My time in The U.S is almost at an end. 1 week to go and we will be on our flight home to the U.K. I'm sad to be going, which surprises me but I have really enjoyed this experience. seeing Canada, New York and going to Disney World. Meeting and making new friends some of which will be in my life forever. We have done some exciting things and got to be a part of the real American culture. Other than the swimming pool, the car and the food (!) I'm going to miss spending so much time with my daughter. the longest we have been apart is probably an evening when I went out with my friend. She starts pre school in September, 30 hours a week and I will be back to my job as a visual merchandiser at New Look and helping out at the Wedding shop. I really want to use this experience as a chance to find something I really want to do as a career. I love merchandising and can see it going somewhere but I also love the Wedding shop and I'm open to exploring more possibilities with that too. Thing is I can't do it all, there just aren't enough hours in a day! But for the first time in a long time I'm ready to be open to giving myself a chance to do something for me and that is pretty exciting! x
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I'm 34 and for my age I really shouldn't be suffering with such bad skin! I take fairly good care of my face, I don't wear heavy make up and I wash it daily and 99% of the time I take my make up off at night. Part of why I suffer is my medication I take plus my diet isn't always the best and PMS always plays a part and the weather makes my face so oily too. In recent years I've also broke out on my shoulders and chest which can affect what clothes I wear. All in all its a definite confidence knocker. Being here in the States has given me different choices when it comes to my skin routine so tonight whilst I was enjoying some alone time buying groceries, I purchased some new products. I opted for Neutrogena as I've used their products before and found them to be positive, a new face wash and night pads, plus a delicious (I know right?!) lip gloss which is super smooth and pretty, really moisturising and doesn't feel sticky. My favourite purchase is something I have been hunting for for a long time - a body scrub for spot prone skin. I'm really hoping it works! see pictures below for exact products. I also needed a new BB cream as I've ran out of my normal one. I decided to try a different brand out of curiosity and went for Cover Girl, it was a really good price and its for oily skin so fingers crossed that works too! I'm going to post no make up pictures of my skin to see if there's any progress. keep a look out and wish me luck!💋



I recently sold my Wedding Dress to a lovely girl who was looking for the exact one I had, it is no longer made so she went on a country wide search to find it. It was hard to part with it but seeing her happiness I couldn't refuse, afterall it was only sat in my attic doing nothing. I have pictures to remember it and with some of the money she gave me I decided to buy myself a piece of jewellery as a momentum. I chose to spend my money at Tiffanys in New York, an iconic place! I dont own a great deal of jewellery its not something I'm that bothered about but it's something I could keep forever to remember my beautiful dress. I chose an understated piece, a small pearl bracelet with the legendary silver heart and Tiffany's stamp. Its not big or flashy but it's me and its something I will get alot of wear from, Pearls are my favourite jewellery so its made sense for me to choose something I love.

Also, my Husband gave me a beautiful pair of pearl and silver earrings for our five year anniversary. They are so pretty! But what made it extra special is he had them made for me! We actually already had the pearls from our honeymoon which was in Hawaii, we went in to a shop where they had closed oyster shells for sale. We picked one and luckily had two pearls from it! I said I would like them made in to earrings but they have lived in a drawer ever since and he sneakily found them and had them designed in to earrings and I didnt have a clue!

So this concludes that in my eyes, Pearls are my best friend - for life! x



On this 3 month trip to Ohio, my husband has organized some very exciting trips for us so we can make the most of our time here. This past weekend we visited New York City. I have never been before and it was on my top 5 places to see in the world so I have been floating on a cloud! I can honestly say it met every expectation and more! We met up with some of our UK friends there too and they had organised an excellent itenary for the 3 and a half days we had to explore. We visited pretty much everything there is to see in the City. I won't give an account of what we did bit by bit as this would take a whole day to write about and I don't think my 3 year old will let me get away with that. So instead I'm going to give my highlights and review of the overall experience.

So my favourite building and experience was the Empire State building. The architecture in the City is fantastic and so unique, but I found myself really drawn to the Empire State. We travelled up to the 86th floor Friday evening. It was very busy but we managed to see everything and the views were just spectacular. I normally struggle with heights but I found just looking out and straight ahead gave me focus and I really concentrated on what a fantastic experience it was and i'ts not something you see everyday. So luckily my fear stayed at the back of my thoughts and I really soaked up the breathtaking views.

