We created a poster for Andrew Barton's Shiny Happy Hair launch. We did this by using indesign these are the notes I made to create the poster:

Creating a box for solid colour/text/ picture
- to colour use swatches
-click off facing pages
-use black arrow to move everything around
- (box with the X) only for pictures
-(box) text
- bleeding- going off the edge of the page

Importing text and pictures:
CMD- import text/image
CMD Z - undo
CMD- C- copy V- paste - A- select all
CLT Click- Options come up
CMD O W - see all the page before print

Changing colours/types styles and sizes moving picture boxes:
CMD -shift key drag -Keep fingers down and click on image
window- text wrap
change the numbers

I liked creating this poster as it was easy and simple to do and the notes above will help me on future to create another poster 😊



Social media such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter are massive social media platforms; all of which are interwoven into our every day lives. Social media gives us an insight into the lives of celebrities; high profile celebrities such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. They all get paid to market certain brands such as Puma, Calvin Klein and Balmain. This is done to promote brands to the public without paying massive amounts of money to the celebrities. This means that the celebrities can wear a certain brand and post a picture to Instagram Facebook or Twitter and get paid to promote it as they know millions of people will see the post and buy the brand as well.

Influences on women's fashion:

Celebrities- 48%

Best friend -31%

Street style- 13%

TV Programs- 11%

Bloggers- 6%

Fashion changes every year/season; events like London fashion week are events which are watched world wide via social media, so the world can get a look at the latest fashion trend. Fashion designers utilise social media to keep their designs public and get fashion trends viral.

The positives of social media is that you can get a wider range of consumers purchasing goods/ services via social media. This can make a company/ person have a greater following if more people are consuming their products/ celebrities teaming up with the products to make it bigger and bigger. However, the negatives of social media is that people can leave nasty comments on it and some opinions can ruin companies which can lead to the company ending up bankrupt.



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