According to an Australian clinic comparison site, last year’s most researched plastic surgery procedures are breast implants, liposuction, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck and rhinoplasty. The statistics are not surprising at all, but we need to mention that even if these body changes were the most inquired, all of them registered a drop of interest compared to previous years, especially breast augmentation. But Australians still spend an impressive $1 billion per year on cosmetic treatments. So what are they actually looking for?

It seems that beauty enthusiasts are now developing a passion for multiple small modifications called “tweakments”, which is a nickname for a vast array of non-invasive procedures pursued by both men and women. If you’re wondering what less impactful procedures can do for your looks, here is a list of the most common issues they can solve.


Chicken pox, acne, weight changes – growing up can leave lifetime scars on the skin, resulting in feelings of deep discomfort for young people. Nowadays all these scars can be eliminated or reduced with the use of fractional laser or the combined therapy of skin needling and platelet rich plasma applications. Those who are ready to undergo cosmetic surgery in Canberra and several other Australian cities can reach high-end clinics which have the ability to combine multiple solutions.

Crooked Nose

There’s no need to go under the knife for a better-looking nose. Specialists can work with dermal fillers to change the shape of noses and even chins. Also, these slight changes can go unnoticed, while drastically improving the profile of a face. The only drawback is that refilling needs to be done every year, or every 18 months in case of long-lasting hyaluronic acids.

Sagging Skin

Surgical face lifts are difficult operations that need prolonged downtime and special care. Fillers injected in the right places can create a fresh youthful face, while facelifts based on ultrasound and thread cones are mild and fast alternatives to the classical procedure.

Square Jaw

Sometimes, the face widens with age and for some people, this change creates a sharp jawline. Women mostly find it undesirable, but it can be easily reversed with muscle relaxing injections, an operation that takes up to thirty minutes and has visible effects for up to a year.


A self-esteem lowering factor for teenagers and adults alike, acne has become the target of many researchers. If until recently trends favored peels and microdermabrasion, now Photodynamic Therapy and laser treatments are among the preferred therapies.

Double Chin

New fat-dissolving injections can quickly help both men and women achieve a slimmer face. Patients need a short downtime to get over swelling and redness of the chin, while results are fully visible after an about a month. However, this is certainly a more forgiving procedure than neck lifting.


The selfie culture made women become more aware of their face proportions, while men worry about the size of their ears. Botox-based adjustments and filler injections are among the most common procedures for ladies, used for plumping lips and cheeks and for filling and straightening lines. The procedures are easy and painless but require frequent visits to the plastic surgeon.

Tweakments boost appearance temporarily, but have the advantage of a short recovery time. Moreover, it allows people to test certain changes before seeking a permanent solution. Recently, plastic surgery trends have turned in favour of natural looks and subtle enhancements. That is why multiple and discrete changes are now preferred to drastic modifications.

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Gothic fashion used to be something that belonged to a subculture that has been around since the 1980s and started in England. The Gothic style was the direct consequence of the declining Punk Culture.

The Goth tribes are of Germanic origin and lived in and around Crimea. This is where the term "Gothic" came from. As time went on, the term simply became a generic term for forms of architecture, art, and fashion all across Europe and America.

The Gothic subculture and its mainstream art, architecture, and literature owe a lot of its growth to the United Kingdom. Gothic Romanticism also evolved primarily in Britain as a major literary art form.

The cool thing about the Gothic clothing style is that it is a fusion of Victorian, Renaissance and Punk fashion style and mixes the three with the contemporary clothing styles. People who study the culture see this style as a way of breaking the traditional sense of social organization and form a disjointed look.

Gothic people like to wear jewelry that has skulls, dragons, daggers and other dark imagery that resembles the dark ages. Bikerringshop websites sell jewelry as an example. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of correlations between the biker culture and the Gothic style.

The Growth of an International Trend

The garment enterprise in Europe and particularly in Britain has made use of this fashion trend and has begun to commercialize clothes tailor-made to suit the Gothic sub-cultural tastes. Gothic corsets and Pirate shirts inspired through the Gothic subculture observe the important fashion point of this way of life that is the Goth.

