Saturday is here!!!!!!!!

The one day I look forward to from a LONG AF week. My god it has been one hell of a hard one.
Thankfully the gods have brought my favourite meatball back to hang out here for the week 😆

Of course it was for different reason as to why she was here, but at least she got to stay for a bit and catch up over some good ol’ vino..

Catching up with your girlfriends should be an important thing to consider in life. If things go south or you need some good old advice/someone to murder a dirty burger with, who else would you call?

They’re the best support system you have around you. They’re the ones who would put you back in your place and keep you grounded. Without them, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today 😊

Plan for today is to do a huge spring clean sesh here at home, make the most of the sun while I have time before the big week next week - I cannot wait for next weekend!!!!

I also need to do some last minute gift wrapping so it’s all ready to go before we head down to see everyone this Christmas break - Excited AF!! Lucky I managed to keep it small this year as we’ve already spent a bit on the accommodation for Christmas so why not keep it simple. Not sure what the family has planned for the day itself but am looking forward to seeing everyone under one roof again.

I may have a turn driving on the way down to Wellington this year, it’s a 11 hour journey by car dependent on the driver. Might have to go past Huntly before driving on the straight roads of course. I’m sure it will be fine? Fingers crossed 🤞

Then that means I have to sort out my wardrobe for the week - looks like it will be the linen dresses and tube top + short combos this time around. And loads of sunscreen! Like loads.

Keep ya’ll in the loop on what else is happening of course...


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As per caption - Summer is here!! ☀️

My god it has been one hell of an entrance as well here in the City of Sails.
So far we’ve had record hitting temps like no tomorrow, apparently we had a high of 27 today?!?! And it’s not even mid month yet 😯

Whoever is about in Auckland, I hope they are going by the standard - Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap routine. All about staying safe in the sun as it is getting hotter right now. Making sure you have your SPF30+ sunscreen on hand, slapping on a hat that covers you all over (bring out that floppy hat you have in the wardrobe ladies) and making sure you’re well wrapped and not overly exposed under them hot rays out there. 🧢

I did mention that I would be popping out for brunch last week - Thank God I did!
The Better Half chose this really swish spot in St Heliers which was just perfect.
St Heliers Cafe is one of those places where you can chill in the area, well ventilated with the sliding windows. The panoramic view of the beach across the road is just too good for the words. That menu tho.

Oh that menu tho 😍😍😍
Best brunch by far in Auckland for a lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant/coeliac couple we are. The service there was what you would expect. Bang on and really quick with the delivery, for those who haven’t been. You best book a table!

I’ve had to finish this week on a high as it has been the most gruelling week on the grind at work. Who would’ve thought that buying a new Motorhome/Caravan as a Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones was the new thing? Well those who have the well deserved funds of course.

So what better than to grab a cheeky Vegan Burger with a work colleague thanks to the boys at BurgerFuel in Ellerslie. And my God The Burgers are a full 💯 - V-Dub get in my belly!!!!

My mantra this weekend is Chill Girl, Chill. I think we all need moments to unwind every now and then - especially when you’re trying to stretch out the remainder of your pay check 😂

So I have my second driving lesson booked for tomorrow midday where I get to learn the basics of hill starts, sharing the road, reversing and u-turns so it should be a full on hour with Russell from AA. Then I have the arvo to do some retail therapy with my little landscaper to grab some smaller gear- he’s lost quite a bit of weight since he’s started with Strass. Watch this space on the progress..

Then finishing off the weekend with a couple who he used to work with that have returned from India, so that will be a real chilled out catch up over late lunch on Sunday.

Have a killer weekend ya’ll and don’t forget that sunscreen!


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Bye November - Hey December!! 🎄

We made it to the best month ever. Christmas is officially 24 more sleeps away and I have never felt more ready than ever. I need to wrap up some pressies before then and get everything ready as well.

Just had our Secret Santa this week which was nice, everyone getting into the festive spirit. It would be the thought that counts at the end of the day.

George will be having his Christmas Party tonight after work so he’ll be heading off with the boys in Takapuna while I chill and get things ready for our Xmas break away - should look at picking up a Ham for Xmas lunch/dinner.

