​This post is for all tall people (like me) that find it really hard to find clothes in the right size for you in stores. I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm 185 cm tall. I live in Sweden and I can almost never find jeans that are tall enough for me. If you have a look in the men's section the jeans are often taller and I don't get why. Is it because guys are taller than girls? Because that is just discriminating. Same thing with shoes. I can never find shoes that are big enough for my feet. But in the men's section the sizes are much bigger. Like I wnat to be able to wear heels some time like for prom but I can't because they're way too small for me. 

Women are supposed to be smaller and men are supposed to be bigger and taller. That's at least how most clothes are designed.

That was all for me for now, I hope I've proved my point <3