Det finns så många bil chaufförer servicing nuförtiden och inte alla är skapade lika. Om du planerar att boka en limousine för alla tillfällen, att välja ett fordon är inte den enda som du bör överväga. Som kund bör du hoppas på en enastående service och har något att säga i rätt chauffören också. Från att vara pick-up till säkert anländer till slutdestinationen, lista Tokyo MK Taxi några saker som skiljer en bra chaufför från resten av publiken.

Utmärkt kundservice

Ha en mycket professionell chaufför är nödvändigt att förse dig med en bra limo upplevelse. En bra chaufför har effektiva kommunikationsförmåga, förutser passagerarens behov och kan ge sina passagerare med utmärkt kundservice. De bör vara omtänksam, trevlig, artig och veta när att prata med passagerarna och när att låta dem åka i fred. Exempelvis en tankeväckande chaufför kommer att öppna dörrar, ta hand bagage, har paraplyer och vävnader om passagerare behöver dem och erbjuder information om sevärdheter, om det är något du vill veta om.

En positiv attityd och förmågan att vara lugn

Att ha en positiv inställning är allt. En bra chaufför har en positiv syn på livet och på hans jobb. Han ska vara stolt över som serverar sin klient och villig för att gå den extra milen för att göra sin passagerare nöjda och glada. Även i tider av stress vet en utmärkt chaufför hur man hanterar situationen lugnt och göra det bättre.

Utseende och Skönhetssalonger

Chaufför service vanligen anlitade för formell eller speciella tillfällen, av denna anledning bör de vara professionellt klädd eller i en klassisk mörk kostym, vit skjorta och slips. När chaufförer presenterar sig gör professionellt klädd och välvårdade, det alla skillnaden och bestående intryck till kunder som kräver service av bästa kvalitet.

Mekaniska färdigheter i nivå

Det är nödvändigt att din chaufförer är väl-kunniga i mekaniska problem också. På så sätt kan små frågor om bilen fixas snabbt utan att kompromissa din avtalade tider eller schema. Även om du inte kan förvänta dig en chaufför att utföra komplexa mekaniska arbete och åtgärda ett antal problem, bör föraren har åtminstone grundläggande kunskaper om fastställande bilar och när säkerhetskopian behövs.

En av sakerna så att du får en oförglömlig upplevelse är att säkerställa att du rider rätt lyxbilen tillsammans med en kvalificerad chaufför med egenskaper som nämns ovan. Tokyo MK Taxi funktioner Lexus grupp entusiaster med bil ingår i sin fordonsflotta är Lexus LS600hL och Lexus LS460 som är perfekt för koncerngemensamma funktioner och flygplats-city transfer. Tokyo MK Taxi, kommer med sin mångåriga i chaufför service branschen, se till att din transport planer är så stressfri, smidig och pålitlig som möjligt.

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The internet love cheats after your cash: How to protect yourself as fraudsters target dating sites to steal money and IDs

Love hurts, so the song goes, but it can also wreck your finances if the object of your affection proves to be a fake.

Organised gangs of scammers, using both humans and robots, are ruthlessly targeting people through online dating services to steal money and identities.

As the number of victims rises, follow our guide to fend off internet love cheats.

Romantics are preparing for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday but Cupid’s arrow has a costly outcome for an increasing number of single people searching for a soulmate.

The booming £12billion online dating market is proving rich fodder for fraudsters who regularly trawl websites to hoodwink thousands of victims out of millions of pounds every year.

A dating fraud campaign launched today aims to stamp out these ‘romance scams’ – where dates turn out to be nothing more than fraudsters who destroy people’s lives both financially and emotionally.

The crime cost victims a collective £39million last year, a rise of nearly 50 per cent since 2015.

Police figures show that 3,900 people reported being duped into parting with an average £10,000 last year through dating websites, with two thirds of victim’s women and one in four in their 50s. The average time it takes for someone to start sending money to a fraudster is 30 days.

The ‘date safe’ campaign is a collaboration between the charity Victim Support, advice website Get Safe Online, Age UK, City of London Police and Metropolitan Police, working with trade body the Online Dating Association.

A spokesman for the City of London Police warns: ‘The numbers we see are just the tip of the iceberg as people often do not report cases because they feel stupid for being deceived.’

People often do not report cases because they feel stupid for being deceived

The campaign hopes to prevent the heartache and financial loss suffered by people such as David, who told The Mail on Sunday about being defrauded of his life savings in a dating scam.

The warehouse worker is still piecing his life and finances back together three years on.

David, 58, turned to online dating after the break-up of a long-term relationship. He says: ‘I tried to meet someone the conventional way by going out with friends, but got nowhere so I tried a dating website.’