Thus, for the most part, colours like black, grey, brown, and deep blue are used in these types of Gothic clothing pieces. These days, Goths like to use a little splash of white to add a complement to those darker colours.

Corsets that are inspired by the Gothic style of dress are usually black and full of frills. These beautiful corsets are usually designed to hug the person's figure, while the lace frills are on the top and bottom edges. As per the Gothic sub-culture norm, this is a Renaissance look.

The Goth Trend Has Not Died but Has Risen

The Gothic culture is far from dead. Goth style trends have seen a big rise in popularity in 2017 and is expected to really show some growth in 2018. More of today’s youth are into the dark clothing and mysterious look that totally makes up the Gothic lifestyle as a whole.

All throughout the UK and throughout America, music artists and movie stars have been flaunting the Gothic style in 2017. Rihanna impressed the crowd at her 3rd Annual Clara Lionel Foundation Diamond Ball with her awesomely Gothic black Ralph & Russo dress with a sweetheart neckline.

If you want to awe people at your next night out or your next gathering, we suggest sporting the hot Gothic style that is trending right now. In most cases, it is very easy and quite affordable to build a Gothic wardrobe. You can find a lot of the clothes at a second hand thrift store.



New Zealand is a beautiful country to visit. This is one of the many reasons that so many people enjoy traveling to the country in the first place. However, traveling is never an inexpensive investment. To help you make the most of your New Zealand trip, follow our top travel tips below.

Book in Advance

It’s important to remember that New Zealand is a very common tourist location. If you don’t book in advance, you can expect to see fewer availabilities and more expensive travel costs. So, if you’re planning out a summer vacation, make sure you book at least a few months prior to your trip.

Choose the Right Mode of Transportation

If you’re not planning on using ride sharing or renting a car, traveling by bus is a common mode of transportation. Not to mention, ferry travel is a common way of traveling among the many islands New Zealand has to offer. However, if you enjoy the freedom of driving, renting out a car can be a great choice for you too.

Plan Based on the Seasons

Even though the summer months are the most popular for traveling, winter months are still a catch for skiers and snowboarders. Not to mention, the fall offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as enjoying the changing landscape into winter. However, no matter what month you plan on visiting the country of New Zealand, it’s wise that you plan out your accommodations and attire based on the season at hand. This includes packing heavy jackets in the winter and lighter jackets in the summer.

General Safety

In comparison to other tourist-friendly locations around the world, New Zealand is an incredibly safe are to visit. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to act safely. This means securing your valuables, walking in groups at night, and keeping your phone on you at all times. Especially, in the case of an emergency, you should know to dial 111 for the police or the fire department.

Find Local i-Sites

All towns and cities in New Zealand will have their own i-Site. This is the spot where you will find brochures of local attractions, maps, and details about the area that you are visiting. The intercity bus line usually stops near these sites. If you are driving, there is no need to worry. These spots are usually easy to locate.

Plan For the Weather When Hiking

Many hiking trails in the country pass through areas where you may experience weather from all four seasons in one day. This is why it is necessary to plan in advance. Pack the proper tools for all sorts of weather. Also, be sure to bring plenty of water and food, too.

Don’t Bike on the Open Road

Though it is not illegal to do so, it is unsafe to bike on busy roads. It is not legal to ride your bike on the motorways. When biking, stick to the sidewalks and trails. Also, be sure to wear a helmet and follow the other local traffic rules.


In New Zealand, people drive on the left side of the road. If you are used to driving on the other side, this can take a bit of getting used to. Additionally, many of the roads in the country are long and winding, which means getting to and from destinations can take longer than you anticipate. Be sure to rest up before driving and used extra caution before leaving for one of your New Zealand road trips.



It is easy to think that life is going to change after 50. Most people consider themselves relatively young before hitting this milestone but, for some reason, reaching this age can fill someone with angst. This age can seem old, and time usually does not do any favors for someone in their 50s. Many people who turn 50 are actually okay with their age, but they do not feel the same about their looks. 50-year-olds want to look great and like they are full of vitality.

Matching the Look With the Feeling

Yes, people are going to naturally age, but that does not mean that the person within has aged much. Opportunities, adventures, and the interconnectivity of the world gives many people a thirst for life. Many aging people do not feel their age, and 50 is just another milestone on their journey.