We also visited 3 famous T.V locations, Say Yes to the Dress bridal boutique Kleinfeld, Carries Sex and the City apartment and the Friends apartment building. It felt so weird like walking in to a tv screen, I'm so happy I got to see these places for real. I actually got to go inside Kleinfeld too, they were sweet enough to let me take some pictures in the receprion area and we were allowed to look down stairs in the accessories department too. It was such a dream come true!

We made it our mission to see as much as posible so we had a check list and ticked off the following -

Brooklyn Bridge

Statue of Liberty

Staten Island Ferry

Wall Street (the Bull and girl statue)

City Hall

Ground Zero

The Rockefeller Center

Grand Central Station

New York City public Library

Central Park

Greenwich Village

Empire State building

Times Square

The Highline

Madison Square Gardens

5th Avenue

Ride in a Yellow Taxi

Have a Hot Dog from a vendor on the Street

Have a giant slice of Pizza

have a meal at Ellen's Stardust Diner

I think that was the majority of it! So I'm going to now give some advice and tips on visiting New York.

Plan what you want to see and do before you go. make a list and break it down into the days your there. This way you wont get overwhelmed and will get to see everything. make sure you do your research and look on a map at where everything is. you dont want to be going back and forth because you've put 2 different parts of the city on the same day.

Using the subway its not expensive and is easy enough to follow, plus people are really friendly so dont be afraid to ask if your not sure. but be aware that you cant buy a return ticket or day ticket its just one way each time you pay (about $3) Also Taxis are not very expensive so dont be worried about hailing one down. we used them a few times and for around a 15 minute journey it would cost a little over $10.

Invest in some decent footwear!!! this is a must if you plan to do alot of walking. forget looking trendy its not important. Plenty of girls had on cute outfits with trainers. I'm just not good with shoes and dont even own a pair of trainers, Iwalked in flip flops and converse style shoes and it was awful! I persevered the whole weekend but had to put my feet in a bucket of ice to help with the aching. My friend had some sketchers and she said it was like walking on a cloud the entire trip.

If you go this time of year be prepared for serious heat. The hottest day got up to 36 degrees and it was fairly unbareable if your not a sun worshipper. Take a high factor sunscreen and take a bottle of water. there are plenty of public water fountains around so you can refill. I also spotted a few girls walking with parasols or light coloured umberellas and I thought that was a great idea.

Use the highline. Its an old railway line above the streets not too high up but high enough to be away from the hussle and bussle of the crowded sidewalks and honking of car horns. its very pretty. Lots of greenary and flowers to look at plus the odd sculpture that has been donated. there are benches and seating areas and water fountains provided too so if its hot you can stop and relax and soak up the surroundings.

I also recommend speaking with your hotel the morning of your check in and enquiring into a room situated at the back of the building. If your not used to alot of noise at night, it will really help. We were given the option of a bigger room at the front where the noise level was a higher or a smaller room at the back which we opted for and other than the odd siren now and again it was very peaceful. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Chelsea and they were excellent.

The most important advice, make the most of your adventures in New York. It's such a friendly crazy city! so much to see and do and explore. I would definately book an extra day off work on your return to catch up on sleep and rest your body. It's such a magnificent place and I cant wait to go again (but in the autumn) !! x



As usual I have developed a few food obsessions since my arrival to the U.S.A. The food here is generally the same to what we get at home with a few bonus dishes added into the mix.

Now, usually I am a Pancake lover through and through, I cannot get enough of them, but to my surprise I have only had them once on a Breakfast outing when we first arrived. Since then my craving has been for French Toast and I can honestly say to the world I'm in love. I make my own attempt at it for my breakfast/lunch but it's not quite the same as having it at a restaurant. What with cinnamon and vanilla and then a little maple syrup its just so delicious! I've starting to make mine at home with a little half and half (that's cream and milk together in a carton here for those who don't know, its so good with coffee!) 1 egg, a few drops of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, soak some bread in the mixture and then a little olive oil spray in a pan and cook away. Today I had it with a banana and some blueberries as I'm trying to increase my fruit intake, which leads me in to my next addiction....

