My little brother saw this the other day and begged my parents to get it for m, as well as a Flash for my twin brother. As usual, he is spot-on, and he got a big thanks from me

I really like this little guy, even though I'm a teen and "shouldn't" like plastic toys. Well, this is a connection to my childhood, and I wanted to share this piece if it. Hope you enjoy the pics and have a great day!

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Today I decided to do something other than my review for Legends of Tomorrow. Yes, I'll still be doing that, It'll come out sometime over the weekend or Monday. Now you may be wondering, what is the "Arrowverse"? It is the continuity that the CW shows Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and the online series, Vixen. I got the idea for this thanks to a conversation with my friend Sam. I will do my best to keep this Top 5 spoiler-free, but be warned, I'm not perfect.

Number 5: Laurel Lance/Black Canary

Played by Katie Cassidy, Laurel Lance was formerly the girlfriend of Oliver Queen until his disappearance. When he returns, she is bitter and angry with him, as he was also cheating on her with her sister, Sara, which ultimately lead to Sara's death when she went with Oliver on his ill-fated boat trip. She is a laywer when the series starts, and moves her way up to Assistant District Attorney to District Attorney of Star City (formerly Starling City). In order to take her anger out on the corruption that plagued the city, as well as a few personal issues [which I am not spoiling], she eventually becomes the vigilante Black Canary, despite Oliver's wishes for her to not. Laurel is often shown to tough, fighting her for her family and friends, what she believes in. She stands up for those whom she believes cannot stand up for themselves, and is a bit stubborn in her ways.

Number 4: Barry Allen/The Flash

Title character of The Flash, portrayed by Grant Gustin, Barry Allen is the Scarlet Speedster. His story begins with his mother getting murdered by a person that could move faster than the blink of an eye. He gets almost obsessed with trying to find her killer, as well as solving other "impossible" activities. After getting struck by a lighting laced with unknown energies, Barry woke up nine months later with powers of super speed. After being told by Oliver that he could be more than a mere vigilante, Barry resolves to become a hero to the people of Central City. This also reinforces his determination to find the person who killed his mother. Barry is shown to be brilliant CSI and team leader. He also has a deep love for his city and friends, and holds himself personally responsible in anything were to happen to either. He is a bit of a nerd, getting along well with his friends Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramone, both of which are geeky, lovable scientists.

Number 3: Ronnie Raymond, Martin Stein, Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm

This one was a bit difficult for me, as I loved all three of these characters. So I decided to put them all on here. Firestorm was created after the particle accelerator explosion, which combined Prof. Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond into a single entity with the ability to blast fire, among other things. I will not say what causes Jefferson "Jax" Jackson in, because it is a HUGE spoiler, but if I had to chose a favorite out of the three, it would be him.

Number Two: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

This guy is unusual for this list, as he isn't a hero. In fact, he is a major villain of The Flash Played Wentworth Miller, Snart has a cold gun that freezes things at absolute zero, making him a deadly villain to the Flash. He is a thief, often going for expensive and rare items. However, he isn't pure evil. He had a rough childhood, with an abusive father that would take him on jobs to steal things as well. He is shown to be very protective of his younger sister, Lisa, which may be one of his few weaknesses. However, he is shown to be reluctant to kill if it isn't necessary. He is humorous and a tactical planner.

Number 1: Oliver Queen/The Hood/The Arrow/Green Arrow

​This may come at no surprise to you. Portrayed Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen is the main character of Arrow, and the person that started the entire universe. Oliver was a playboy and spoiled young man, who gets a rude awakening when his boat crashes and his father kills himself in from of him, parting with the words "Right my wrongs". Oliver is stranded from his family for five years, learning ow to be an expert archer and fighter, as well as learning other skills that helps him in his quest. When he returns to his home, he becomes the vigilante that goes by several names that were given him. He slowly gathers a team of people that help him in secret. Though his motives are pure, saving the city from corruption, his methods get him in trouble with the police, who start a task force dedicated just to apprehending him. Oliver is shown to be a smart, capable leader, with a sense of duty to his city and friends. He can be bit violent and crude with his methods, but he believes that he is doing the right thing, and will sacrifice everything to protect those whom he loves.


I hope you enjoyed this list. As always, this is just my opinion. I have you you all have a pleasant day!



I am completely aware this is a few days late. IRL issues kinda kept me from writing this 'til now. However, here it is!

To start, I find this episode a lot better than the first one. The effects are great, and the scenes in this aren't rushed. We have some really great moments in this episode. To add on this, the major fight scenes in this don't feel forced at all.

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold remains my favorite character thus far. He is still the criminal that I'd hope they portray him and his partner, Mick Rory/Heatwave. I honestly was worried that this characterization of the two characters would go to the wayside. However, this is clearly not the case. We also get a little bit of backstory for him, and also the driving force behind not just his actions, but the actions of other characters as well.

If I had any complaints on this episode, it would be the plot. The title makes me believe this is a direct continuation of the last episode. While it is, this doesn't seem like it should be Part 2. In all honesty, this episode is it's own standalone thing. Not a major thing, mind you, but just something I wanted to point out.


All in all, this episode is fantastic. As I mentioned earlier, it is a good deal better than the one that preceded it. There is only one nagging point I can give it, but this doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the episode at all. Once you can, I deeply encourage you to watch this.



