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Spill Session no.1

#throwback to that one time we did fine dining (and possibly the only good picture we took)🍷

I've always been curious what 500k++ for 2 feels like, so he took me to a fancy restaurant for our 1st anniversary. And oh well, I can solely swear that we prefer casual dining. Sure it looks pretty good for pictures, and better for our egos. But food is $$$, everyone tries so hard to look fab glam, staying quiet and elegant, plus waiters staring at us the whole time, perhaps wondering if we are done with our meals and ready for dessert. Not to mention, 'adult' adults shoving looks at us like its improper for under 20s to dine in such fancy place.

However, we did complement the waiters who must've been trained on taking photos, because he knew how to hover from light to dark perfectly. And the decorations are so great, obviously way too great for us.

So, I don't get why a bunch of secondary students would hang out in such exclusive restaurants, except for a luxurious place to add location on instagram and take really fancy pics. But I guess experience is the best teacher, so there's no shame in acknowledging our unsuitable pockets and relationship stage to date in places such as this. We'll come back someday when we feel like it though xx

ps. Picture is taken in Wilshire, Senopati. A great place to take amazing photographs, and we regret not taking more pictures:(:( Food is goooooodddd🌟



Daily Journal, Photo Journal

#15 Pertama kali ngobrol sama Ci (kak) Anastasia Marcella itu pas Rapat Team Roses buat Weekend 10, di Gereja Trinitas, Cengkareng. Hari itu hari Valentine, kita abis main game keliling halaman gereja, dan kebetulan sama-sama lagi nunggu jemputan pulang. Dia duduk sebelah gua di bawahnya Gedung Eugenius de Mazenod, ngemper sambil nanya "Kamu mau masuk SMA mana?" Berhubung pertemanan baru sebatas admiring Ci Cello di Roses, gue pun menjawab polite "Sanur sih ci" 🚧 Ci Cello FIX ga inget kejadian ini, okay sip👍

Ternyata Ci Cello anak sanur juga, jadi dia dengan bangganya jawab "Seriusan? Gue anak Sanur loh" Something I would never forget, because Ci Cello end up jadi lulusan Sanur yang berhasil banget. Hukum UI, with boyfriend Arsitektur Unpar. Super goals💓 Dia juga jadi customer service gua perihal segala sesuatu yang menyangkut UI. Gue bahkan udah mulai nanya2-in Ci Cello tentang boleh apa engga izin daftar ulang telat jauh sebelum pengumuman keterima UI 👀 Makasih ya Ci Cello udah jadi my all time UI Survival Kit🌟

#16 Laurensia Juanti and I udah temenan lama. Sejauh yang gua inget sih dari Bible Camp, lalu lanjut Roses dan berbagai kegiatan gereja lainnya. Dari jadi peserta Bible Camp sampe akhirnya jadi Kakak Penjaga Tenda Bible Camp⛺ Di hari pertama gua masuk SMA, Laurensia Juanti-lah yang ngajarin gua naik busway (Transjakarta) pulang sekolah. Dari busway masih goyang dombret sampe sekarang mulus lurus, dari sering 'Evakuasi' sampe AC dingin udah kita jalanin bareng ya ju. ⚠ Note: Evakuasi - pindah busway di tengah jalan dengan cara mendekatkan pintu dua bus, supaya penumpang di bus yang rusak bisa melompat ke bus pengganti dengan mudah.

Banyak banget hal unbelievable dalam diri gua terjadi berkat Ms Laurensia Juanti Halim ini. Mulai dari BP OSIS attempt number 1, BP OSIS attempt number 2, sampe the best (and most tiring) struggle, Rastrophy 2015 dimana dia jadi Ketua Keamanan (read: security guard) dan gue jadi Ketua Perkap (among the things I'm really proud of, ever ever ever) For everything you make me go through, I am incredibly thankful.

#17 Lastly, Felicia Marcella, Field Commander PSUMB dan my Instagram feed instructor. Dialah yang menyadarkan gue kalo menggunakan Instasize di Instagram itu sifatnya TABOO. I still remember geng lo di Little Angels Choir, dan suara lo yang in such young age aja udah ultimate Alto. Dan our parents yang kalo kata Felis 'ngomongin kita, tauuu' di ME (read: Marriage Encounter) And inget ga sih lo pernah bilang "I don't mind pacaran sama cowo yang mukanya standard standard aja, orang gue juga begini" Something I LOLed at, tapi sebenarnya penuh kerendahan hati dan kesadaran diri, which gue admire dari lu secara diam diam (jangan bangga!)💩

Ada juga hari-hari dimana gue nangis meratapi tragisnya cerita HTS bertepuk sebelah tangan gue, dan lo beserta Darrell Lee (sebagai group 👊) line call gue sampe berjam-jam. L juga yang akhirnya nemenin w ketemuan sama titik titik walaupun L lelah sepulang latihan MB, dengan alasan "Mau fotoin lo berdua". Maafin kami akhirnya harus menutup Group 👊 atas alasan perasaan ya Felis. Kami super lucky jadi teman lo bcs lo yang pertama kali sadar salah satu dari Group 👊 memiliki perasaan terhadap yang lain HAHA😁 Gua akan setia jadi teman yang terus-terusan nawarin pasangan hidup buat lo, okay?

