She was a dreamer.
And here we are, standing in front of each other. In our dream wedding day.
“I do”, he said.
“I do”, she said.

This was our dream. You, standing next to her. And me, standing next to him. Saying I-dos, in this chapel, with this pastor, and these flowers. Your friends as the choir, and mine as the photographers.

So this is me, present day. Standing right in front of you. Wishing you could hear me. Wishing this is ours. You and me in front of the altar, with our hands on the Bible, stating vows that last a lifetime.

The last time we met felt like years ago. You, wishing I’d stay. And me, wishing you’d wait. It was the stupid kind of love. The one paralleled to our dreams.
So we broke it off.
We only live once after all, and in this transitory world, dreams do matter.

I get to see you today. I know you’re established. I’m almost there. Believe me, darling, I can make you happy.

Standing in front of you right now. In this very special day. With your eyes, looking at me like yesterday was unreal. Like it was nothing at all. With your eyes, enthralling me. Stealthily wishing this was ours too.

You were a dreamer. And I was a realist.
Still, today I am dreaming with you.

They share a kiss and we cheer along. Secretly wishing we never broke it off. We could be here first. In fact, they are here because of us.

So I run for you down the aisle, exiting towards the door, where everyone is waiting for that eventual kiss and flying balloons.
Your laughter, revolving around my head. Your smile, I could barely resist. Your mind, the reason I’m here today. You wanted a future for me, even if it meant none with you.
But if there’s another chance for us, I desire it. Deep down, I hope you too.

And then there’s you, with your back towards me.
Here I am. Established. Home.
You can love me now, and I wouldn’t go.
I promise to love you twice as much, if you let me so.

You turn around, and then I see it.

Tall, dark and handsome. His eyes, doting that little girl. Looking at her so dearly in his arms. She has your eyes, your nose, and your smile.
You smile at me. With your eyes, alight.
And as your mouth open and you say hello-
I know.

She was a dreamer.
And I was her dream.
But he is her home now.
Her reality.
To him she belongs.

Short Story written on November 8th, 2017
Photos taken in Bali by my dad, Martio❤

Ps. I know these photos barely relate to the story. 
But I like it a lot. So might as well just put it here and treat this post as a photo journal too:)

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Hello, my dear friends of the internet. How are you all? 🐰

I am very happy to be writing today. First of all, because I am here in class, listening to presentations by friends and I'd like to stay awake. Secondly, it's been verrryyyyyy longggggg since the last time I post. I know I know, I wrote a lot of promises in the last post. Really hoping to catch up writing in the next few days- or month. So please bear with moi:)

So this is Semester 3. Although it feels that this semester is moving like a turtle, and that the assignments (especially for Advertising Management) are killing me slowly. But as this popular quote says: what doesn't kill you make you stronger. I am proud to say that we are almost done with this semester and I am not dead. Just barely breathing on Sunday nights, battling 65783910827103 assignments that need 123458596907 minutes of thoughts before finisihing it.

Another thing that's been happening in my life is the fact that I am SO CONSUMPTIVE. I am in the peak of finding joy in shopping and wearing new clothes. Which is totally wrong. I know, I know. With November being neighbors to December, Christmas shopping will start soon. And I have to save money. And in January, my friends and I might have plans for vacation so we really really need to save up.

Grey's Anatomy is LIFE. Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to be an OBGYN. And Arizona Robbins just confirmed the fun. If I could just turn back the time right now, I'd happily study for IPA and SBMPTN/SIMAK. Force my way in for the medical faculty and just be an OBGYN or fetal surgeon already. I am following the 14th season. But occasionally, I would go back to the previous seasons and watch everything. Currently, it's season 11. After this will be season 10😂

What else?

Darrell turned 19 on November 4th. I decorated a whale cake for him, which ended up looking more like an Ade Rai whale with arms instead of fins. I've been very interested in pipping lately and is looking forward to learn how to pipe flowers this upcoming holiday. Fingers crossed xx

My attempt to tidy my Instagram feeds has not been successful. Although I do have multiple Instagram accounts, I still tend to post the most random stuffs in my first account. I treat the Snapgrams like it is my 2nd account. And I don't know whether it's good or not, to post such random thoughts for at least 300 people to view. Sometimes I do feel like shaming myself a lot. But oh well, who cares? // deep inside, I care :(

So uh

Really looking forward to write more now that 2017 is almost over and my blog is no better than last year. Looking forward to better photos too. I really want to buy a mirrorless camera before going to China next year. I'll be in China for at least 8 months for the next 2 years because I'll be learning Mandarin before continuing to Melbourne the following year. Please pray for meee (for the camera thing, I mean. And for the China and Melbourne thing😂)

