Happy Nw Year!

This year started great up in the Finnish Lappland with our friends. We did some downhill skiing, cross country skiing, took walks and of course made some delicious food (one of our friends is a cook). Christmas was spent at my brothers house and then later in the evening at my boyfriend's family's house. Got some nice and useful gifts, which I am very grateful for.

The first day of the year was not the best. Woke up a tiny bit hungover, packed our stuff, cleaned the house and started the long drive back home. After dropping people off, we were home around 9:30 pm. A long and exhausting day.

Now life has won over, I've even been to the gym once! And yesterday I went to the grocery store and bought healthier food = lots of vegetables and less of the sugary stuff.

I didn't come up with any good new years resolutions, and I might have mentioned that I don't really like those either. Too much pressure, and short time motivation. Instead, I decided to all in all start eating less meat. I could never go full vegetarian/vegan, since I like meat and occasionally fish. But maybe half and half? I won't set any restrictions or so, just that many more meals that I cook/eat should be vegetarian. I've been eating some vegetarian meals ever since... two summers ago? But I feel like I want to eat even more of it.

Not a nice picture, but above, you can see what I just ate - a vegan red lentil curry with rice and avocado. It was tasty! I was just about to say that it reminded some what of tikka masala, but with looots of ginger. Now I checked the name of the recipe, and it is a 'Red Lentil and Spinach Tikka Masala'. Get the recipe by clicking on the name.

On our way home from the north, we stopped at MAX on the Swedish side and I had a Spicy Halloumi Burger. I looove halloumi, so it was nice with two patties. But other than that, it was kind of boring. There was nothing between the top bun and the halloumi, so I put ketchup there my self, but would have liked to have regular mayo or something there. The bottom bun had avocado, jalapeños (yum yum!), and a sour cream and onion sauce (which was not a good combo with the halloumi).

Apparently, it also has tomato and pickled red onion inside. I'm allergic to tomatoes, so i took that out, but I don't remember eating any red onion? And the burger was not constructed in the order as the picture shows.. However, a nice idea to have halloumi instead of a meat patty!

I still have 18 days left of my Christmas vacay, so I'll probably be bored to death and post more here soon. Until then!

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And I'm SO excited! I have Christmas break now, and don't know where to start since I have so much I want to do. I've already cleaned and organised the apartment, taken care of all laundry, baked two cakes and relaxed.

We went on a trip to IKEA on Saturday, me and my boyfriend. We only wanted/needed a shelf, but came home with much more, of course. I've looked for inspiration on how to decorate the shelf, from Pinterest, and found tons of nice homes! For example this one:

Although, we probably won't have any goldish details. Our home is pretty much only white, black and grey. And now when it's Christmas, we have some details (curtains, blanket, one pillow, details on table runner) in burgundy/maroon. But I really like the idea of putting a frame with a nice pic against the wall. I have two posters, just need a frame!

I had a hard time choosing wether to buy this shelf in black or white. Since white always works, but the black one looked nicer to my eye. So we bought the black one, and I'm very pleased with our decision!

We also bought some Christmas gifts, stuff for family and friends, glasses and other kitchen stuff, and a lamp to have above our dining table. We've lived here now for... almost 10 months, and still don't have a lamp in our living room or above the dining table. But hopefully tonight! I actually like to have it quite dark, but by boyfriend always puts all lights on when he comes home.

These glasses and the silver coloured lamp got to come home with us. But I will use the glasses for desserts, and might paint the lamp black. Haven't decided yet, I have to see what it looks like installed first. I found a comparison picture of it in silver and black on pinterest:

Oh well, not today's problem! :)

This evening will hopefully be spent at the gym. And then I'll probably try to plan this week, since I still have to buy Christmas gifts, meet friends, bake a cake, have my car maintained and checked, babysit my nephew, and so on. Only fun things! But needs to be planned so that nothing over laps :)



Sooo.. Hi there!

Where have I been?


Must say, it's nice to not be occupied 8+ hours a day (at work), but all the homework and exams suck all life out of me. On the plus side, I get a 5 week Christmas break! Reeeeally looking forward to that.

