On Monday and Tuesday I went with a friend when she had a make-up photoshoot with the Make up forever "Hagwon"(=school) and I snapped some behind the scenes photos, they're not the best quality though but it will do. It's always interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of things like this, I now have a much deeper understanding for the k-idols who have to do this on the regular and why so many sleep on the floor when waiting for their turn being in front of the lens (There's a looot of time spent just waiting around) Anyway, here are the photos I took.




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This Sunday was my bfs birthday and since spring is here and the weather was so nice, one of the things we decided to do was to go to Seoul Park and walk among all of the beautiful cherry blossom trees that are now in bloom.

Spring time in Seoul really is pretty, here's some of the pictures we took.

Me and my man *blushing*

Gotta love spring~



Last week was fashion week here in Seoul and I got the great opportunity to attend the Youser standing fashion show on saturday, which was amazing. Following are some pics I took from the event and from the area we were in.

Pretty sure it's faux fur- but if not smh (Peeps never ever buy real fur)


Apgujeong, Gangnam in a coffe shop close to where the show was held

(Also where some of the biggest entertainment companies are *read Sm Entertainment, Cube, JYP* for any K-pop fans out there)

*Please excuse the ugly nails*

Some street art I came across

And finally a random ass pic of a steamy window with inside jokes from a bar. Just here for sentimental value.



Last week I took a short trip to Tokyo and I thought I'd share some pictures. So during my brief stay I decided to explore Shinjuku and Shibuya, where the famous crosswalk is, and I gotta say it was pretty darn exciting! Although I have been to Tokyo before I didn't have a lot of time to explore much that time either and even after this trip there's soo many more places I would like to go. It's such a big city I feel like you really need a couple of weeks to properly get to know it, next time I will be sure to stay a little longer.


(I'm gonna pretend this was taken on the way there cuz it looks good but actually it was on the way home..)


Ain Soph.Ripple, an amazing vegan restauant in Shinjuku.

And this is a falafelburger. I fell in love with this. Especially the hummus dressing. Gotta love hummus.

Aaand even though I started my day here it's the last pic. It was great but a little underwhelming, not a lot of variations in pokemon and mostly the new ones. If you're fav is Pikachu there's like a millions versions of him so congrats. Me, bitter? Not at all.




Hi there!

Welcome to my little blog and nice to meet you! I'm going to try to keep this intro as short and simple as I can so we can get going to the good stuff, although at the moment I'm not very sure of what the good stuff will be. My plan is to simply write about my daily life and interests so this might be somewhat of a lifestyle blog I guess, my prediction is a quite messy lifestyle blog at that unfortunately, unless you're into that in which case you're going to love this! Hopefully...

Ok, so a little bit about me. Currently I'm living in Seoul, South Korea and I have been for little over a year. I'm studying Korean at the moment and by now I should be intermediate, although with my slow learning skills and the learning system here I still have quite a bit to go. Apart from studying I'm usually exploring Seoul, meeting friends, experiencing the vivid nightlife or the exciting indie music scene. I'm a big fan of indiemusic and with my boyfriend playing in a small indie band I tend to go to a lot of shows, with that said I'm also a big K-pop fan (any Bangtan fans in the house, woop woop? (sorry about that)) so there might be a mixture of music related blog posts on here. What can I say, I like all music! Well, almost all music. There are some genres I tend to not listen to, but if I hear a song I like I will listen to that song despite the fact that I consider myself an indie girl at heart. I'm also a vegan since two years back , although a few broth mishaps have occurred since I came to Korea of which I'm not proud of. I'm pretty passionate about veganism but I'm not sure yet of how much I will post about it. What I am sure of though is that I will post about the amazing vegan cafes and restaurants in Seoul and I'm also positive there will be some whining about the struggle of finding my favourite foods as this is something that happens on the regular. I'm quite the emotional person and I tend to just write what I feel like writing so I can't be too sure of what this blog will actually be made into. But that's ok. We can all take this journey together, all two of us, mom.

So let's see, what else is there to say..? Oh right, please excuse any errors or misspellings, English is only my second language. I'm from Sweden, but I feel like it's easier to be descriptive in English and also some of my friends and my boyfriend don't speak Swedish, so here we are.

Ok, that's it for now. If you made it this far, thank you and i hope we'll see each other again~~