Thank goodness it is Friday too, nice to end the week on a high. I hope the weather here fines up for this weekend. I thought of arranging a surprise brunch date for George and I tomorrow at Lula Inn so hopefully he likes it. Fingers Crossed! For those who aren’t familiar with The Lula Inn - watch this space!

Work is going to be the most busiest coming into the new year especially. More New Business than ever, the target for the team had been set high since we started the financial year. I hope it pulls off in the end for the team. I will definitely need a wine or two after work to wind down.

Let’s see what this festive month will bring this year, may it be fruitful and filled with bottles of rosè, sun and fun! 😆

I need to get up and get ready for work, will keep ya posted about the brunch of course..
Bisous bisous xx



Oh hello Monday..

First day of the week and we’re already ending the season on My Kitchen Rules NZ here.
A bit daunting to think that there were a number of teams competing and all of a sudden it has been whittled down to two - 😆

Me personally I love food (that I can eat of course) but to try and cook a whole three course menu week after week is intense!!!

No doubt whoever wins - hats off to them.

We ended up whipping gluten and dairy free nachos from scratch- thanks to the Better Half for doing his usual thing on the kitchen. Love that guy..

I’m going to have to pull my weight and wash up on dishes and make sure I’m all sorted for the new week. Will be a full on week as I will be back on the grind again at work. There will be a few changes happening around here before Christmas. A couple of photos from the weekend will come through for ya’ll to check out from my Christmas do on Friday.

George has big one this coming Friday so he’ll probably have a bender ha!

Keep ya in the loop of what’s happening as always xx



As per quote from Rihanna herself

Thank god it's Friday!!! And what better to start off than have an early post to kick off the weekend.

Not a lot has happened - jokes! I start my first official driving lesson with AA Ignition first thing tomorrow which will be exciting. Once you get your Learners' they offer you 3 free lessons if you are a AA Member or have a family member who is one - I had to join so BOOM free lessons come at me. Checked out the value of the first one and it was $70!!! Dear god, thank goodness they're free of charge. Fingers crossed it all works out.

Will also be rewarding myself and the Better Half to some decent Korean BBQ Chow in Takapuna so watch this space ya'll.

Finishing off with a brunch sesh with a couple of the girls in Mission Bay which will be nice

As for now I need to get up out of bed (mmmmm bed) and get ready and start off my day..

Ciao ciao xx



My god, this is a very late post indeed..

Long story short, it will be the beginning of my first week of annual leave in a LONG time - well overdue and needed after working a full year at work so far.

What to do - there will be a frick-load of spring cleaning involved. Meaning new fresh sheets, dusting down everywhere, vacuuming you name it. The whole lot!

Then it looks like I have absolutely nothing else but peace and quiet finally. Turns out the other half will be working as a Landscaper for a change. Something he had done back in the UK which he is good at so no reason why this would be any different. 

Have already done my Secret Santa shopping for work, need to find something nice for the Mr before I forget which will be the next thing on my list this week.. may as well check in on getting some laser removal done while I’m at it before Christmas break. Scary how it’s only 1 month away. Thankfully we will be down with the fam this time, yay!!

So coming up in a fortnight will be a BYO Korean BBQ sesh with some of the work crew and then a farewell do for a very special salon guru happening which I will be taking loads of footage of course. To those who went to see Drake this weekend - I envy you!

In the mean time, I will be kicking back and practising how to drive as​ per usual on this glorious Sunday.

Bisous x

​[wpvideo 8kMHgyz8]​



Happy long weekend peeps!

Another week done and dusted of course and where better to kick off than here in sunny Hawkes Bay

Have already turned 26 last week and what a year it had been as a 25 year old. Another year older and wiser and moving forward with life one day at a time.

Not sure what the usual thing would be as a 26 year old these days, maybe it’s the time to really knuckle down and set up camp somewhere permanent for a change? Or think of taking on the health game and going up a notch? We’ll figure it out, managed to pull off getting my learners license out of all these years

Huge shout out to the fam and friends for helping me kick off my new year in the most adult like way possible. Could not have done it any better without them. Wine galore!