What have I been doing on my free time then? Well, not much to be honest. I've tried to work out at least once a week, eat healthy most of the days and then get cravings for all kind of unhealthy stuff..

My motivation has been like bad mood swings. I can suddenly feel SO motivated to be healthy, try to come up with an awesome business idea, clean the apartment from top to bottom and so on. But this happens only when I have other stuff that i must to do. Like right now. This week is exam week and I should be reading about Brand Management and Corporate Finance, but here I am. Writing my blog, which I haven't touched in like forever.

One week I bought a bag of pre-cut lettuce, which resulted in a fed-up-with-salad-me. I tried to vary the ingredients, but I just don't feel like eating a salad for a long time now. I actually bought a bag, hoping I would force myself to eat better, but no. Nice try there, me. Which leads us to the next picture.

This beauty! 😍 It was delish! But now my taste buds are screaming "no more sugar!". Guess I have to listen to my inner voice, because I found out that I will be going on a vacay in the beginning of January, where I'll be wearing summer clothes.. And not forgetting Christmas and all that delish food is yet ahead. Guess I'll be spending more of my free time at the gym from now on!

Actually, I don't like when people say thing like I just said. It's not that I care so much of my appearance, but something in me is saying that I should balance my diet with some greens now. It happens every time after I've been eating very unhealthy for a while. (And no, I do not have a eating disorder). I just feel like I should be adult enough to not let myself get into bad routines that leave me with bad health.

As my exam week continues, I will be coming up with more blog posts. I've decided to have this blog as my motivational and creative place, where I'll be gathering pictures, quotes and some memories of mine.



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Hello sunshine!

OH wait. It's snowing…

Well, nothing can really spoil my mood right now. Reasons?

- My bachelor thesis is pretty much done.

- I got admitted to the Masters programme I applied for.

- I got a job interview for this week.

- My boyfriend is coming home from a business trip in a few days.

- My sister just got engaged!

- I love our new apartment.

And so on, and so on..

What I actually wanted to tell you guys about is my first ever new years resolution!

Many of you out there promise to be healthy, stop with a bad habit, exercise more and so on. Well, I promised myself to read 12 books this year.


Last few years, I've read about 0-2 books a year. I love reading, but don't make time for it! So in January, I googled and searched blogs to find interesting books to read. I clicked home a few, which I knew I definitely would end up reading (at some point), and ended up with two books over the internet, and a few books from a flea market (hello! 0,50€/book?! Are you serious?? 😍)

First book I read was Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. This one was from the flea market. I've read Sophie Kinsella's books before and therefor knew it would be worth reading. And it was! Funny and just, can't-put-this-book-down-before-I've-finished-it kind of book. I recommend!

Next up was Economista by Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius. I love how motivated they are and always have been for saving money and spending it wisely! The only thing I found boring was the fact that it was mostly meant for Swedish readers (and I of course understand that, since the biggest market is there). I skipped the part where they tell how the Swedish government aid and student loan works, since it's not exactly the same over here.

Since we're already in March, I can present to you book #3 Food Pharmacy by Mia Clase and Lina Nertby Aurell. It's a book, mostly about bacteria in your bowel and how they work and affect your whole body. I got the inspiration to click home this book from a blog I happen to read every now and then. It's different from what I usually read, but it really got me thinking of what I actually put in my mouth every day. Of course, I'm a very lazy person and have not changed a single thing in my diet so far, but the things they educate you on has really stuck to my mind. Every time I eat something I know is bad for me, I now know WHY it's bad. Still. I put it in my mouth, chew and swallow.. Maybe one day.

The girls have made the book together with a professor and former surgeon Stig Bengmark. So it's not just facts that they've randomly thought of themselves. Every now and then, they give you a healthy, delicious sounding recipe with beautiful pictures! They are funny and give tips and fun facts here and there throughout the book. I recommend if you're even a little bit curious!



Hello sunshine!

