There are very many restaurants out there that call themselves ‘authentic Restaurants’ when all they offer is nothing close to Italian cuisines. So, how do you spot authentic restaurants when you are not in Italy ? That is actually the one million dollar question you must be asking yourself. Worry no more. You have come to the right site. Just read through the following tips, and you will be able to find a true Italian restaurant. Actually, all you need to do is to simply take a look at their menu.

  • Garlic bread

Professional Italian chefs never use as much garlic as many people often believe. Instead, they do toast bread and then rub a small amount of garlic on it. After which, the bread is soaked in virgin olive oil. The whole of that process produces what Italians call Bruschetta aglio e olio. Yes, it is that simple and healthy. This is completely different from when butter that has not even been toasted in the oven is mixed with an entire baguette. In fact, that is nothing more than a fat, unhealthy, greasy uncivilized combination. If you find this on a menu, then you should know that the chef knows nothing about Italian. After all, no Italian would ever think of cooking that.

  • Bread slices sold as a starter or dish

Any authentic Italian restaurant would not charge you for bread. But if you are charged, then the bread must be extremely good. In more often than not, Italians eat bread with all foods apart from pasta. To know that a restaurant is really Italian, they will serve you every dish and complement it with bread without you having to ask for it. If they sell or ask you whether you want your dish served with bread, then you are not inside authentic Italian restaurants .

  • Cesar salad

Authentic Italian restaurants would never have Cesar salad on their menu. You should know that Cesar salad was first and last made in Italy when Emperor Cesar asked for it, and it has been more than two thousand years since then. Any other Cesar salad you find on any menu is a mere abomination from some people masquerading as Italian chefs. Once you see this salad in their menu, know that you are not in an authentic Italian restaurant.

  • Olive oil with balsamic vinegar dip

No any authentic Italian restaurant will ever serve you salad with balsamic vinegar dip. And whenever you see it on the menu, you should know that you are in a fake restaurant. In Italy, olive oil is an ingredient that is appreciated for its round shape, juicy, sweet, and sometimes spicy flavour. Italians never ruin olive oil with balsamic vinegar. In simple terms, the presence of this dip in any Italian restaurant is a sure sign of non-authenticity.

I would not advise you that you judge a restaurant from outside, or fall for any advertisements and reviews you find in the internet. Instead, ask your friends and, or colleagues to refer you to authentic Italian restaurant in which they have had great meals. On the other hand, you can simply walk into a restaurant and have a look at their menu. And with the above tips, you will know whether you are in the right place.