He soon stumbled across the profile of a woman called ‘Kerry’, who resembled someone he had known years before, who had moved to Canada. They began chatting online, but it was not long before she suggested they move their communications off the website.

A scammer’s classic ploy is to lure their target away from the relative safety of the dating website. David says: ‘We started emailing each other instead. The relationship made me happy.’

About four months later Kerry, who claimed to be 45, began to request money, initially for an air fare from Ghana, where she said she lived. David says: ‘I agreed and sent money through the MoneyGram service at a post office.’

Have you lost your heart – and money – to an online trickster? Tell us in confidence. Email

The use of a money transfer service is another crafty ruse, as payees cannot be easily traced.

David became suspicious as the requests for cash increased. But so sophisticated was the scam that Kerry produced a plane ticket, visa and other paperwork that all appeared genuine.

He even called the immigration number on her documents. Unfortunately, it was an accomplice at the end of the phone. In total, David sent Kerry £15,000.

He says: ‘I got into debt, but she said she would pay me back.’

When Kerry said she could not get the flight to visit him without yet another payment to ‘immigration’, David finally sought advice and learnt he had been scammed. He had been targeted in a wider £7million fraud.

Devastated, he turned to Victim Support to help him get back on his feet emotionally, and to debt charity StepChange to sort out his debts.

He says: ‘I was encouraged to take up a hobby and have been ballroom dancing several nights a week. It has been great as therapy and for making friends.

‘I’ve only just started to be able to trust people again. It would be nice to have romance, but I will never go near another dating website.’

He said he was a US soldier who needed to get out of the army

Another victim who is also wary of the internet and has not used social media since she was scammed is ‘Julie’ – not her real name.

Three years ago, Julie signed up to a dating website and fell for a ‘tall, dark and very handsome man in uniform’. He claimed to be a widower in his late-40s with a teenage daughter.

Julie, then 47, believed he was from the American Midwest, a career soldier and an animal-lover who was fond of travel and looking for a long-term relationship.

He told her he needed to buy himself out of the army and asked for thousands of pounds. Julie paid £5,000 in total.

It was only when her sister became suspicious that she got in contact with the American Embassy to check his credentials. Her sister told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Within 24 hours they confirmed he didn’t exist. And the mobile number he’d given her was tracked to Africa. She called it to confront him but he hung up. The number was no longer in service when she tried again.’

Analysis suggests that most victims of relationship fraud are men and women in their 40s and 50s

Julie, like most victims, feels ‘angry, stupid, duped and impotent’.

Behind the scenes, dating websites try to prevent these nightmares by weeding out scammers. Matt Connolly, founder of MyLovelyParent, aimed at older divorced or widowed customers, says it checks the IP or Internet Protocol address that pinpoints the location of computers.

He says: ‘If someone says they are in the UK, but the IP address is Nigeria, then that rings alarm bells and we can delete a profile.

‘None of the profiles go up on the website until they have been approved by humans.’

Dan Winchester works for Scamalytics, a software company that helps protect many dating websites and their customers.

He says: ‘We help websites share intelligence, so if a scammer targets someone on one website this will be flagged up to others.’

Know the tell-tale signs: How to spot an internet dating fraudster

Classic signals that a fraudster is at work include the use of fake photos, culled from other websites, or overly elaborate language on their profile.

Winchester says: ‘Sometimes they use the same photos, but with different profiles, which is another red flag.’

Many romance scams are even carried out by ‘bots’ – whose questions and responses are automated using artificial intelligence software. Their aim can be as simple as to persuade a customer to switch to another ‘better’ website and take out a new subscription.

This can be either a legitimate website that pays commission for new leads or a fake website gathering the cash for itself.

Although people of all ages and genders are potential targets, analysis suggests that most victims of relationship fraud are men and women in their 40s and 50s.

Winchester says scammers typically use photos of classically attractive women, often blue-eyed brunettes aged about 30, which are lifted from glamour websites, to reel in 50-something males.

Female victims are usually hooked with profiles of middle-aged men. They are often of average appearance, wearing shirts with button down collars, and who claim to have solid jobs in the likes of medicine, the military or engineering.

It is often this appearance of normality that lures victims in. Neil Masters, national fraud and cybercrime lead at Victim Support, says: ‘We want to encourage anyone who may have been affected to seek help. People should not feel ashamed or embarrassed if they have been tricked this way.’



New York and London, June 27, 2016 – BGCPartners, Inc. (NASDAQ:  BGCP) (“BGCPartners,” “BGC” or “the Company”), a leading global brokerage companyservicing the financial and real estate markets, today announced that one ofthe leading brokers in the Scandinavian markets Ann Kristina Olsson, known as“Ina”, will be appointed to lead BGC Partners’ Scandinavian swaps and bondsbroking team, pending legal requirements.

