Hi there!

My name is Bella and
I'm a 21 years old Fangirl, bookworm, Gamergirl and Oncer
(fan of Once Upon A Time).

I'm a very happy girl and I'm very rarely angry. My blog is primary going to be on English simply because it's my favorite and I'm better at expressing myself in that language but there will be some on Danish too.

Right now I'm taking math, english and danish classes to get my grades up and start on a education probably in January or so.

I would love to get a job too!

My biggest love is my cat, Ollie, haha!

I'm a home person and introvert.

I like meeting new people I'm just very shy and awkward.

I cry easily and that's probably one of my biggest flaws. And when I don't cry I tend to keep it all bottled up inside and then explode later on.

I love romance and the beautiful bloom of new friendships. I also really love wine haha! I love my friends and my family which I am very close with. I like to cook and take pictures and sometimes I write a little too. I'm a big fan of the social medias such as twitter, tumblr, we heart it, Instagram, snapchat and Vent!

My favorite seasons is autumn and spring.

If you wanna know anything else about me then feel free to ask! :)

Feel free to leave a comment or anything like that too if you like.