Today it was a rainy day and we didn't have any special plans. Morgan suggested that we should go shopping. we didn't wanna go together so we separate. I think that he went do a motorbike store. Hell no that I follow him to watch some silly motorbikes, I went to Piccadilly cirkus.

Bildresultat för piccadilly circus

It wasn't so fun there so I started walk to Oxford street. When I came to Oxford street I was wery hungry so I went to Starbucks. There I ate a bagle and ice tea<3333

Bildresultat för beagle starbucks

I only shopped a new jacket, and a pare of shoes.

Bildresultat för hm jacka

Bildresultat för adidas superstar

I took my Starbucks cup and my shopping bags to the underground and went home. At the hostel I found Morgan at the bar (as always) tonight I have no idea what we are going to do so bye<333

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hey guys! today we had a plan to go shopping together, but we realized that we didn't wanna go on the same stores so we decided to go separate ways. i were going to motorbike stores to search for a new bike to me. i googled after a motorbike store and found one not to far away. i took one of our bikes and went of. on my way to the store i heard some squeaking sound, i turned around and saw a buss coming with very high speed. The buss just missed me but he hit a car in front of me instead, both the car and the buss were smashed into peaces but the two drivers were okay

Bildresultat för bus and car accident

when all the drama were done i continued my way to the shop. well at the shop i saw one really nice bike, here is a pic

Bildresultat för streetbike

its a KAWASAKI NINJA 250. It only costs 100 ponds, i took it for a test drive and it was so good. The clutch were so precise and the breaks grabbed so nice. i decided to buy it it was a lot of papers to sign on but finally it was done. now the hard thing is to get it home to Sweden, i have to get a trucker to get it home for me. i drove to the hostel and took a beer and thought how i were gonna catch a trucker.

SEE YA!   //Morgan 




Today we went to the London dungeon. First we went to Hyde park to rent bikes, it cost us 2 pound for 2 bikes 24h. we jumped on the bikes and started to bike to the London dungeon.

Bildresultat för hyde park bikes

On our way to London dungeon we saw the palace and big ben it was very beautiful.

when we came to London dungeon we just checked in an started our tour, we saw that it was written on a sign "no camera" so we didn't cath a photo but here u got a picture from google.

Bildresultat för london dungeon

The tour was very interesting but i think that i don't want to tell you so much about it. Go there by yourself. We ate lunch at the hostel before we went of to the bikes, so when we came out from the dungeon it was nearly dark, so we order dinner from the restaurant next to the dungeon. After dinner we decided that we should take a ride in London eye. It was so beautiful.

Relaterad bild

After that we were very tired so we started our ride home. Well at the hostel our room mates challenged us in the typical Swedish card game called "vändtia". the games ended at 3 o'clock.

so goodnight from a very tired Thea.



today we had plans to visit the London dungeon, so when we woke up we first ate lunch then we went to hyde park to rent some bikes. to rent two bikes for 24 hours costed 2 pounds. on the way to London dungeon we saw the palace and big ben it was cool to see the palaceBildresultat för palace london

at London dungeon we saw a sign who read "no cameras" so we didn't get a photo inside but i think Thea posted a photo from google in her post. the tour was really scary there was a room were a women made pies out of human flesh. when we came out of London dungeon it was already dark, next to London Du. there was a restaurant, we ate dinner there. when we were done we took a ride in the London eye.

Bildresultat för london eye view night

after the ride we biked home, at the hostel our room mate challenged us in a Swedish card game called "Väntia"

Godnight everybody //Morgan



our plans today were to go to the palace but when we read on our tickets we saw that it wasn't valid until tomorrow, we heard on the news that it was a strike in the underground so we changed the plans and walked to Hyde park instead, when we came to hyde park we were very hungry, Thea wanted to have fish and chips and because i never had tried fish and chips i also wanted to have some. the food only costed 1,81 pound. it tasted so good

there was a guy who wanted to take a picture of Thea in front of some ducks, I think Thea got a little bit chocked because she starred at him and said quickly "take a photo of him instead" and pointed at an american guy. here is the pic..

after we had been at hyde park Thea grabbed a cab to oxford street while i'm walked to a pub called "the swan" and took some bottles of beer and then i went back to the hostel and ate some candy. //Morgan



Good morning! The first thing that we did today was to try the breakfast, it was so delicious. I really recomend it.

our plans today was to go and visit the London dungeon but when we were reading on the ticket we saw that our tour were tomorrow. so we were thinking about taking the underground to the palace but we heard that it was a strike down in the underground. We decided to walk to Hyde park.

It wasn't a long walk but we became really hungry so the first thing that we did was to search for at food truck that serve fish and chips. It tasted lovley!! When we were walking in the park there was an american that wanted me to take a photo of him standing in front of the ducks. I still laughing.

When the clock went around 15:00 I grabbed a cab to Oxford street without Morgan I have actually no idea what he did. At Oxford street I went to primark there I bought a white T-shirt and a pyamas. Next I went to sephora there I just bought some makeup .

Bildresultat för primark london oxford street

Bildresultat för sephora oxford street

I started to walk back to the hostel well at the hostel I found Morgan. Now we are just eating noddles, I have no idea what we are going to do to night. Check out Morgans post he have maybe written it down there. See U tomorrow bye// Thea



we went to Skellefteå airport to catch a flight to London, the flight took off at 17 o clock.

we landed in London about 19 o clock, we took a buss to the hostel, when we came to the hostel we checked in and chilled in our room. this hostel only costed 1392:- sek/126 pound for 6 nights so we saved money. we bought a sandwich at the airport for dinner (it only costed 12:- sek) after dinner we walked to a supermarket and bought some noddles, fruit, juice and candy, Thea got pissed of because they didn't have bulk candy. now are we just chilling in our room and eating some candy and playing cards. if you want to see pictures from the hostel check out Thea post// Morgan



we went to Skellefteå airport to catch a flight to London, The flight lift off at 17:00 o'clock.

Bildresultat för skellefteå flygplats

when we came to London (around 19:00) we took the bus to the hostel, well at the hostel we just check in and made us comfortable. Here is some pictures from the hostel named "Publove @ the green man, Paddington."

To save money we chose this hostel because it only cost us 1392:- sek/126 pound for 6 nights. After dinner (that we bought at the airport, a sandwich 12:- sek) we decided to walk to a supermarket called "little Waitrose" 3km from our hostel. The supermarket was a nice place not so big but it worked, I mean we are just going to buy lunch and dinner there, but tomorrow I hope that I can taste the "fish and chips" it sound so nice. At the supermarket we bought most noodles, fruit, juice and candy (hihi). They doesn't have bulk candy, I'm so disappointed. well well the supreme count run ashore 11 pounds. Now we are just chilling in our room we are sleeping with 16 other people and they are very nice, now are we going to play cards and after that we are going to sleep, bye!//Thea