​I was about to reach the milestone of being a freelance writer for five years and I realized that I need to bring some changes in order to get my freelancing business over the roof. Being a freelancer, I have noticed that having a quiet environment is extremely essential for me to get my creative juices out. Thus, I thought of constructing a multi-storey Holzhaus that can help me work at peace. Over the past few months, my business had been blooming to great height so I had an opportunity to make good money. I thought of investing these funds back into my business my constructing a wooden home that shall serve as my office and residence at the same time.

I my motive to get this task in done was clear I started searching for Architecture Company that excels in offering wooden home construction services. I did not have any reference so I thought of searching for companies over the internet. Since I resided in Schwedenhaus locality, I was hoping to approach a company that has the same ground. I browsed the internet and within less than a minute, I was offered with website links that belonged to architecture companies located at Schwedenhaus. I started examining various sources that popped up and the main aspect I was looking for was the portfolio of the company and the previous projects accomplished by them.

After an hour of research and brainstorming, I finally got in touch with a representative of a reputed Holzhäuser based architecture company. I wanted to understand the details involved in executing the project and the representative helped me out with the information. I was provided an email with a quotation of prices over different designs and home structures. I went through the mail and my excitement shot up high as I found a great deal. I found an amazing Swedish style multi-storey wooden home at the budget that I was expecting. I quickly locked this deal and informed the experts that I wanted the task to be executed as soon as possible.

I had earlier dealt with the formalities involved in buying a vacant land so I did not have much problem in the last minute. I provided these experts with the address of the vacant land and the company got started with its activities. It around one and half month for the experts to execute this multi-storey structure and the wait was worth it. The home looked gorgeous reflecting vivid colors. I was glad I stuck to the multi-storey structure since I had my parents staying with me too. With the ground floor reserved for my parents, turning the upper space into my office was my main motive.

As the Schwedenhaus was completed as per my preferences, the experience of living in this beautiful structure is something that I cannot describe. With wooden walls, the interior of the room always had a nice cool climate. Wood is natural insulators so they adjust the temperature automatically. I now work with utmost peace of mind and this is probably the best thing that I have done so far. ​