Ina will be based in Nyon,Switzerland and will report to Jean-Pierre Aubin, Executive Managing Director,Global Head of Listed Products and General Manager of Continental Europe.

In this role, Ina will beresponsible for managing BGC’s existing Scandinavian swaps and bonds business,as well as for advancing BGC’s strategic expansion into the Scandinavianmarkets. As an advocate of hybrid broking, Ina will make the most of BGC’smarket-leading approach to technology in order to deliver innovation toclients.

Ina formerly served as Head ofScandinavian Products for Gottex Brokers from 2010 to 2016 and previouslyworked at ICAP in London.

Shaun D. Lynn, President of BGC, said: “BGC Partners is a companywhere talent and technology go hand in hand to help us deliver the bestpossible service to our clients. Bringing the best people into the business iscritical to our future, and I’m confident that Ina will be a valuable additionto the team.”

Jean-Pierre Aubin said: “Over the past few years, BGC has strengthenedour position across all markets by recruiting the most talented people, andIna’s addition to the Company fits squarely within this approach.  She’s bright, focused and her experiencegives her a unique perspective, which will enable us to further provide addedvalue to our clients.”

Anthony Warner, General Manager of BGC Partners, London said “Inajoins BGC with an impressive track record in markets that are extremelyimportant across the entire Scandinavian product suite. We are delighted thatIna has chosen to join BGC Partners. Her addition to the team will advance ourambitious plans to further grow our hybrid business in this important regionfor BGC.”

Press Contact:

Sarah Lukashok


Investor Relations Contacts:

Jason McGruder


Jason Chryssicas

(212) 915-1987

About BGC Partners, Inc.

BGC Partners is a leading globalbrokerage company servicing the financial and real estate markets. Throughbrands including BGC, GFI, and RP Martin, the Company’s Financial Servicessegment brokers a broad range of products, including fixed income (rates andcredit), foreign exchange, equities, energy, commodities, and futures. BGCprovides a wide variety of services, including trade execution, broker-dealerservices, clearing, processing, information, and other back-office services toa broad range of financial and non-financial institutions. Through brandsincluding FENICS, BGC Trader, BGC Market Data, Capitalab and Swaptioniser, BGCoffers fully electronic brokerage, financial technology solutions, market data,analytics, and post-trade services related to numerous financial instrumentsand markets.  Through Real EstateServices brands including Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, the Company provides alarge assortment of commercial real estate services, including leasing andcorporate advisory, investment sales, real estate finance, consulting, projectmanagement, property management, and facilities management.

BGC’s customers include many of theworld’s largest banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, trading firms, hedgefunds, governments, corporations, property owners, real estate developers, andinvestment firms. BGC’s common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Marketunder the ticker symbol (NASDAQ: BGCP). BGC also has an outstanding bond issuance of Senior Notes due June 15,2042, which trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol (NYSE:BGCA).  BGC Partners is led by Chairmanand Chief Executive Officer Howard W. Lutnick. For more information, pleasevisit

BGC, BGC Trader, GFI, FENICS,FENICS.COM, RP Martin, Capitalab, Swaptioniser, Newmark, Grubb & Ellis, andGrubb are trademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks of BGCPartners, Inc. and/or its affiliates. Knight Frank is a service mark of Knight Frank (Nominees) Limited.



House ofRepresentatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R – Texas) hasdisclosed that, under his leadership, the Committee will immediately draft USinternational tax reform legislation, while laying the framework for morecomprehensive tax reform in 2017.

On February 12, 2016,Mr. Brady delivered the keynote address at the Tax Council Policy Institute's17th Annual Tax Policy & Practice Symposium, and confirmed that, "inthe months ahead and beyond, the Ways and Means Committee will be the center ofthe tax reform discussion and debate. … The code we have is too costly, complexand unfair. It is abundantly clear that now is the time to overhaul our taxsystem from top to bottom".

Chairman Brady’sproposed changes include:

• Making the tax codesimpler, fairer, and flatter

• Replacing thecurrent world-wide tax system with a permanent, modern territorial-type system

• Closing loopholes,eliminating special rules and limiting deductions, exclusions and credits

• Providing businessesboth large and small with a competitive tax system, including a fair andcompetitive tax rate

• Encouragingbusinesses to locate their operations in the United States rather thanincentivizing (effectively) the shift of jobs overseas

Mr. Brady confirmedthat the Committee will move forward immediately to draft internationaltax reform legislation – "as we plan for that finish line in2017, developments in the global environment demand our immediateattention."



Socialresponsibility represents an important commitment for MossackFonseca and our affiliates. It is also a daily reminder about ourresponsibility towards society.


Everyyear we donate to various organizations that share our values and in so doing,we stretch out Mossack Fonseca’s helping hand. Through our CorporateSocial Responsibility Program, we actively and voluntarily contribute tothe positive development of human beings, especially those in dire need.


