"Lets find some beautiful places and get lost!"'

Supp guys, it was my birthday 2 days ago!!! I had the best day everrrrrr. Starting of my day i woke up to the most beautiful sunrise across the beach like how can you ask for anything better than that?! I went ahead and started off the day by going for a run by the beach to get my energy up and then came home to the best breakfast brunch ever! All my favourite fruits and foods were there, after eating so much off the delicious breakfast i could barely stand up because of all the food i ate, like damn that was probably the best meal i ever had tbh. Hold on! i almost forgot to tell you that i have arrived in Boracay! this place has been said to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and trust me when I say that its not a lie. This was a birthday gift to me since my parents let me pick whatever place or island we would travel to next.

After doing some crazy stuff like water skiing, diving, cliff jumping etc. we ended our day with me getting to pick a fancy restaurant by the beach where we watched the sun set while eating our délicieux dinner. This was on of the best day from the whole trip to the Philippines, I mean Having a birthday dinner by the beach while the sun sets with your family, a band playing increadable music specifically for you in the background, come on what more could you ask for.

This night was the best feeling ever. You know the feeling you get when everything just hits you, you realise that you are actually living and suddenly appreciate life and all these memories from your life just comes back and you almost start crying (not because you're sad) and you're like fuck everything, fuck the haters imma do my thing, I'll be myself and live and enjoy my life. Yes? No? well you who understands i love you, you're the best!

One thing i noticed with the Philippines is that everyone here is so kind, they all care about each other which is something i admire so much. Where i live all the people here are so i cant really seem to find the word but careless? dull? I mean no one says hi to each other when passing bye, they don't even seem to take the slightest time and smile, this is what i hate the most about where i live, everyone only seems to care about themselves.

After spending my birthday in Boracay we took a plane to Cebu and spent a couple of days there, we were in a place called Oslob where we rented a motorbike which we took to a magical waterfall. This waterfall was beautiful, we took a bunch of pictures and enjoyed our time. After the waterfall our parents decided to take us to go scuba diving! I was sooo excited. This was amazing, seeing all the whales and fishes in the water, it was so special and fun experiencing life underwater, it almost felt like i was part of the sea, i know weird right?!

DOMAGUETE! This place is basically the Maldives of the Philippines, it's INCREADABLE, I definitly recommend this place if you are looking for a place to be alone with someone you love, honeymoon maybe? If I was staying here for my honeymoon I sure would be happy and trust me you would too (take notes boys!). Here in Doumaguete honestly there's not that much to do, this place is mostly for those who want to rest and have a quiet time, the best part of this place is the bungalows (tiny cottage huts) that are in the water pretty cool right?! it's fun waking up and just looking at the clear bright blue water in front of you. If you're looking for that cool tropical and dreamy drone shot then this is definitely place for you.

Right now I'm on a plane on the way to another mysterious island somewhere in the Philippines which you will find out in the next post so stay tuneddd👍♡

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" And then i realised Adventures are the best way to learn"

The feeling of travel Adrenaline, I had this feeling throughout this whole adventure and i loved it.

Have you ever done something soooo crazy like gone on a super scary roller coaster that the feeling of adrenaline just rushed through you, well that times 10000 is how i felt here.

In the past week or so after travelling around palawan we then took a plane and boat to Siargao Island. This place was beautiful, the clear turquoise water and white sand beaches just alone made me speechless, why couldn't Sweden be at least a little like this. While i was at Siargao the thing i was most excited about was going SURFING at cloud 9! i had never go surfing in my life and thought this would be an amazing experience, and it was!! I did fall a couple of times but ehh that's what life is about remember the quote "fall seven times, stand up eight" and trust me it will give you more confidence and make you never want to quit everrrrr.

After spending some time in Siargao we travelled to Bohol!! This was such an adventure and was probabaly one of my favourite part of this trip. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm an adventurous person, I love finding new places and doing crazy things I have never done before, I like thinking in the way that you only have one life and never take it for granted, you never know when it will end, live in each and every single one of the moments and keep making memories.

In Bohol we first went to look at the chocolate hills, and believe me they really do look like their names. The stairs to go up was sooooo tiring, i was almsot dead by the time i was up, and as much as i thought my day couldn't get worse I fkn dropped chocolate ice cream alllll over my white clothes, and of course i HAD to wear white that day, ugghhh anyways what we did afterwards did make up for what happened so thats good.

