Know it´s been a while but I'm back, had a ton of work in school to finish but now I'm back and will start post more frequent. It has been a lot of hyped drops the past 3 weeks, everything from Kith X Nike to Stone Island X Supreme. But one less hyped drop is The Weeknd X HM Fall collection which dropped September. 28 in stores and Online. It´s the second collab the Starboy has done with HM, with the previous collection ("Spring Icons") being released in March featuring various pieces like bomber jackets, hoodies, and Sweatshirts. Which actually was a really good collab, to be honest. Now to the big question, "Is it a difference between the Spring Collection and the Fall Collection?", in terms of clothes. "Really not"!

It´s the same type of clothes, a lot of sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. jeans and t-shirts. The fall collection features 10 hoodies and sweatshirts, with different colors like black, grey and the new color (magenta), which is dope. Now the hoodies/sweatshirts feature new logos and patterns, the last collection (Spring Icons) featured more XO logotypes on all of their pieces. Actually, it only featured the iconic logo oen the pieces.

Which we don´t see at all frem the fall collection, we hawe a sweater in the colors (black, magenta and white) with the printed "The Weeknd" logo, together with the "if it ain´t XO then it gotta go! " Or the oversized sweatshirt in gray with the "we can own it" throughout the shoulders and the back.

Continuing the collection features embodied hoodies with a tiger and a snake crawling around it.

The rest of the collection is simple jackets, t-shirts with the same type of logos as the sweatshirts.

But the collection is definitely a COP!!!!!!



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This Week Supreme released it´s fifth week of      it´s season and it featured the controversial collaboration. Supreme X Andress Serrano. Which included 4 hoodies ->(The white/black blood and semen). As well as the (black and grey piss christ). The collaboration continued with 2 pants. The blood and semen with the colors white and black. As well as 4 t-shirts (featuring the piss christ tee in black and white) as well as the (Madonna & child tee in black and white as well). Supreme X Andress Serrano Collaboration also featured two caps, the blood, and semen camp cap. Featured with a Supreme box logo in red respective a black box logo. Lastly, Supreme X Vans X Andres Serrano released three pairs of Vans. The Blood and semen Vans featured the Sk8-Hi, Old Skool, and the chukka.

My personal thoughts on this collab are mixed. To start with, the collection is weird with blood and semen mixed together, which makes it just weird to rock. Now I feel like the Vans Old Skool is Fire. Personally, it's the only item I could wear from the collection. If you look at the shoes from the side. "It actually looks dope". It´s something wearable, and absolutely, the thing I liked the most from the collaboration. The rest was pretty much trash and not worth cop, Supreme has put out some crazy items. This one was certainly something "wild and crazy" but still nothing really worth copping, it was ugly asf! But I got to give Supreme & Andres Serrano credit for the creativity, with all these pieces. Especially the sweatpants and the hoodie. It´s something ventured at least.

" I mean who would wear a hoodie with semen and blood on it"?

It Might be the worst Supreme Collaboration!!!!

// Elias Goodoree

Image Source: http://www.supremenewyork.com/shop/all