Learnabout our work and share in our cause. The lens of the camera captures a fairimage of what we do, but the impact of our work goes far beyond. Stretching outa helping hand and coming together to enhance the lives of other people is whatmotivates us to do more.


MossackFonseca is committed to helping communities, which is why our legal expertshave provided legal assistance to many organizations, including:

·        RotaryClub of Boquete (Panama)

·        TheBritish Aid Society

·        AeroClub of Panama

·        KennelClub Foundation

·        FundacionConfederation Canofila Panama

·        TheWorld Bank




MossackFonseca has a strong commitment to foster change where it is needed most. It isa way to remind ourselves daily about the responsibility we have towardssociety.


PIERO Rafael Martinez de la Hoz FOUNDATION


Thisorganization provides emotional support to people and families who have lostloved ones through caregiving and educational programs. The Foundation seeks tocreate consciousness about the internal processes that take place, but are notalways properly channeled, when people endure loss.


Itsmain purpose is to offer companionship, educate the community by disseminatinginformation on how to confront grief, and offer training to differentprofessionals to help them manage bereavement.




TheTOMATIS method owes its name to Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis, a French physician andresearcher born in 1920. He was also a psychologist, speech languagepathologist and a member of the French Academy of Sciences.


Forhim, listening was not the same as hearing because listening is affected bymotivation and functional elements that depend on the will of the individual.Listening is far more than the passive act of registering sounds randomly.


InPanama, the Tomatis Therapy and Stimulation Foundation (FUNDET-TOMATIS) offersa wide range of programs for children and adults. The donations they receiveenable them to offer free speech scholarships for Panamanian children who wouldnot otherwise receive the timely and necessary help they require.




FundaciónArte en el Parque is the first foundation from the city of Penonomé to promoteartistic and cultural values in the province of Coclé and to create spaces andactivities that also have an impact on cultural tourism. The VII Art in thePark Festival will serve as a forum for art in general and offer provincialartists an opportunity to make their talent known and present their works,thereby motivating emerging artists who also wish to participate. TheFoundation is currently offering local Fine Arts scholarships and also conductsseminars and courses for the social and humanistic/liberal arts formation ofartists and the general public.




MossackFonseca is pleased to cooperate with the work carried out by Fundación San Joselocated in the Anton Valley, which responds to the basic needs of the localchurch and the neediest in the region, especially children. The projects beingdeveloped are focused primarily on social interest issues, education, healthand cultural activities for children.


Foundationbenefits include a library open to the public with more than 5000 volumes ondiverse themes, as well as 30 computers with Internet access and open spacesfor children and adolescents. The Foundation has also opened a Pastoral HealthHome for the elderly which has its own grove to help feed them.




Fromits inception, the Foundation’s mission has been to support individuals withautism. It also offers guidance to the public and to the families of those withthis condition because if these individuals receive special care from an earlyage, they are capable of becoming a part of society.


Recentstatistics show that 1 in every 88 children is affected by this condition andthat 1 in every 54 is a boy. More than 50,000 people are stricken by autism inPanama, which is an alarming number for our society.




ThePanamanian Institute for Family Education is an organization accredited by theMinistry of Education which seeks to enrich the quality of life of the family,through meeting and dialogue spaces that encourage the exchange of knowledgeand ideas. This organization seeks to provide each member of the family withthe tools that will help them strengthen their relationships and develop theirlife projects.


LastJune, the IPEF conducted the conference "Challenges of the XXI CenturyFamily" and presented topics such as: Keys to Preventing Failure in theEducational Project and How to Strengthen the Self-Esteem and Identity of ourChildren.



On October29, 2015, the Swiss State Secretariat for International Financial Mattersannounced that the doubletaxation agreement (DTA) with respect to taxes on income and capitalbetween Switzerland and Argentina will enter into force on November 27, 2015.It replaces the agreement of 1997 and is in line with the current internationalstandard on the exchange of information.

The purposeof the new agreement is the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxeson income and on capital, particularly those on dividends, interest and royaltypayments. It adopts the majority of the provisions of the former agreement andcomplies with the current international standard on the exchange of informationupon request. The new agreement will be applicable from January 1, 2016, withthe exception of taxes withheld at source, for which relief will already beapplied in 2015 according to the agreement.

The newagreement sets the maximum withholding tax rate for dividends at 15 percent,and provides for a ten percent rate where the beneficial owner is a company thatholds directly at least 25 percent of the capital of the company paying thedividends. The withholding tax rate for interest payments is capped at 12percent. The maximum withholding tax rate for royalties is 15 percent, withreduced rates of ten, five, and three percent applicable in certaincircumstances.

Who isMossack Fonseca?