Watermelon! Now this is not a new fruit to me I have had it many times in my life, but for some reason I just can't get enough of the stuff! We have been to 2 Memorial Day parties this weekend and both had a fruit platter including the watermelon for me to stuff my face with! Last night I bought a baby watermelon (the size of a child's ball) and I've cut it into chunks and put into a big tub so I can just help myself. its so delicious straight from the fridge, especially on a warm day! Maggie has been enjoying it too, her fruit intake is something I do not worry about as a parent!

So overall I think that's not a bad obsession to have currently. fruit and french toast makes for a balanced diet as far as I'm concerned! I just hope I don't develop any really bad food cravings! Watch this space..... x

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One week into living in Streetsboro! It's been very eventful so far. Steve headed into the office on Monday morning so it was mine and Maggie's first day alone. We spent the day at the apartment and the park, fairly low key. The time difference was still an issue so we were both feeling pretty out of sorts and I'm not going to deny I had a mini meltdown when Steve came home. Realization kicking in that this would be my life for the next three months, missing home, my friends and family. However, I think it was inevitable that this would happen and I've been fine ever since. Tuesday night we went to a super cute town called Hudson, for dinner. There we met up with Steve's work colleague Mike and his wife Kelly and their son. Kelly and I instantly bonded, we are both very alike, same work background (retail) and similar interests. We didn't fall short of conversation which was so nice! She took me and Maggie across the road to a very cool place called Cold Stone - an Ice cream parlor! I can't wait to head back into Hudson to explore some more. Kelly has been super helpful and offered to hang out with me and Maggie whenever it's convenient.

Wednesday I had the car, so I decided to make the most of the day and take Maggie to Akron Zoo. What should have been a forty minute journey was closer to two hours! I kept thinking I was lost (decided to be clever and not follow a navigation system) so I kept turning around and asking for directions. The sign posts for the Zoo were nowhere to be seen! Eventually, I gave in and switched my data roaming on and followed the directions from Google maps. The Zoo was fun! such a hot day though! My favorite animal to see was the Grizzly Bear, never seen one before so that was so awesome! Most of the animals were asleep though and chilling out in the shade so they were a bit hard to see. So note to self for next time: Use a map and get there for opening time, hopefully it will be a bit cooler and the animals will be awake.

Thursday I arranged to go out with Kelly and her Son, she had kindly offered to pick us up and we went to an indoor play center or what we call in the U.K soft play. Maggie loved it! it was so nice in there! Best soft play area I've ever seen. We had a great time and I really feel like I've made a true friend in Kelly.

Friday Maggie and I were invited for afternoon drinks with Steve and the team he works with. I was so nervous about meeting everyone, but as usual, it was easy. Everyone was friendly and very welcoming. I befriended a lovely lady called Ritchie, we were celebrating her graduating and getting a degree. Was so nice to be included. We got on great, she's very interesting and different to anyone I've met before which I found very intriguing! I hope I get to see her and hang out with her again! Fingers crossed for a night out for drinks! We then went on to have Dinner with Steves work colleague Ryan and his family. Maggie became fast friends with their daughter and their son. Dinner was yummy and the dessert was real home made American Apple pie! Mollie and Ryan are a very sweet couple and they have such a lovely home and family. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with them.

That brings me to yesterday, Saturday. We had breakfast at Denny's and I'm now addicted to their french toast. Followed by a trip to Cleveland. we had a look around the city, saw some beautiful buildings and monuments. Cleveland is a business city so there were hardly any shops that had my interest but it's still a very beautiful place. It's right on the edge of lake Eerie. when we driving past I thought we were on the coast, the lake is that big! I have never seen anything like it, I'm not sure what I expected but it truly is enormous, it just looks like the ocean. When we got home the swimming pool was open, which is literally a thirty-second walk from our apartment, so we decided to head in for a dip. Maggie loved it! She normally clings to me and won't let go when we go swimming but she was so eager to try by herself. There's nothing that makes me more happy and proud than seeing her enjoying herself. We ended the day with beer, quesadillas,'and a movie.