It can be frustrating to feel young but to look older. All it takes is one quick look in the mirror to see the effects of time prematurely taking a hold. What makes things worse is that this does not have to be the case. Plastic surgery has taken giant steps forward and made it a lot easier for people to look how they feel. A 50-year-old can look youthful and vibrant just like all those celebrities who have reached this age.

The Cosmetic Solution

It may not be something that all celebrities admit, but the fact is that some of them have had some work done. Talking about cosmetic surgery is frowned upon simply because natural beauty if favored, but this notion does not truly understand these treatments. The point of cosmetic surgery is not to conceal nature but to unveil beauty that has been snatched away by time.

There is no need to worry about all those negative ideas linked to cosmetic work. They are slowly disappearing with the help of honest and positive reviews like those detailing how Cosmos Clinic experts help improve client's looks. It seems that more older people are taking plastic surgery seriously nowadays, which should help those who undergo these treatments be a little happier.

Many of those opting for these treatments like to use fillers or injectable treatments like Botox to deal with lines or wrinkles in specific areas around the face. This includes places like the brows, forehead, cheeks, and the neck just to name a few popular areas.

It should be noted that facial rejuvenation involves many procedures that are considered minimally invasive. This means that the procedures do not take too long to complete and are normally inexpensive. Some people of a certain age are already retired and do not have much to spare, so this is good news. Furthermore, many clinics now offer additional payment options just in case. So, in essence, the happiness that cosmetic work can bring a person is now accessible to most people rather than just a few.

One popular procedure is blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. One of the first things that others see is the eyes. Signs of aging around the eyes are very visible, which is one reason this type of treatment is popular among older people. Recovery does not take more than four to five days, so it should not damper a person's plans for too long.

Looking and feeling younger even though a person is 50 is good for health, and it may prolong life. Cosmetic surgery helps people look how they feel, which only enriches their lives. Sure, it may seem scary to go down this path or to make these types of drastic changes, but life is a risk. Still, good plastic surgeons are always eager to clarify any doubts, which is why private consultations are recommended.



Every year, an innovative sneaker style seems to come out of nowhere to take the women’s fashion world by storm. In past years the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star has become a popular wardrobe staple for women, while in our seasons, the adidas Superstar has become the go-to shoe for girls and women alike.

This year, adidas Boost shoes became a trendy choice for women wanting a pair of shoes that worked in several different contexts. Boost shoes, which are really high-end performance running shoes, work well in the gym. But, because Boost shoes also have knitted uppers, they can be worn outside the gym as well.

Above the feet, logo t-shirts became a casual staple for women in 2017. Instead of dressing in cutting-edge fashion, women scaled it back in 2017, wearing simple shirts with comfortable athletic shoes.

Adidas Boost Sneakers

For women wanting fashion-friendly athletic footwear, the Boost line from adidas has become an extremely trendy women's sneakers choice. What makes adidas Boost running shoes so popular with women is they can be worn with a training outfit at the gym, or they can be dressed with a pair of jeans and a blouse if a woman is hitting the town to meet up with friends.

Right now, one of the most popular adidas Boost shoes for women is the Ultraboost Uncaged Shoes. The Ultraboost has a full-length Boost midsole, providing unmatched cushioning response. The Boost cushioning is paired with TORSION System, the brand’s innovative plate that compliments the Boost’s incredible bounce with firmness and stability.

In terms of colors and materials, the Ultraboost Uncaged has a woven fabric upper that is soft and supple to the touch. The shoe is available in burgundy, aqua blue, athletic white, black, and light grey, and is priced at $180.

Another popular women’s athletic sneaker from adidas is the NMD_R2 Primeknit Low. The NMD features Boost cushioning underfoot, and a Primeknit upper up top, giving ladies enough comfort for those marathon shopping sessions with friends.

Satin Sneakers for Women

One of the biggest women’s sneakers trends in 2017 was the emergence of satin sneakers for women wanting something to wear with casual outfits. The Joie Diata Satin Grip-Strap Sneakers were one of the trendiest satin shoes that released this year.