Doesn't everything just feel better when the sun is shining? At leas I'm full of energy and motivation! And who can say no to some vitamin D for free ;)

I had a friend visiting last weekend, and we did something I thought I could only dream of! We drove to Rovaniemi, Finland and went to a Husky Park for a husky ride <3 Some might think it's animal torture or something.. But apparently they enjoy running a lot and the temperature they feel best in is -20 to -25 °C. Yaiks!

These were all Siberian huskies, which apparently are the "real" and expensive huskies. There was another company with huskies across the road who had Alaskan huskies and their rides were almost half the price (cheaper). Two girls came out when we were in the line to enter and they said with horror in their voice "those were not dogs, those were wolves!" So we were a bit nervous to enter.. But when we came in there were only cute, small (!!) happy dogs! I was surprised on how small they really are, which they said is the most common thing people comment on.

We chose the 2km ride which was 40€ (plus entrance 10€). It started off through a wooded area and then into an open area. It took about 6 minutes, but was SO worth the money! The guy behind us (steering) was very nice and patiently answered all our questions, hehe. It was pretty cold, but we got to sit on reindeer hides and had the option to bring blankets.

After the ride, we got to pat the dogs and take pictures with them. Then we also had the opportunity to go around and say hi to all the other dogs that were not "working" at the moment. Most of them were just sleeping, but a few of them wanted some pats and attention. There was a card on their cage with their picture, age and gender, and also if they were "team dogs" or something else.

I'd love to have my own husky, especially after visiting Husky Park. But there are many reasons to why I'm not able to do that. Actually those reasons apply any pets at the moment.. But hopefully in the future! <3




Whoops, apparently I didn't really have too much motivation to write a blog.. So I decided to post just now and then when I feel like writing and when I actually have some material to blog about. I started on my last post a week or was it two weeks ago on a Monday.. So I haven't posted twice today, even if it looks like that ;)

However! Since I have applied for further studies in the fall, I bought some cheap stuff on AliExpress to motivate myself. I actually don't feel like studying anymore, but at the same time I want to have a higher education.. Sooo, so far I have received this beauuuutiful laptop sleeve bag!

You can find it here! (Available in other colors too)

I also ordered some other computer stuff, notebooks, jewelry and so on. I'll show you guys when I have received them! I have to say that small items like these really boost my motivation and mood! The only down side is that it usually takes a long time to receive the goods, especially if they come from China. I shouldn't really be complaining since they're so cheap!

I also ordered some training clothes today.. 🐒I shouldn't have, since I ordered two pairs of leggings just a few weeks ago from Sportamore. They were SO nice but see-through, so I'm only going to wear them at home.. So, this time I chose TWO pairs from Aim'n! I just couldn't resist! And, they have free shipping until Valentine's day (tomorrow) by using the code valentine. Purrrfect!




Monday, new week, new start.

Last week was.. Hmm, let me think. The days look so alike now that I can't even remember what I did yesterday. So I guess last week was OK and normal. Did some writing on my thesis, worked out, read a book, planned ahead in my calendar and so on. I'm a bit stressed out about the fact that time is passing by too fast. February is going to be over so quickly! I have lots of fun things on my agenda, but then again, I have so much other stuff that I need to get done in the meantime, which my brain doesn't really have space for..

Every year I have the same dilemma over finding a nice new calendar. I felt so lost the first few weeks without a calendar! I want to keep track of everything I have to do and need to remember, that's just how it is. Anyone else sharing this feeling?

I planned my own personal calendar at Personal Planner. I have been looking for one with white marble print, but with no success. Oh, the excitement when I noticed that they even had an option with the print, so I didn't have to attach a photo of white marble! I wish I knew about this site earlier.. They have all the options you could imagine and more! For example size, language, colors, texts, lists with either food of the week, notes, to do, work out and so on that comes on the bottom of every page. Then you can choose what kind of pages you want in the end (50 pages for free), where I chose the world map, sudoku, overview of year 2017 and 2018, an overview of each month (always in the middle of the calendar before a new moth starts) and the rest were just lines.

