Today I woke up like usual, I put on my clothes, went down to the kitchen and then brushed my teeth’s and went to school and it was like any other day, it wasn’t any difference I thought. But as soon as I went into the classroom I saw this beautiful and outstanding girl sitting in the back of the room and she was new. I decided to sit next to her, she smiled at me and I smiled back and god that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t wait to get to know her. I started talk to her and I asked if she wanted to hang out after school and she said yes. Later before the last lesson I saw her with another guy and I didn’t worry about it so much, I was just happy because that I would meet her.

After the school ended I walked out of the school and waited for her to come out, and after ten minutes she came and we walked to a cafe and both of us ordered a hot chocolate and sat down. We talked about everything, after I felt happy and brave because I didn’t think that I could do that because normally I am a shy person.

I walked my way home alone and was hungry because I haven’t eaten anything to lunch in school. When I came home I ate a hamburger with sweet potato fries.

Later I texted that beautiful girl called Emily and had a conversation with her on the phone over 2 hours. Goodnight!

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