Priced at $198, the Diata is a low top laceless casual shoe that features a rubber outsole, and a double strap closure system. The satin upper has a smooth and buttery texture and has a shiny sheen to it that is sure to attract eyes.

Another trendy satin shoe that debuted in 2017 was the Fenty Puma by Rihanna Satin Bow Sneakers. What makes the Satin Bow Sneakers so unique is that instead of laces, these Rihanna-designed shoes feature a knotted bow stitched onto the tongue of the shoe. The most popular versions of this shoe were the olive-colored and tan-colored colorways because they worked perfectly with jeans and dark pants.

Other Women’s Fashion Trends in 2017

One of the funnest women’s fashion trends to pop up during 2017 was when clothing-conscious ladies started pairing logo t-shirts with jeans. A pricier example of this trend was the $350 Saint Laurent Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt. This all-white cotton t-shirt features a small Saint Laurent logo printed across the middle of the shirt.

Another trendy logo-style shirt to drop during 2017 was the 1970s Logo Tee from Re/Done. This vintage-looking tee is constructed from red cotton and has Re/Done stitched across the chest in an eye-catching yellow scrip that is reminiscent of a swirling font that was popular 50 years ago. This shirt, at only $90, was aimed at more of a budget-conscious fashionista than the logo shirt from Saint Laurent.



With the rise of social media and famous people influencing the world, it is no wonder that so many people are seeking the use of cosmetic procedures to boost their confidence and looks. However, with the use of social media, these cosmetic procedures are not only becoming appealing to older adults who want the procedures for upkeep in their skin and body, but the procedures are also appealing to younger audiences. Is this a problem?

Younger Users

While many users of cosmetic procedures in the past have been the Baby Boomers and their parents, the turning of the tides have brought about patients in their 20s and 30s have started running to the doctors to get a jump start on the gravitational pull. Their major influencers have been women like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.influencers have been women like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

The younger generations are being influenced by celebrities and pop culture, which has brought a rise in the use of cosmetic procedures. There are even blogs like Nouw that have been a great place for average fashionistas to explore the new worlds of fashion and beauty. These blogs and celebrities are huge influences for the average person.


Social media has also been an influence in the upsurge of cosmetic procedures to enhance looks. The generation of selfie takers has brought along need to look great at all times. This need puts a passion in many people to pursue different cosmetic procedures to boost their looks.

In fact, social media has even been said to be one of the biggest influencing powers out there. Social media celebrities and other celebrities offer “glimpses” into their everyday life, which puts a need for the average person to look like a celebrity at all times. There are many statistics, like the ones found on Dermatology Times, that highlights the influence social media has had on the masses when it comes to cosmetic procedures.


When you consider the way that social media and celebrity influencers have brought about these influences for the average person, especially those from younger generations, it becomes a scary thought. These younger people see these celebrities who look perfect at all times online, and it eventually puts feelings of insecurity into the minds of these impressionable young adults. The dangers of insecurities influencing cosmetic procedures is growing rapidly. What does this mean for the clinics performing these procedures?


Social media is not just being utilized by celebrities, but it is also being used by cosmetic procedure clinics and doctors to promote their craft. This is perfectly fine and dandy since it is their job and a part of marketing. The only danger lies in the promotion of certain things. Instead of using celebrities to endorse, cosmetic procedure clinics have been using real people and clients to promote their work. It provides more realistic aspirations instead of unrealistic goals.

Botox before and after photos are one way in which cosmetic surgeons have used social media to draw in customers to their services. For their company, this is a tactic that provides services to older adults who vastly wish to improve their appearance, not children who are seeking the treatments because of their news feed on Instagram. Companies are not using social media to make their clients feel insecure, but they are using social media to bring about a new sense of confidence that they can give to their clients instead.


There is no need to be afraid of cosmetic procedures, and with the right doctor, they are perfectly safe, non-invasive, and natural in appearance. Even for younger clients, cosmetic procedures are not to be feared.

They should, instead, be looked at as a way to improve the appearance in mild forms such as reducing wrinkles, reducing scar appearances, and making lips appear softer and more supple. If a slight cosmetic procedure makes a young adult feel beautiful or handsome once again, then the gain in confidence in second to none and worth every penny.