So if you haven't already found your 2017 calendar, I recommend you take a look at these! (Not a collaboration, just my own opinion)

I write down everything in my calendar. Appointments, meetings, work outs, food of the week, happenings and so on. For example this weekend I had a friend visiting from Denmark, so I wrote down all my ideas o what to show her, addresses of where we were going to stay, price of each idea and at last our whole schedule when it was planned enough. It is literally my second brain/memory/personal external hard drive!



Good morning!

Today, I climbed out of bed earlier than usual, just to get the feeling of a longer day. I imagined myself being full of energy and therefore do all my work in the morning to get the afternoon off. I have now been reading blogs for nearly two hours trying to fight back sleep, which is slowly closing my eyelids.. It is now bright outside and I feel more awake.

Wish I was in bed right now..

My new plan looks like this:

- Translate some recordings/interviews

- Look through my emails and send a few

- Take a walk

- Eat a healthy lunch

- Do some research

- Book tickets

- Go pick up a package that is waiting for me!

The last task is the one I look most forward doing! I will show you later what I have ordered. I have been shopping a bit too much lately.. But hey, only stuff that I need!

Wise words to end with! ;)



Hey there!

Hope you guys had a nice weekend! Mine started nicely on Friday because of two things: I got to see one of my best friends combined with flea market! I love the exciting feeling I get when I know I might haul something awesome for just a few bucks. This time I bought a nice hand bag (originally from H&M) that reminded me a liiittle bit of Mulberry's Alexa Soft Buffalo. However, when we were leaving, I put all my other stuff in it and noticed that the flap was missing both magnets (for keeping it closed).. Oh well, it was only 3€!

OK.. My bag looks like an old potato next to the Alexa bag. But I still like it!

There is one thing I like to look for extra much, and it is serving plates and bowls. My opinion is that you can't have too many of those babies! OK, I actually have too many, since I'm running out of storage room in the kitchen. But when the day comes and I have my own house, it's gonna have a big pantry for all my kitchen supplies and extra food!

Sorry for a grainy pic, I only had my iPhone at hand.. Those wooden boards are originally from Pentik. I'm a bit too fond of stars, so I try not to overdose my home with them, but now and then I allow myself to buy something with star print!

Regarding my headline, I'm very much for recycling! I'm very aware of the fact that I consume way too much.. So this year, I will get rid of all the stuff I don't use and only buy stuff that I really need. Good for the environment (sort of), and good for my economy! I have three big IKEA bags full of clothes that I don't wear anymore, waiting to get new owners. Now they're just taking up a lot of space in my home!

I will be posting more of this kind in the future, just have to keep our fingers crossed that I'll find good and cheap stuff!

So long!



Hi there!

I have to say that I am so happy to finally have started this blog! I have a lot of fun changes coming up in life and I want to not only share them with you, but also archive them somewhere for future throwback Thursdays.

My days often consist of motivational texts, pictures, items and other people's successful stories. I love the motivational kick that some people are able to bring out in me! I believe in the law of attraction, and therefore I never stop imagining how I want my life to be and how I want to feel. Since I'm human, I've of course had bad periods in life too, and know that I will still have more of them to come. However, I have decided to skip those small and unnessesary dips that come now and then because of something silly! Turn the negative into something positive.

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What we think, we become.

- Buddha

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What motivates me then?

Well, every day is different. I set realistic goals and then look for motivation, usually on the internet.


Okay, so I loooove Pinterest. Well, who doesn't?

- I look up pictures of strong women, healthy food, fitness quotes and motivational phrases. For example, I am working on getting my butt insanely hot at the moment. Feels silly to write this, but right now pictures of round and tight buttocks motivate me. Yup! Show me a picture of the peach emoji and I will pack my gym bag!

- Good music! This is a must. I once went to the gym and their speaker system was broken?! I never bring my own music with me, and so it was very difficult to concentrate and just weird being there in silence (there was only one other woman then)..

Oh, and another thing getting my ass to the gym is by buying new work out clothes every now and then. These are at the moment on my wish list:

I'm in love with these work out tights from ICANIWILL!

That's pretty much what keeps me motivated to work out and stay healthy and strong. Feel free to tell me what gets and keeps you motivated! In order to not bum you out by long posts, I will divide this up into many posts. Next up will be eating healthy!

So long!