So, I'm late again.

Yes, I am aware that men do not get periods (not even the gays), but this is different type of late.

People on social media are discussing whether or not Babadook is a gay icon. Ok, first of all: Babadook? Second of all: Gay icon?!

I didn't even know this character existed...

Could somebody please tell me what the deal is? I am SERIOUSLY clueless.

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Fellow queermos!

I've reduced myself to blogging and it feels kind of two thousand and late...

To be honest, I've done this before, but in a much more controlled, and politically coorrect manner. Blogging was a big deal for me back in the day, but I never felt as though I could let all of my crazy out - there were way too many little old ladies who read my blog and thought that I was a well-behaved young man... Little did they know, right?

Ok, so, this is going to be about gay life in general, and more specifically my own ambivalence towards it. And also, a whole bunch of other crap that I just think is hella funny (yes, I juast wrote "hella" - like an ass...).