So yeah, that's enough rambling for today. See you soonn and take care guyssssss💛💛

Squad, if you're interested in cakes like this with (my aspiring work), please contact me via Instagram: yovelaaa. Or you can contact ig: velavinka for my mom's bakery. She bakes the best cakes❤

Happy birthday, Darrell the Farmer🌱

Ps. Some of my friends asked me why I call him farmer. The answer is, Darrell LOVES the game Hay Day so much. He would stay up longer than usual just to feed his cow🐄. He would also be very proud of his new hippo, even more than he's proud of me. Thankfully, while the cows, hippos, pigs, birds, and goats are VIRTUAL. I AM REAL. So yeah




Happy Birthday, Queen💛

Dalam upaya untuk membuat satu blog post pada hari ini, gue menemukan sebuah fakta menarik nan menyedihkan. Kita. Hampir. Gak. Pernah. Foto. Cantik. Bareng. I've gone through so many different files, albums, scrolled through the deep of my phone, dan ga menemukan satupun foto kita yang lagi sama sama senyum dengan background Instagramable. Adanya cuma lo dan gue berpose melet melet demi filter Snapchat, foto pas sama sama pertama nyoblos (berupa selfie, btw), dan foto pake kaos oblong, siap tidur. But again, like you always said,

Inner beauty, ve. Inner beauty💓

Gua bersyukur punya temen kayak lo. Yang rela dalam keadaan terik ataupun hujan, jalan kaki ke rumah gue tanpa minta gantian gue yang datengin rumah lo. Yang sengaja banget ketiduran di kamar, biar gausah disuruh pulang sama nyokapnya. Yang selalu sabar kalo dengerin gue ngoceh curhat marah laper ketawa ketawa sendiri dan lain sebagainya. Yang nangis bareng gue ketika ada masalah, dan nangis bareng juga ketika nonton La La Land. You are so amazing, Queenshell Lovevinca Lau. I just wish you know how much this is true.

You manage to laugh during the hardest times, and dream big when life turned its worst. You are so selfless, even the world is thankful of you. I am stupendously GRATEFUL for you, Queen. For reminding me that even at the loneliest time, I have someone. I have you, my sidekick, bridesmaid, godmother to my babies, and most importantly, my forever best friend.

Thank you for sticking around when you can walk on and pretend like you don't know me.

We may not be the #bestfriendgoals we aspire to be, just yet. But the thought of being friends with you forever is more than enough to me. Have a wonderful birthday, Qubel. Sarang hae-yo, wangbi mama

Selamat 18 tahun, Baginda Ratu. Semoga cepat dapat Rajanya.



Somewhere Only We Know, Keane

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

Oh simple thing where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

Oh simple thing where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?

ps. Been loving this song lately, since I first heard it on Grey's Anatomy. The original song was sung by Keane, but try listening to Lily Allen's version. It is my personal favorite💗



Pulau Bair, Mini Raja Ampat

Hai, squad💛

Hari ini gue datang membawa cerita dari Pulau Kei Kecil, Maluku Tenggara, Kepulauan Maluku. Untuk jalan-jalan kali ini, gue akan bikin dua post. The first one, this one, yang ditulis secara bebas jadi mungkin agak ngelantur ya hehe. The other one ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris dan lebih ‘travel blogger’-ish karena artikel tentang Pulau Kei di google baru sedikit. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post, squad hehe

Tanggal 27 sampai 31 Juli 2017 kemarin, gue ikut group perziarahan dalam rangka memperingati 75 tahun meninggalnya Mgr. Johannes Aerts, MSC dan para misionaris lainnya di Pulau Kei Kecil. Para misionaris ini ditembak secara brutal oleh tentara Jepang pada tanggal 30 Juli 1942, karena dikira penjajah dari Belanda. Setiap tahun, penduduk (termasuk yang non katolik) akan memperingati hari dibunuhnya misionaris yang memperkenalkan agama Katolik, membangun sekolah, rumah sakit, dan panti asuhan di Pulau Kei ini.

Mayoritas penduduk Kei Kecil beragama Katolik. Sehingga sepanjang kami ziarah (+ jalan jalan), kami sering mengunjungi Biara (tempat tinggal suster dan pastur), panti asuhan, dan gereja-gereja. Kalau disebut ziarah biasanya terkesan bosenin ya, doa doa dan doa. Tapi sejujurnya, gue malah senang. Karena ketika berkunjung ke Paroki-paroki itulah kami bisa bertemu dan makan bersama dengan penduduk lokalnya.