I hope that later on down the track it will be bigger and better whatever happens

Stay safe out there x



What a year. A really long gruelling year. Most steady I have been in a long time.

They say 25 is a milestone in itself. You’re a quarter of a century. You’re taken seriously as an adult in the modern world, with its quirks and all. Seen as a threat by the older generation as the next big thing and admired by the younger generation as #goals. Strange concept of course.

They say you would have gained enough wisdom as a 90’s baby to define you as a person in future - the question is have I? Have I gained enough to understand what I am going to benefit from this new government here in NZ as a first time voter? Have I done enough to reach a milestone that I am proud of? Have I done enough to help everyone around me regardless or where I am or who I am with? 

The real answer is I don’t know. 

And this is where they left out the self doubt part as you go through another year. Reflecting on the events of the year can be good, can also be bad as well depending on how it was handled in the end and what you could learn from it for next time. 

I have made some bad choices where I don’t put myself first sometimes and need a time out to chill and recalibrate. I am now learning this as I have been advised that I need to from my senior workmates. Better late than never. 

Learning how to have a say in the world is a new one especially for voting. Didn’t know it would make that much of a difference here in NZ, so I’m lucky to be a part of it.  

Learning how to drive - in progress. Impressed myself in taking a practise test and got a question wrong which is better than I thought. The actual test might be harder I’m guessing but that will be done before Christmas hopefully.

On the upside, I’m happy that I have a job still that is steady and is long term. I’m happy to have George here for another year. I’m happy that I have a close group of friends still. I’m happy I’m still surviving here in Auckland after 3 years straight. 

I hope that in the next 25 years time after looking through online and finding this post, it will be a milestone in itself that I was aware of what I have achieved as at 25 now going on 26. I hope I have ticked off a few things from bucket list to be proud of by then as well.

Here’s hoping fam..  



TGIS everyone! Unfortunately it's a wet one here in the City of Sails today but no bother.

We kicked off today with clouds of vapour at the Third Annual 510 Vape Expo held at the iconic King's Arms in Auckland before they close their doors for good

NZ had their vape stalls out left, right and centre for everyone to check out and see what is here. It was nice to see the owners of the stalls up close and personal as well once again. As always, you would have to try out new e-juices and see new mods that would match or become an upgrade to the current. I can now say I am the proud owner of a new release baby model to what George has "tank-wise" but different case altogether. It will never be the same as my Old School Blue E-Leaf model I've owned for over 2 years straight, but thanks to wear and tear - blue one had to be replaced. 

So thanks to the Better Half for hooking it up as an early birthday pressie, I have this new one to play with which is great! Super lightweight and easy to hold. Of course as it is a completely different mod to what I had previously, there will be more cloud and it is not the same in terms of the intake as it will be more dry. Will have to work on that part so that it will be as close as it can be to the old Blue one. Here's hoping.

Overall, we managed to meet new people with new stories and scored/tried new juices as well. Watched a few cloud contests which was fun and I think has inspired George to try out next years contest. Watch this space next year if it does happen!

Good news as well, he has his third year granted to stay in NZ hooray!!! So the drought is over

Tomorrow we'll be at the L'Oréal expo in Mt Smart Stadium and then next weekend will be my birthday weekend which will kick off with a few peeps to help me celebrate, so stay tuned..

Stay dry xx



Beginning of October - and she is pouring with rain!

So yesterday we had a good Ol' time at the Progressive Workout Sweat Sesh followed by a arvo out with the Better Half at the Bacon & Beer Festival @ SweatShop Brew Kitchen

Didn't have enough time to take some beaut pictures as I was dying after the workout but I have a couple of pics that sum up the day.

Shoutout to the girls that hooked it up with 1Above water - check it out online! Apple and Lime is my fave.

Now that I will be sitting indoors with the Road Code learning the rules of how to drive, it will be a Lazy Sunday for me.

Countdown for the birthday begins today so another 14 more days to go before D-Day and I'm so excited!! Cannot wait to share my birthday weekend with some fun people up here in Auckland. 

Happy First week of the Month x

[wpvideo 8U034eRG]​