Music is a major part of my life. Ever since I listened to my great-grandfather and grandfather play bluegrass, country, soft rock, and various 'older' songs, to the various music I listen to in my free time, I have always loved music. Mostly country, though I have a few other influences. Here are my favorite 5 atists.

Number 5: The Eagles

When I think of soft rock, these guys always come to mind. Their iconic songs, such as Take It Easy, have been in some of my favorite memories as I heard my grandfather strum and sing along to the music. While I don't give these guys as much attention as I used to, they still bring back good memories whenever I listen to them. Now I've just gotta learn their music on the guitar...

Number 4: Alan Jackson

Though I wasn't around when this guy was, I still absolutely love his music. Jackson has written, played,and sung dozens of songs, among my favorites as well as award-winning, Good Time and Chattahoochee. His music has addressed many issues, from serious and sad things like the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, from light hearted and funny tunes. While he has been in a state of retirement, Jackson is now making a comeback to music, with the debut of his newest album, Angels and Alcohol.

Number 3: Lady Antebellum

A newer addition to my collection of artists, I didn't even know a thing about these guys until about a year ago. However, that doesn't make me like them any less awesome in my eyes. I love their music. Sure, it may have the same themes of love, just in different shapes, forms and fashions, but their music is spectacular. If you don't believe me, just look at their statistics. They have gotten nominated and/or won, over two dozen awards since their appearance in 2008.

Number 2: Carrie Underwood

At number two, we have a true underdog [gosh that sounds so wrong]. Underwood literally started from the bottom and worked her way up, getting the spotlight in 2004 after blowing away American Idol. Since then, she has gained world-wide fame as not only a signer, but a songwriter and actress. She has been nominated for almost fifty awards and have won about half of them. Some her more famous music includes Undo It, Cowboy Casanova, Jesus Take the Wheel, and Blown Away, with my personal favorites being the latter and What I Never Knew What I Always Wanted.

Number 1: Garth Brooks

Remember when I said that the Eagles were what I though of when I thought of soft rock? Well, whenever I think of country music in general, this guy is my first thought. And it just isn't me who thinks Brooks is awesome; he was the second highest solo music seller [behind Elvis Presley] and third-highest artist seller [behind Elvis and the Beatles]. In other words, people loved this country music artist. His most popular song is Low Places, while my personal fave fulls between Callin' Baton Rouge and Standing Outside the Fire. Though he officially retired in 2000, brooks has come back out, starting performances in 2009 and releasing a new album, Man Against Machine, in 2014. I do deeply encourage you to check out his music if you have not.


That being said, I iterate, this is only my personal opinion. I do encourage you check each of these guys out, though. Have a good day,and enjoy your music!



DC's Legends of Tomorrow is a Sci-Fi/Superhero show by the CW. This show is a spin off of the already existing shows Arrow and the Flash. It centers around a team of superheroes and villains, trying to bring down the evil despot Vandal Savage before he can conquer the world. The show premiered Thursday, January 21, 2016, which was last night. I got the pleasure of seeing this, and here are my [hopefully] non-spoiler review for it.

OK, off the bat, I found this freaking awesome. It had almost everything I wanted in it: Presentation of the main characters, fight scenes, and a cameo or two.

That being said, there were a couple things I'd have to nag about. First off, the introduction of the characters. Sure, each of them have already appeared in the shows they come from, but even so, this kinda seem a bit clunky, as the characters are introduced via introdump, which means that we got a scene that quickly displayed all of the characters being introduced, all in the matter of five minutes or less. If you were a new person to this universe, you'd have no clue what was going on.

Second, the episode seemed too fast paced. Sure it's an action show, but still, the main action scene in it feels a wee bit rushed, This just seemed like a way to showcase each of the characters at the same time. While this was good in theory, the effect seemed a bit off. Side note [SPOILER ALERT!!], we did not get a cameo of Barry Allen/The Flash. Nothing too major, but just a little think that I thought shoulda been there.

Now, done with what's wrong with this episode, let's focus on the good. I think my favorite character in this would have to be Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. For you fans of The Flash, you know that Snart is a villain in the show. However, here he is one of the protagonists, one of the heroes. If you don't understand it, don't worry, he doesn't either. He and his partner Mick Rory/Heatwave both don't get why they were chosen to save the world, but they figure,"Hey it's time travel, why don't we use this as an opportunity?" I find this absolutely hilarious.

Also, the solo action scenes in this are pretty darned cool. While we still have the inrodump thing going on during these scenes, it doesn't make the scenes themselves any worse. Though these little tidbits are just what they are, little, I believe each is a little masterpiece. They show off each character and his [and her] personality.

Also, while many fans of action/adventure dislike slow scenes, this episode handles them pretty well, in my opinion. The slow scenes provide for some very useful information, and even reveal some about the characters that we previously did not know. Also, they allowed for some interesting twists and turns.

All in all, I do believe this was a nice start for this show. The characters are good, the acting great, and the effects awesome. While this has a couple issues, I do not think they detract too much from the episode and make it unenjoyable. It makes me really look forward to what is to come. Hope you enjoyed this and have a nice day!



One of my best friends, Sandra, did this for me, after I asked her very nicely if she could. The results, as you can plainly see, were fantastic. Not only did she draw me my favorite comic book character. but she did a wonderful job. I put it here to showcase the Green Arrow as my favorite DC character, but to also show off the work of one of my best friends.Great job, Sandra!

For those of you who want to look at more of her work, she has her own site: I do recommend that you check it out and tell her what a good job she does.