After the chocolate hills we were headed to go see one of the smallest monkey in the world, the Tarsier until we midway stopped and found a Zip lining place, I of course begged my parents and eventually got to experience it. Going zip lining is such an increadable experience it and definitely recommend this to all you adventurous peeps out there. What was cool was that there was the normal type of zip line where we just hang and there was another one where we sit on bikes and zip line across from one mountain to another and of course me being me I went with the one that looks the most scary, The bicycle one :)

After spending a few days just chilling by the beach we decided we wanted to do another island hopping, so the next morning we woke up at 5:30 am and booked a small island hopping trip and OMG OMG OMG you eouldnt know what we saw on the way, wait for it......... we saw DOLPHINS omggg you dont know how much i love them, they are probably one of my fave animals in the world and i kid you not i started crying hahaha you now basically know my big love for dolphins.

After coming home from the island hopping i decided to go for a small walk by the beach alone and just think and take in that this whole trip was actually happening. While walking I actually met a boy named Emilio around my age or a year older who was also here with his family from Spain, we actually ended up getting quite along. I then went and introduced him to my older brother which was his age and we all decided to meet up later that night to go for a hike to the top of a mountain where we would just chill and watch the sunset.

After meeting Emilio we spent almost every single day of our time with him doing the craziest stuff from jumping of cliffs to pranking our families constantly until they basically hated us heheheh.

Right now its around 9:30 pm here in Boracay, it was hard saying our goodbyes to both Bohol and to Emilio but we sure did promise to keep in touch in the future.

PS, its soon my Birthday, (hint for next post.)




"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" - St. Augustine

Travelling is my passion, My whole life the biggest goal i wanted to achieve was to travel the world, I love exploring, finding new things that are different from each place and explore the small things that makes each place the most special from each other from the food, animals, beaches, to the most beautiful carnivals,fiestas and the worlds most beautiful landmarks.

I had been looking forward to this trip for the longest time now and i seriously can't believe that i'm here, the place where i feel the safest, the place where I feel i belong. The most smallest things about this country makes me love it even more and more.

Me and my family had been planning this trip for almost a year now and decided that this trip would be the best experience in our lives. We had decided to go backpacking and explore the beautiful islands and magic of the Philippines. Since we were going backpacking, we were not allowed to bring a lot of stuff, so most of the stuff i packed was Camera equipment to get the best footage while travelling and capture the incredible beautiful moments and memories that last forever.

This is going to be my first post on this blog, and i am willing to share my amazing trip with you guys! I hope you enjoy reading this and will definitely be more posts in the future ;).

Today is almost my third day here in Coron, Palawan and its unbelievably STUNINGGGGGG!!! I flew from Sweden on the 10th of June and as much as people hate flying, I loveeeeeee it, i feel like people don't spend the time while flying in a good way and just constantly complain about how long it s going to take or how bad the food is. Personally flying is beautiful, I love the feeling you get in the moment when the plane takes off, and you are sitting by the window admiring the beautiful mother nature and world behind you.

After arriving in Manila, the capital we decided to stay there for 1 day and go to the Manila ocean park which was something i had never seen in my life, it was the coolest thing ever watching from inside the glass tunnels, it felt like i was there with all the amazing fishes/ water creatures!

From Manila we took a private jet!! JK we took small plane to the incredible island of Palawan: Busuanga, Coron. We went ahead and got our rooms in our hotel which was simple and then directly headed to the beach. We stayed at the beach for almost 4 hours!!! which is fine because the beach is my home :)) I went swimming, Tanned A LOT and also started writing the first part of this blog post! The rest of the days was such an adventure, My favourite part was the island hoppings! We went on a small boat and sailed from one island to another, it was so much fun seeing all the different islands, snorkelling and eating lots of delicious seafood.

After having an amazing time in Coron we took a boat to El Nido which is in another part of Palawan, This is where we did the ABC tour. Each one of the tours took us to a journey to explore a specific part of the islands surrounding El NIdo. We discovered beautiful and preserved islands, clear water lagoons, white sand beaches, snorkelling sites and their hundred of fishes and coral species.

After El Nido we went and took another boat to Puarto Princesa which is in ANOTHER part of Palawan hahaha we sure do love Palawan. This is where we went to the famous underground river, this was a big highlight of my trip to Palawan. We took a small boat through a river where a tour guide showed us different things and told a lot of stories on the way which was interesting but kind of annoying because he talked almost the whole ride, but that was fine :) While on the boat I almost dropped my phone while filming my brother doing a back flip of the boat i know stupid of me, leave your phone behind kids anything can happen to it!

Right now i'm sitting on the outside of our cottage hut with my computer watching the sunset turn into a black sky with millions of stars appearing above, ( I know pretty magical right?!)