Gereja Santa Maria Imakulata dan langit senja

Kuburan Mgr Johannes Aerts, MSC dan 13 para misionaris lainnya (termasuk Pastor dan Bruder)

Anak-anak dari Panti Asuhan Putri

Foto bersama Bapak Uskup Timika, Mgr John Philipus Saklil

Makan siang terakhir di Kei Kecil

Selalu happy kalau lihat kamera hehe

Percaya deh sama gue squad, orang Kei ini baiknya minta ampun. Mereka ramah-ramah, murah senyum dan sederhana. Jangan expect desa yang kumuh disini. Penduduk Kei hidupnya sejahtera, tanahnya subur walaupun penuh batu kerikil, dan mata pencaharian mereka adalah dari laut. Rumah-rumah mereka juga cukup bagus, sederhana dan nyaman. Anak-anak masih main sama anak tetangga, main bola, petak umpet, dan kejar-kejaran di pantai, unlike di Jakarta yang anak-anaknya cenderung main iPad atau nonton TV sendirian di dalam rumah. Jalan raya dan hotel bagus udah ada kok, jadi jangan khawatir kalau kesini.

Makanan tradisional mereka yang udah gue makan sejauh ini adalah ikan goreng, ikan bakar, ikan kuah asam, lat (rumput laut special edition, karena bentuknya yang beda dari di restoran sushi dan rasanya enak banget), enbal, dan pisang goreng yg di lumurin enbal. Semua ini dimasakin sama ibu-ibu umat paroki yang kemampuan masaknya bukan main. Entah mulut gue doang apa gimana tapi dimana mana rasanya konsisten enak.

Pisang Goreng Khas Kei Kecil, pakai Enbal dan digoreng di Tungku

I like the food:) Nyesel ga banyak foto makanannya

Another thing that I found interesting adalah kenyataan kalau orang orang Kei pada jago nyanyi. Suaranya bagus bagus.

Pada hari ketiga kami disana, kami dijamu di rumah keluarga Romo Janes. Kakaknya pastur, Om Novi adalah tour guide kami selama disana. Om Novi jago nyanyi. Sepanjang di bus nyanyi bareng sama Romo Benny yang juga jago ngeguitar. Di kediaman keluarga Om Novi, kami dijamu makan dipinggir pantai, sambil minum kelapa langsung dari batoknya (yang mengakibatkan baju gue basah semua). And the best part? Disana juga kami diajak nyanyi rame rame sama keluarga mereka sambil nari nari. Mama, papa, dan tante tante Om Novi jago nyanyi. Dan ini nurun ke dedenya si Om yang adalah penyanyi terkenal di Pulau Kei, Kak Fanny namanya.

Banyak cerita menarik tentang keluarga Om Novi, mungkin karena mereka keluarga yang paling dekat dengan kami selama disana. Salah satu yang menarik adalah tentang agama mereka. Mamanya adalah seorang Katolik, papanya Kristen Protestan, Om Novi sendiri Protestan, Romo Janes adalah seorang Pastur Katolik, Tante Wendy Katolik, dan yang paling bungsu, Kak Fanny beragama Protestan. Jadi dalam keluarga mereka, pas berimbang jumlahnya antara yang Katolik dan Kristen Protestan. Di sebelah rumah mereka persis adalah perkampungan orang Muslim. Tapi mereka hidup rukun damai sejahtera, engga pernah berantem berantem kayak di Jakarta. Keluarga mereka ini bikin gue tercengang ya, soalnya di Jakarta kalau mau menikah beda agama aja berantemnya bisa sampe bawa ketua RT segala.

Para tante dan mamanya Om Novi, Pastor Janes, Tante Wendy & Kak Fanny


Her hair is just beautiful

Om Novi dan keluarganya (minus baby Grid yang lagi bobo)

Romo Benny, MSC (pastor yang hobi nyanyi) dan Romo Janes, MSC

Mama, yang hobinya nanya bahan masakan sama nari-nari

Cerita cerita tentang kerukunan beragama, gue jadi keingetan seorang ibu Muslim yang kerja sebagai guru di Kei tapi berasal dari Makasar. Beliau berkerudung panjang dan sedang hamil 8 bulan. Kami bertiga (beliau, gue, dan mama) lagi di toilet pas ketemu sama ibu muda ini. Kami jalan bareng ke bandara pas turun dari pesawat. Ibu ini menyapa mama dengan sebutan "Cici" dan menanyakan kami mau kemana. Sebenarnya yang beliau lakukan untuk kami sederhana, hanya menyapa dan mengajak kami ngobrol. Tapi gue jadi kepikir, betapa sungkannya gue untuk ngomong sama ibu-ibu yang berkerudung panjang di Jakarta. Apalagi di Depok😂 Worse, kalau sedang memakai baju yang tidak berlengan. Tapi ibu ini dengan santainya tertawa dengan kami. Bahkan memanggil mama "Cici".

