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Last night was epic! 😂😂
We had so much fun, the party kinda ended today lol 😂😂



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This picture is probably one week old, i was up late swaping through my pics and found these so i thought why not share it on my blog lol. Remember babes, i'm not a pro cause i'm still practising so don't judge lol but for those of you that are makeuo guru can correct me if i did anything wrong with this look.

Ciao babes!



TB to when i lived at my mums lol but sometimes it doesn't feels like i've moved because i'm always there and sleeping over for weeks hahaha no joke.

Anyway wanted to give ya'll some simple tips regarding how you can make your tiny room look bomb or atleast neat lol.

For those of you who followed my previous blog already seen these pictures but lets do this. Hope you like it, oohh btw as you can my old room wasn't the biggest lol but it was cozy still.


Shelves are really cheap, especially the ones from IKEA cause that's where i got mine from. Come to think of it.. I seriously left everthing at my mums.. anyway back to the matter! Shelves can really change your room, cause my room were not that big so i had like only three shelves but it also depends on how big your room is too, i mean if you have a tiny room then buying thousands of shelves isn't really a good idea lol. 1-3 is enough for those of you that have small room.


omg... ya'll know i love me some clothes rack! I have way too many jackets/coats so i think it's easier to hang them right where you can see them. It's not about hanging whatever on the clothes rack babes, let everything melt in. That may not matter to ya'll but everything has to make sense and look neat especially when it comes to colour. I hate mixing colours that seriously don't match or melt in at all! I love it neutral. IKEA some nice clothes rack so check it there


ok now ladies... what would life be without posters?! I swear my money could go on only posters and i wouldn't be bothered. Why do i love posters so much? Well isn't obvious or nah? It just gives a room life, it changes everything. There is only one webbsite i get my posters from thats here , they have really beautiful posters that you won't be able to resist once you lay eyes on them lol so check it out babes!


You see how the smallest things can actually change alot! My advice is if you wanna do some shopping for your home or what so ever then ikea is the place to go or if you are more the ordering type then furniturebox is the shit too.

hope this post was helpful!




My God... so many beautiful women... I mean their body tho...

LOL when I look at these beautiful women with the most perfect body ever. Look at that ass!! My God 😂😂😂👐👐 i just can't think straight now.

Back to what I was saying, whenever I see pictures like the ones above. I have the urge to hit the gym. I get motivated just for the moment but y'all know... Food is apart of my life. I don't know if I can stay committed to the healthy life. I really want a banging body but man... I love eating middle of the night. I like eating breakfast twice a day and dinner every hour until I fall asleep. Look at me forgetting about the small snacks in between.

Bottom line is I'm extremely lazy but I wanna change that lol. 2K17 you with me or nah?! 😂😂 not promising anything but imma give it a try but don't know either when I'm gonna start.
I'll update y'all more about this when I've decided.
Ciao babes