Jewelry and fashion accessory trends for 2017-2018 show a marked tilt in favor of individualism, mysticism and inspired upcycling. With designers increasingly favoring more skin show and celebrities professing their love for clothes that are barely-there, jewelry has moved on to take center stage. There is less of glitter and bling, but layered pieces continue to rule because 'less is more' has not caught fancy of style icons at least as far as accessories are concerned.

Whether you love the party vibes that this season's trends give off or are fascinated by the punk culture that many accessories pay homage to, there is something for everyone and to suit every taste.

Here is the latest in jewelry design trends from the ramps that you can add to your best look from the season.

1) Logo Chic

Celebrity necklace trends have always been fast changing and ever evolving. From religiously expressive pieces to chunky and OTT statement pieces to the more recent personalized charms, we always love to sport what our favorite stars and celebrities wear.

The current craze for monogram necklaces points to the preference for individualization of fashion. Accessories seen in Balenciaga, Celine, and Dior shows carried brand monograms. BB initials on Balenciaga accessories like bracelets bring logo jewelry back into the spotlight.

You can also go for jewelry that displays your initials or that of a loved one. This adds sentimental value to your necklaces, rings or bracelets, and helps you stand out in the crowd.

2) Stackable Is the Way to Go

Stackable jewelry continues to remain a favorite this season as well. Stackable rings in all sizes and shapes and stackable necklaces and chains that layer from your chin to the collarbone are seasonal favorites that you can invest in.

Layer the necklaces, stack the rings and pile on the bracelets – this pretty much sums up this season's standout jewelry trend.

Chokers are also trending this season, but unlike the silk and velvet ribbons, and chunky pieces are seen last year, we have more of dainty versions with superfine wisps of fabric or slim leather thongs adorning necks of models.

3) Bring on the Party Girl Look

The blingy party girl look is a trending look for Fall/Winter 2017-2018. It is fun, sexy and luxurious. Large cocktail and chandelier earrings, king size crystal rings, faux fine jewelry with 2D diamonds and extravagant baroque pieces were seen in Gucci, Moschino and Giambattista shows. Neo pearls are also in this season but come in XXL versions. They are no longer demure or classic and were seen encased in transparent cages or mounted on oversized tribal earrings.

The trending party look was also emphasized by huge diamond hoops and the Roaring Twenties necklace at Miu Miu show. Large and shiny brooches were also spotted.

4) Inspired Upcycling is In

An eclectic mix of objects was seen adorning the models in all shows. Ropes, cigarette lighters, leather and bicycle chains made for necklaces, and cosmic symbols and sculptures were seen as pendants. The collaboration between Kim Mee Hye and Wanda Nylon also saw eclectic jewelry on the ramp in the form of statement rings and pendants.

5) Hoops Are Getting Bigger

Hoops have been trending since last few seasons and they continue to do so. Large and chunky hoops were seen in the Michael Kors Fall 2017 show and the silver earrings added a retro look to sexy and classy outfits the models sported.

Gilded golden hoop earrings, Swarovski crystal hoop earrings, entwined hoop earrings, freshwater pearl hoop earrings and brightly colored statement varieties are all the right designs to sport this season.

More innovative designs include the Fendi half-circle fringe hoop earrings.

6) Jewelry UFOs Add to Excitement

If you want loads of drama and want to achieve the impossible, try the hybrid earring-necklaces. Mixing the mystical past as well as futuristic graphics, the earring-necklace hybrid made for fascinating fashion. Maison Margiela and Rodarte shows should serve as inspiration.

7) Single and Mix-Match Earrings Are Making a Statement

Single earrings dominated the ramp in 2014, and now they are back. But unlike the single statement pieces that were earlier in, the 2017 trends point towards over-sized and dramatic single earrings that can make you the showstopper. The mono-earrings are shoulder-skimming and are designed for the maximum impact.

Contrast earrings were also seen in the Balenciaga show and if you are a girl who loves doing things out-of-ordinary, this could be for you.


There is a little bit for everyone in this season's jewelry trends. So pick your favorite trend and go all out! Most jewelry designs are the ones you can comfortably wear every day, including delicate chokers and stackable rings. And with a plethora of blingy designs to choose from, there should be nothing to stop you this party season either!

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