Di Kei Kecil, orang-orang memang sering memanggil kami "Cici" atau "Mba", sesuai dengan ras kami. Teringat kalau sedang jalan di Depok dan Jakarta, sering juga dipanggil "Ci, ci" tapi bentuknya cat-calling (atau sexual harassment) dan disertai siul-siulan murahan alias mengejek.

Selain tentang penduduk dan makanan, gue juga mau cerita tentang welcoming celebration kecil-kecilan yang mereka adakan di Ngurtafur atau Pantai Pasir Timbun. Pantai Ngurtafur adalah pantai pertama yang kami datangi begitu mendarat di Kei Kecil. Kami disambut oleh anak-anak sekolahan. Yang laki-laki jadi paduan suara, dan perempuan menari. Mereka mengenakan pakaian tradisional yang ada rumbai rumbainya dan murah senyum pas nari. Sambutan yang sederhana tapi berkesan untuk kami semua. Anak-anak disana juga senang difoto. Kalau gue mau motret, mereka langsung bergaya dan ngajakin teman-temannya.

Bajunya lucu

Blurry but gold

"Ayo foto ayo foto"

Pulau Kei ini terdiri dari banyak pulau-pulau kecil. Pastur Janes yang kebetulan baru ditahbiskan 1 tahun 4 bulan bertugas di Paroki Dobo yang terdiri dari stasi-stasi lintas pulau. Beliau bercerita kalau umat mau merayakan Misa, harus menunggu pasturnya datang naik speedboat. Untuk menuju ke satu pulau butuh waktu yang cukup lama. Dan stasi yang di pulau kecil bukan hanya satu tapi ada beberapa. Sehingga saat bertugas, Pastur Janes dan seniornya cuma makan Indomie dan baru bisa makan yang pantas ketika sampai di satu pulau. Belum lagi mereka harus beli minyak sampai 6 juta demi mencapai pulau-pulau kecil ini. Padahal kolekte yang terkumpul dari umat seluruh umat paroki hampir tidak mencukupi.

Di Kei umat harus menunggu berminggu-minggu untuk kegiliran merayakan Misa. Begitu Pastur sampai di pulau mereka, dewan langsung membunyikan lonceng kapel supaya umat yg sedang bekerja cepat-cepat datang untuk Misa. Jadi tidak peduli hari apapun itu, kalau ada bunyi lonceng, maka itulah hari Minggu. Sedih ya rasanya bila dibandingkan dengan kita di Jakarta, yang bisa milih mau misa Sabtu atau Minggu, pagi, siang atau sore.

Little Monsi

Bapak Bupati dan DPRD juga ikut menghadiri Misa Perayaan meninggalnya para misionaris. Pas Mgr Saklil khotbah, beliau banyak menasehati para pejabat negara tanpa takut-takut. Salut👍

Perwakilan dari komunitas Muslim Pulau Kei yang menampilkan tarian Muslim di tengah Misa, lengkap dengan pakaiannya dan musik khas Arab. Toleransi beragama betul-betul dijunjung tinggi💙

Salah satu gereja di pinggiran Pulau Kei Kecil

Rumah penduduk yang sederhana

Restoran di Kei Kecil tidak banyak. Penduduknya juga sedikit jadi kalau sedang tidak ada perayaan apa-apa, Kei Kecil sepi. Tiga hari di Kei Kecil harusnya cukup untuk menjelajahi semua tempat wisatanya. Kemarin ini, gue ga kesampean foto yang bagus di Goa Hawang, karena pas kesana, hari sudah sore. Mungkin ini pertanda suatu saat bakal balik kesana lagi.

Menurut tour guide kami, Tante Yuta, Kei Besar juga bagus. Daerahnya lebih subur dan agamanya lebih beragam. Jadi the next time gue ke Pulau Kei, mungkin akan sekalian kesana juga. Ayo, squad, pada ke Pulau Kei, dijamin engga akan nyesel. Karena kayak salah satu tantenya Om Novi bilang “Why go to other countries, when Indonesia is very beautiful?” “Come here, instead of Singapore, okay?”

Okay, tante. Siap!

Ekspresi sedih karena pas datang udah kesorean:( blur pula hahaha

Kedalaman airnya mencapai 2 meter. Unbelievable kan?

Bening banget airnya

Sunset ketika sedang Misa pembukaan perayaan 75th meninggalnya para misionaris

Be back soon, Kei Kecil. And taking my dad with me for the sake of better photos💓



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