Who does not love to have an incentive or a discount on making a purchase? Nobody in the world would like to refuse a legitimate discount, no matter what they buy. The status of the buyer does not have any bearing as well. The rich and mighty also love to enjoy discounts. Keeping this quality of the human beings in mind, Tesla has come up with its unique Tesla Referral Code program. Let us see the details of this referral code program for the benefit of others.

The program is a very simple one to use. Existing Tesla users can introduce new clients to the Company. The new clients can avail monetary benefits of discounts up to $ 1000 on the purchase of new Tesla S or Tesla X vehicle. All they have to do is to enter the referral code received from an existing Tesla owner while making the purchase. One should understand that the code takes effect only after the new client takes the delivery of the vehicle.

What does the referrer gain? This should be a natural question to ask. One of the main conditions for becoming a referrer is that he should be the owner of a Tesla product. He gets the facility of supercharging his vehicle for a lifetime. This can be a great savings considering the fact that a one-time charge can cost in the range of $ 7. Imagine the number of charges he will do in the lifetime of the vehicle.

Why should one buy a Tesla S or a Tesla X vehicle in the first place? The biggest advantage of doing so is that you will be doing the environment a whole lot of good. The Tesla vehicles do not use gas or petrol for running. They run on electricity. You get this power from charging their vehicles. Hence, there is no emission of harmful smoke containing carbon monoxide. This is beneficial to the health of the citizens. There is no emission of greenhouse gases thereby protecting the environment as well at the same time.

The existing vehicles that run on gas consume a lot of fossil fuels. The fossil fuels are literally on the verge of exhaustion. It can take a long time for the replenishment of these fuels. On exhaustion of these fuels, the existing petrol, diesel, and gas vehicles will become showpieces. Under such circumstances, the electrically driven vehicles will be the only one plying on the roads. Tesla visualizes this eventuality in the future. Hence, they have come up with the concept of the electric car. There is a need for popularizing this car. People need an incentive to shift their preferences from the petrol and gas driven cars to the electrical ones. The Tesla discount code is one way of doing so.

There might be the initial outlay of funds as electric cars can be more expensive than the other fuel-driven cars. However, the savings in fuel throughout the lifetime of the vehicle can be tremendous.