How many of you lovely diamonds out there want to buy Victorias Secrets products instead of something just as good for more then half the money that you can find at any store who sells make up and perfume. You don't have to buy the thing that costs hundreds of times more. I'm not judging. Really i'm not. I have bought my fair share of expensive products or at least my mom has. I have a Victorias Secrets bag which costed about eight hundred Swedish crowns. and i have note books from art blanc which cost up about something over a hundred crowns. Even i buy stuff that cost more then my budget. But just recentley i have started to think it thourugh. with my family's budget and my bag, shoe and notebooks addiction i have started to look into buying things on the internet especially an app called Wish.

In Sweden it is so expensive that the people here. I can't just randomly come up with the idea and say "Hey maybe i should paint my walls blue and go buy paint."

no i have to probably sit and wait two months for the paint to be deliverd to our supermarket/posthouse and go there to take it out. It doesn't help that their is nothing open at all after ten p.m. It's litterly becomes pitch black in my local mall center. I can stand at my balcony and see not one single light in the mall. It sucks. That is something we seriously need to change. I saw a Youtube clip with American Ex-change students being interviwed and on of the things the actually said was that everything was expensive.

I mean i love my country and for the most part it's great.

Just a tip if you come to Sweden buy your alcohol at your own home country.

Anyways my goal to this post was that you should really think it through you can go to H&M buy just as the same clothing for less and buy more like litterly shop to you drop or you can go to a fancy and buy one or two things for double the money,

I am starting to go to all the sales that is when you should go you can get everything for next to nothing in money i also have now started buying my addictions at Wish. and my clothes at sales.

son now it's your turn to think more or less?

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So as you probably know I'm SwedenGirl and come from Sweden. I know some people out there don*t know where Sweden is so I will tell you. Sweden is between Norway and Finland and is apart of the Nordic countries which consist Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, including their associated territories (Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and the Åland Islands). Do you understand where it is? No? Okay how about TRUE BLOOD. Rings any bells.? Really not yet? How about a tall eye candy? Yes that*s right it was Alexander Skarsgård or Alexander Skarsgard as other people like to call him. Well now you know that Sweden Exist and right about where it is on the map. If you want to look some more just google or just go on an adventure to the library to find some books on Sweden. You never know who you will bump into on the way.

Anyways now that you know a bit about Where Sweden lay's on the map, that it exist and probably what it has to offer soon as you read the text above. I will tell you about something that no kids usally aren't happy about. Yeah you know it you know the evil but magicall word. SCHOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this week was my first Week of a new school. It is none other than Swedish high school. I know you probably don't feel interested, but here is the thing about Swedish school.

1. In US you go four years of high school While we go three. Why you wonder, well because we go our ninth grade still in middle school.

2. Almost every school in Sweden is now to have the ability to give computer or surface to every student in between the first few weeks of the school starts. Which you also will use for three years and can buy the computer for a thousand crown at the end of your schooling.

3. Your high school and Swedish high school is not the same at all. Why i say that is because when we are in our ninth grade is when we choose what major we want to take. Yes Major Swedish high school is your COLLEGE. Who knew. Some of these majors you can get work right after school then their is those who goes on something called "Högskoleförberedande, Which is pre- university those programs are economy, humanities, aesthetic, science, technology and social sciences. I can say I'm in one of these categories. Yes one of the people who chose more school years.

4. When you are to choose your high school/college your parents may be present, but it is only you who gets to choose which program and school you go to. They can try take it up to court, but even then they stand no chance against all the laws and rights we have which is a good thing it makes us grow in to our own persons.

The first week in my school was that we went to the assembly hall and that it was so full people there that even if they all sat down in those chairs there where just students overflowing the stairs and walls. That was when a thought came to my mind, " I'm probably one year older more then half the assembly." because I did the eight grade two times. then my second thought was as I looked over the room was" Talk about how the parent's of the millenium kids (kids born in the 2000) has increased our population with this kids. I mean this time the never ending story actually would be never ending because the cast would be as much as a little over half of the population of this earth.

Well after that was done we had to walk two floors up so we would be on floor eight, which believe it or not was not the last floor. At the very end of the hallway was my classroom for now at least. In there our teacher introduced her self and made us group together, two in each group. Mine being three because of the odd number in our class. We were to ask each other a couple of question's and then present it to the whole class. Now normally this would scare me shitless, to stand infront of the whole class and talk without having something next to an panic attack. It just sneaks up and bite you. but this time i talked without shaking in my voice or any other out of body expirience you may feel. All heads turned to me and i met them with so much confidence and spoke the words with a smile on my face.

New Friends New me

Your a Diamond, They Can't Break You.