I haven't been clubbing in a while , so myself and my flat mates took the opportunity this weekend to go out clubbing in Oceania . We all had a really good night !! however I think that maybe in the future I should cut down on how much I pre-drink before I go out ! lets just say I wasn't the most stable thing and had to link poor Altay's arm for the whole journey !

We got some pretty good photos throughout the night , I actually managed to get into a photo where I didn't look half dead ! We pretty much spent most of the night in the Photo booth as usual aha . We all managed to stay at the club to atleast half 2 in the morning , where as Olly and his mates ended up coming back at half six in the morning !



Where are you currently living ?

I am currently living in Southampton , about 5 minutes away from the docks . Myself and my flat mates live in a private halls of residence names Liberty Quays .

How are you finding university life ?

I love it ! It's a life time experience and one big adventure ! I adore my flat mates and all the people on my course , they make everyday a treat , the city of course has it pros , the shopping life is the best and the general activity s that you can do . I have to say that I'm finding it hard to keep up with the clubbing it does tire me out a bit aha

Who are you best friends at Uni ?

I would have to say that so far my best buds at uni and probably Charlie and Altay. They are both complete sweet hearts , who are both very caring and kind people ! Charlie is on my course which is really Awsome , and myself and Altay both share the same passion for fitness so we try to go gym about 4-5 times a week

Do you find it hard living away from home ?

Yes and no ? Sometimes I feel a little home sick , but I'm always reminded that I'm only a 45 minute train ride away from home , so if ever I want to go back all I have to do is pop straight onto the train . I have to admit that sometimes I do forget to talk to my friends and family :/ as I'm always really busy with my friends . But they know that I love them all and that I do miss them

What do you and your flat mates do for
Fun ?

It varies ? Charlie and I due to our love of photography tend to go out and take some photos of Southampton , at the moment it's Autumn so the Colors that you can capture in the parks are beautiful . Myself and altay tend to go to the gym . And then most nights me altay and Olly have movies nights

What has been the most memorable part of uni so far ?

Probably freshers week ! It was such a great two weeks to get to know everyone , I would say that the freshers week really helped everyone open up to one another , allowing us to all become friends really easily

What scares you about uni ?

Probably knowing that very shortly we will be starting exams !! I struggle quite a lot with exams so it makes me a little nervous knowing we only have a month till we start them



So tonight me , Olly and altay decided to take a trip to the cinema to go watch the new marvel film Doctor Strange ! I would rate the film and 8/10 , it was well edited and it cgi effects were top standard . The film lasted about 2 hours and was well worth it ! Would defiantly recommend it to see with your friends .



I haven't actually written in a while , I have mainly been posting photos without actually explaining the story behind them so naturally I thought to start writing a bit more with my posts . I feel as though not everything I say is that interesting , but with my photos I always make sure that they are perfect.

So yes ! I'm back in Southampton after a week of being home with the family and friends . I have missed everyone so much so this week was needed as it was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone ... And of course see Ryan ;) not much went on , we went out for dinner a few times , but mainly just sat at home cuddling with Ryan , and spending some time with my mum and sister . I cannot wait to be reunited with them at Christmas !