Kemarin kita akhirnya ketemuan lagi setelah udah lama ga naik busway bareng. Geng Busway pun akhirnya berganti transportasi jadi Geng Nebeng Yanly. Semoga Felis cepat lulus dari Sanur ya, Laurensia Juanti juga boleh keterima di jurusan Matematika yang sudah ia cita-citakan sejak lama, dan most importantly, Ci Cello harus banget married sama Yanly. Okay, sekian:)



Daily Journal

"For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne."

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm writing today live with my el-ow-vie-ee, Darrell Lee👋 (Writing; something he barely ever does)

Better late than never, so uhh HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2017, everyoneee:):) We are actually a bit late on making resolutions, but well, it's new year - fresh start.

I guess 2016 had been a great year for both Darrell and me. It was the first year for us together, and it actually went pretty great. Well, we had at least 100 almost break ups, not to mention 200 break up requests coming from moi. So thank God he said NO! to every single attempt ♥ HAHA we wouldn't even meet 1/12 if he hadn't been THAT stubborn.

This 2017, I hope nothing changes.

On second thought, maybe somethings should change, like we've got a lot of maturing to do hahaha. Darrell needs to reduce ice and I really really need to stop buying lipsticks, a s a p.

It's 4/365 so I guess we'll just make resolutions right here right now-


2. To give and not expect anything in return💦

3. To spread love, as well as having self love💓

So it's about being grateful, happy, giving, and love:) I hope it's not that hard.

And now, DARRELL should make a resolution too (or else I'm making one for him)

1. and may be the only 1


Well, that's it. He keeps saying that he is too busy to hit the gym in the present. But 50 Sit ups and 50 push ups each day should do. Right, Rel?😄 HAHA

Wishing everyone an amazing new year, with beautiful mornings☀ and peaceful nights🌙 For families to gather more and get closer. For friends to create wonderful memories. And for Indonesia to regain it's peace and unity👏

Cheers to twenty seventeen, cherish every moment and be happy🎉

ps. Those fireworks were taken in Pantai Indah Kapuk, where Darrell and I spent New Years Eve together. Stuck in traffic, we parked in the middle of the street and stood by the bridge to get a better view. 2nd new years eve together, we hilariously did great🔥



Daily Journal

Chestnuts frostedddddd on an open fireeee, Jack Frost nippinggg at your doooooorrrrrrrr

Merry Christmassssss to each and everyone of you🎄 Sending so much loveee from our family home xx

Over the past years, my family has been celebrating christmas by sending gifts and hosting Christmas Supper at 11pm, after Christmas Eve's Holy Mass. This year is no exception. We can definitely assure you that your name is somewhere on the presents under the tree. There is no doubt in that.

As we gather around the table, dinning and laughing at each other, I realized something. The Christmas-sy feeling we get during christmas can never be earned through gifts and festive decorations only. We get it through others instead. It is when we spread love and joy, and most importantly, forgive that we get to feel it the best way💛

I am very very thankful for my family, including Ama & Kungkung, and Kou kou Agek's family, plus Queenshell and of course the one and only Darrell Lee😄 Thank you for spending Christmas Eve with me, for being GUH-REAT companions. Thank you for being my family🎀 I love every single one of you and hope to share even more joy with you in days to come.

I'd definitely update some more tomorrow, as we hit the 25th. So until then, pleaseeeee have a merry merry christmasss onceeee moreeeee❤

Oh, and I almost forget,

Merry Christmas to my Polski family back in Marki and Wadowice. Mr Mac if you're reading this, please send my love to Monica and Max too, okay? Counting years before I visit you again, but until then MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSS, I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALLLLLL💙 And if by any chance Bartek is reading this, OH MY GOD, Merry merry merry christmasssss, have a blessed blessed one, okayy?

And if my Wadowice family reads this, I hope you have a great great Christmas day:) I don't know how to write in Polish but I miss you guys and hope to return soon.

Off to scroll on Instagram and then fall asleep now, goodnightttt xx

2nd Christmas together💓



Daily Journal

Mom, and my birthday cake, made by her:)

"Let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth." (1 John 3:18)

My mom, like all moms, usually speak in languages that are understood as "instructions and criticism". Being so close with mom, she can go from laughing at things together, to yelling at me within mere minutes. And I used to feel so burdened with all that: the demand to always be flawless (be perfect in attitude, at least). But nevertheless I love my mom so so much. My dad used to say that I will somewhat grow into my mom because we have similar personality. I look up to mom in many ways, even when I got really really angry at her, yet having no (acceptable) way of expressing it without getting angered back. It is totally fine, I guess.

