There are rag rugs, and then there are RAG RUGS. Moa Hallgren makes the most playful and yet distinct textile carpets made of re-used cloths. They are handwoven on her own loom in Berlin. (But the production is now on hold, tells her homepage).

Traditionally, rag rugs were made of old clothes and other fabrics used in the home or in life, in a time where everything that could was saved.. The carpets became a history and memory in itself.

In rag rugs you can put in just a small piece of cloth from that important frist day of school, or maybe a little bit of the small and clothes of your first born child... - and the rag rug keeps your history in mind without telling secrets to anyone.

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A day when Donald Trump is all over the newspapers, talking about building walls and exclude people, I just happened to find the artist Natalie Baxter . Because yes, the title of her piece above really is "People will think you´re making a Trump flag", and it's made of fabric and polyfill. In her series Bloated flags she was "interested in the flag as a symbol with a variety of representations and swaying definitions of pride and shame", she says on her homepage. Here you can also see her beautiful and suggestive "America, current mood".



Knitting for beginners on the blog Textile of the day
Quilts by Ayumi on the blog Textile of the day
Embroidered cats by the artist Hiroko Kubota, on the blog Textile of the day

Today is the first day of this blog of mine, and I admit I´m a bit nervous. I hope you will follow me on this textile journey. So, let´s start from the beginning: I´m a weaver, a journalist and a web manager. Textile is a big passion for me, but i necessarily don´t have to do it by myself. I love reading about textile artists, going to exhibitions with weavers, embroiderers and quilters, and I love to look at pictures of stunning textile pieces. Hence, the intention of this blog is to post a piece of textile each day - like a piece of yummy chocolate with your morning coffee - to show all the textile FABULOUSNESS that is going on out there, made by fantastic creators, crafters, artists and textile makers!

Do you want to tell me about a fantastic artist, a stunning textile piece or maybe your own fabulous work (don't be shy!)? Please contact me!

Pictures above:

1. Don´t miss the fantastic Singaporean Koel mag , writing about textiles and interior designs, with stunning photos and modern ways of thinking about art and design.

2. A gret series of texts for knitting beginners.

3. Ayumi is making quilts like these wonderful ice creams.

4. No source on this one! Do you know, please tell me!

5. Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota´s embroidered cats on pockets of shirts. Need I say more...?