Hello darlings!

This is our first post and also the official opening ceremony of the blog. Yes, us cutting a red band with giant scissors and trumpets playing in the background while golden confetti is raining over us is what you should see in your head right know. Feel free to celebrate with some cake and coffee or whatever.

Anyways, it might be appropriate to start off with telling you about our name and the meaning behind it. Let's just ruin all the mystery, huh? So the truth is that there's several meanings behind The Boohoes which together sums up us and what this blog will be about., all under one name. Okay, let's break it down! First of all we have the boo hoo:ers: people who complains about pretty much everything. Second, bohos: bohemian people/people who is inspired by the bohemian style. And also Boo Hoes: people who call their friends boo. As people who complains a lot (with a positive attitude and some charm) who occasionally dresses bohemian and that have joked about calling each other boo, for so long that we're at the point where it's uncertain if it's joke or not, we've decided to go under the name: The Boohoes.

Regarding the theme of the blog there's not that much we can say for now since the plan is to let is be about everything from daily life to unusual occurrences to fashion and so on. The only goal is to bring joy to ourselves and you guys so please don't write any hate. Don't get us wrong, you are free to dislike us and laugh at our blog but instead of writing us hate go and show your friends and have a good laugh, our pleasure. As we said our goal is to spread joy and we consider derisive laughter better than no laughter all as long as no one gets hurt (no, we're not in anyway promoting bullying, we said no one get's hurt, you probably get the point). Although we don't want your hate we very much appreciate your feed back so please feel free to comment or email us! (theboohoes@gmail.com)

Well, we've gotten all the way to the end of the first post and you might be wondering who we are. Unfortunately for you we have decided that we will keep that a secret a bit longer (gotta have some mystery left, right?), for know we'll go by our initials ED, SA & NN. That's it for now but before we finish we'd just like to say that we hope you'll keep reading our blog and that it'll bring you some joy!


The Boohoes