My mom is the active kind. She owns a bakery, runs mathematic course, part of Team ME Indonesia, and still gets the chance to cook and take care of all three of us (dad, Vinka, and me). She got tired and cranky at times. But even when her words are incisive, we all know that she loves us. She loves us with her actions and in truth🌟

With that being elaborated, Happy Mother's Day Mama Yuyu❤ Thank you for loving us unconditionally for all 18 years of motherhood:)

So today (-yesterday, but its always today before I get to bed), is day minus three to Christmas. I got so so so much to tell you, but time's really limited. It's kinda sad to see that christmas ornaments are no longer as festive as years before. Indonesia is just not in the right phase and I really really hope that we get better soon.

I saw a video about flight attendants dancing to the song Silent Night and Jingle Bell Rock at Bandara Soekarno Hatta not long ago. That totally made my day:) Even if my Moslem friends do not celebrate christmas with us, can we at least celebrate happiness and kindness together? Just for the sake of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, please? I mean, we do celebrate Lebaran day with you. We listen to your music in malls and participate in the long line to buy groceries days before Lebaran holiday. I really really hope we get our unity in diversity back as soon as possible💛

Sending sooooo much love to everyone reading this post. Christmas is in 3 days guys, let's spread love to people as much as possible, agree? Talk sooonnnn xx

ps. This photos are taken on my sweet 17th birthday dinner by my photographer cousin, Ko Verby. Contact him on Instagram: @chroma.id :)

Popo, my grandmother who has 11 children and is the biggest role mother to my mom and I. Selamat hari ibu, Po❤

Mom and her squad + Mami Kiangse. They are few of the strongest mothers on earth:)

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." - Abraham Lincoln



Daily Journal

"All is calm, all is bright"

The last few days has been a tough ride guys😔

Marketing on Tuesday, Social Statistics on Wednesday, and Politics on Friday. Exams coming up include: English, Communication, and Sociology👊 Got a half way to go AND I KNOW WE CAN DO IT YAZZZ💪

So, I ordered christmas lights last sunday. I remember getting warm white, but somehow the lights I received are a bit yellow:( A little dissapointed at first, but I guess we can totally save the warm white idea for next christmas:):) We really enjoyed decorating the christmas tree and the stairs last Monday. I am so thankful that my family and I still got the chance to just gather and rock around the christmas tree like every other year. My best best bessttttt friend (and future maid of honor, finger crossed) Queenshell Lovevinca was also there to help us out. She's been my NUMBER1 since forever and it was fun to just have her join us, buzzing all this christmas vibes around the house🎄

The theme we are opting for this year is gold and white. My sister insisted that we use brand new ornaments because she loveeessss those seen in her favorite youtuber's videos HAHA We totally have no problem with that, and voila our christmas tree looked sooooo i don't know, twinkly? It's so pretty, with warm lights (although the santa hat doesn't look like it fits in😭, still haven't got the chance to purhcase a new star🌟) Queenshell and I decorated the stairs afterwards, and it makes our way back to our room-bed- twice as fun🌙

Anyways, gotta have my hands full of wrapping presents and l e a r n i n g overnight for the exams, but for every reason, I am thankkkkkkfffffuuuuullllllllll❤ See you aroundddd xx



Daily Journal, Photo Journal


Some people might dislike sticking around their parents on Sunday. For me, it is a greatttt joy. I like being able to NOT pay for anything:):) Sunday is always church day. I don't mind going to church either. My parents taught me real well. No church on sunday, absolutely now way❌

We went to Taman Anggrek Mall right after church. Super loovvveeeeeee the decorations, like s e r i o u s l y

Here are the sneak peeks

If there is one thing I thank everyday, is for my family❤ Mom, Dad and Vinka. And if there is one thing in common beside LOVING durian, is that we are all a sucker for Christmas HAHA. My dad would turn on christmas music as soon as we hit SeptemBER. My mom doesn't usually shop much when it comes to home decoration, but christ-massssss, the only exceptionnnnn🎄 Just look at her, she bought me this barely-useful "Merry Christmas" hanger. Oh, and another thing- We adoreeee Scoop. We bought 3/4 of the christmas presents in Scoop (obviously)

Oh, and the best part about yesterday- We get to see the "Snow"⛄ I know I'm such a baby, being so childlike. Spending the day with family instead of going to #dwp2016 😲 But again, I always believe that real happiness comes out of love<3 It's not that I don't like EDM music or being gaulzzz, I just choose to find happiness in more simple things. And no, this is are not words of reassurance. I do admire my friends who get to spend their weekend having fun, wearing tanks and shorts in DWP. Hope to go in 2017 too hahahaa:):)

Spent Sunday strolling around christmas decorations in Mall Taman Anggrek with my little sister, and I won't trade it for anything xx

ps. Dad is sadly not in the picture, because he wasn't feeling so well:( He waited in the car while the three of us were busy taking photos and experiencing the fake-snow HAHA Hopefully he'll be in the next pictures with us💙 Thank you and love you always pa:)



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