​Hi guys,

I am looking for Bubbly Charistic people... WHY?... Because, There is an Instagram Acount for OUR new BUSINESS. The Business will include (photography, videos, art, music, food & products to sell) 

I WILL need at least 7 NEW people to get the Account running, JOBS availble -

Marketing   Social media marketing, internet marketing

- Customer Service – Resolving customer complaints, handling issues, giving information on product and service inquiries

-Market Research – Target market research , demographics, scoping out the competition, trends in your industry

-Administrative Tasks – Making phone calls to customers, scheduling appointments, managing your calendar

-Email Management – Checking your email, managing your inbox, sorting email

so if your and intrested please send your cover letter or resume over or if you have further questions please email 




Question 1: what is my biggest regret?

Answer 1: umm i don't really have any regret of my life, my biggest regret would probley be acting like someone who i wasn't when i went to my new school and now i can't be like myself becuase everyone is like stop being stupid or something - that's why YOU should just be yourself

Question 2: If you could fix or alter this world and it's society,  what would you do?

Answer 2: i would change all the sterotyping ecspecially how if someone cuts they automatically get named emo or goth 



​Hi guys i'm going to let everyone comment a truth or dare i have to do and answer this will go for a week 

8/10/16 - 15/10/16 

i will post all my dares over youtbe which is linked below and i'll answer all my truth's truthfully in a post on 20/10/16


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Have you ever tried

Instagram counselling?

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I have had a crush for so long now probley 3-4 mnths, i recently spoke to him on snapchat and let's be real now whenn your a teenage girl and your crazy about one person and you finally talk to them them your all over it smiling at your phone, rushing into things, typing faster, making a million more mistakes. Well i did just that i was hopeless at getting into my crush even more, i rushed into things after 20-25 messages he isn;t talking too me. Just a view tips to those who is teenagers and are thinking about talking too their crushes, defintly DO NOT  make the same mistake i did rush into things, reply every minute so quickly to their messages, ask questions every second, tell them exactly how you feel :). I think i came across annoying,weird and just a person you want them to go away asap.

I would like to help you with any questions and i would like to give you the answers to just please message me on snapchat or nouw or just comment. 


Don't got time to research and find the best answer to your most wanted question please drop it below and i'll be more happily to research it for you... for now goodbye :)




38 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples




​Just for those people who thinks self-harming is a joke it actually isn't, people kill them selfs because people laugh, judge , humilate and say they are attention seekers. So before you go and make those judgements again rember this story 

your older sister or somone who is super close has a smile pasted on there face everytime you see them, they make a post on social media explaining they  done with life and theirs nothing stopping her to end it, you're scared and wanting to hear what they have to say and you wanna help them your mum or someone says there down by the park you see them and run over you see pills in there hands and you say please tell me whats going on they try too tell you but then 4 girls walk over and start laughing at your close friend one older person grabs you as the others take your close friend away the other person lets you go you run over to your close friend and see all the pills gone you say there name 5 times they dont respond you imediattly realize what they'd done a few weeks after still everyone is emotionally trumitised and they blame you.