What an eventful week, so much has happened!! I've managed to get my head around driving and I've seen some very cool places and met some great people. Looking forward to what this next week has in store!



We are here! 3 days in and so far it's been very relaxing! Friday we spent the day unpacking and sleeping. We went to a Wallmart and stocked up on toiletries too, that was interesting, so many different products which resembled similar things back home. I settled for Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner as I've used that plenty of times, but I treated myself to some new face products I've never tried before, an Aveeno facial cleanser and exfoliant, face wipes and night and day moisturizers. I've used their body lotions and know Aveeno to be pretty decent stuff so I thought I would give these a whirl too (see picture below for products).

Friday evening was spent meeting and getting to know my Husbands boss and his family. Their house incredible, the area which they live in reminded of something out of Desperate Housewives or similar! We had pizza and beer (at least they did, I was the driver) Maggie loved playing with their son who is 10, he was great with her. His school was holding a fundraiser and business lesson on Saturday, lemonade stands with cookies and hot dogs. I was so excited to go, again lemonade stands remind me of movies! And the lemonade was delicious! I then spent the rest of the afternoon reading my book and drinking coffee.

Today has been about exploring the area a bit more. Steve (my husband) showed the picnic areas to go to and a great outlet shopping village where I purchased some great bits for Maggie. the pictures are below. Tomorrow will be the first 'real day' here as Steve heads to work. I haven't decided if I want the car or if I'm just going to stay local, I'm a little nervous to go anywhere without him just yet. But I think I'll wait and see what the weather plans to do before I decide. for now though I'm going to get into bed and continue my book, which by the way is brilliant! Sheila O'Flannagan is such a good author, I love her stories. I'm hoping I will wake up a bit later tomorrow, too, these past few mornings have been hard trying to get around the jet lag, been waking around 5 am which is not something I am used to even slightly! I would like to get some plants to put out on our small patio area outside just to add a bit of summer color to the place. Something I may look into tomorrow. Fingers crossed the sun is shining or at least it's a nice enough day to get out in the fresh air.

Thats all for now, I'll be writing again later in the week with an update on what we've been up to.



We are on route! Today we have travelled from London Heathrow to Detroit. Currently still at Detroit Airport waiting for our connecting flight to Cleveland - then sleep! Its been a long day especially traveling with a 3 year old. Maggie has been pretty good to be fair, no major melt downs and she's only had a 15 minute nap the whole day. To make things feel a bit special and positive we bought her some new story books, jigsaw puzzles and colouring books which we let her open on the plane. We also downloaded her favourite films on to my tablet which was ideal. Complete with her own head phones and travel pillow she was a super star on the 8 hour flight. Hopefully arrive in Cleveland soon, then tomorrow we can finally get to our apartment and let the adventure really begin! X



There's nothing more I enjoy than seeing my friends, especially when they bring their new babies! My Boss Becca has a 2 week old baby girl called Florence and she's just delightful. I got to spend some time with them yesterday having lunch at Gloucester Quays with our other friend Becky and her 5 month old little lady Millie. We spent the whole 2 hours talking about pregnancy, labour and being a Mum. Seeing babies does make me a tiny bit 'broody' but I don't think I'm ready to consider adding another little person into our lives, but never say never!

So I've pretty much said bye to all my friends now. Only one more night in our bed before we set off for our 3 month adventure state side! X

(picture from left to right - Becca with Becky's daughter and Becky with Becca's Daughter)



My Daughter Maggie Rose is my whole world! At 3 years old she's really starting to develop her character, she loves to sing and play make believe. It's incredible to watch her experiment with phasing and facial expressions. Maggie is also a bit of a Fashionista. I am a big fan of clothes and fashion and I love shopping, especially for her. Today I dropped Maggie at Nursery and went to do my food shop. I can't help but have a look through the clothing department and luckily I spotted this gorgeous denim dress in the sale for £5.50! I'm never very good at finding a bargain but once in a while I come across a winner. Couldn't resist the little blue bow too for only £2. I think every time I go shopping whether its food or other wise, she generally ends up with something new. Shopoholic is definitely a term I would use to describe myself!