting to know my boyfriend's family and friends, first time seeing and touching the snow AND first time feeling home. Sweden is my home and I miss it so much.

I'm currently in Brazil, country where I was born and where I don't feel like I belong AT ALL. There's nothing worse in life than being uncomfortable in the place where you are. Doesn't matter if it's a country, a house, a town, a job... It's just sad and I feel empty when I'm here.

Just decided to share some of the beautiful pictures I took when I was in Älvsbyn, the day I saw snow for the first time in my life! Such a good day, one of the best I ever had! The happiness I felt that day... Oh, I can't even explain haha. It happened early December in 2014, an amazing way to say goodbye to one of the best years of my life.

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Hey, you! Welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post and I'd like to introduce myself really quick.

My name is Beatriz Echenique, I'm 20 years old and I have a youtube channel. I created the blog cause I love to write and I felt the need to have a space where I can put on all of my thoughts and some stuff that don't fit in a youtube video.

I am brazilian - born in Brazil - from a Italian/Portuguese/Spanish family. It's a big mix. But I'm soon moving to Sweden to live with my amazing boyfriend. I love Sweden more than anything, it's my home and where I want to live for the rest of my life.

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Snapchat: booitsbia

I hope to see you around here soon!