In an article from 2014 published in The Guardian it is said that an average child watches 16.000 television commercials every year. In the same article Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood said “advertising trains kids to choose foods based on celebrity, not based on what's on the package.” Children does not even know if it is healthy or not, they just want what their idol wants, something that can be considered both positive and negative.

According to The Guardian, Critics says that advertising towards children can cause several diseases. But at the same time the once who speak for advertising towards children claim that it’s a great way of teaching children things.   

Food commercials are often the ones with the most impact on children, many brands pay a lot of money to be able to have a certain celebrity eating their brand. And it is obvious, that if a child sees their idol eat a certain food from a certain brand - that child is wanting that food from that brand and the child is not backing down until he or she get’s what he or she wants.

In my opinion advertising towards children can be good, but only to a certain point. I mean with the help of a tv commercial or a page from a newspaper, you can get a child to do almost everything. This commercial can make them for example, eat healthier. Something their parents has been trying to get them to do for a long time. But today, advertising towards children has gone insane.

We watched a movie in school about advertising towards children, where they said that people get hired to follow children around all day. They go to the toilet together, they shower together - they literally does everything together. And the only purpose of this is so that companies can use information about how children react to certain things when they make toys, shampoo or commercials for this things. And that is just horrible and awful.

I don’t have children myself so I can’t imagine how I would feel if my children was watching this commercials. As a small child you don’t have anything in your brain that tells you that this is wrong, don’t listen to it - or anything else similar to this. Children don’t understand what they are going through when they watch commercials, they just know that they should trust everything that is said.

Another problem is that commercial leads to one child with a rich family getting what she or he wants, but another child with a family with much less money can’t get the same thing. As a child it’s so hard to understand that things actually cost money, every child just wants what all of their friends have. But all families are not able to give all things to their kids, and commercials only makes this struggle worse.



Hello followers from around the world, today I’m going

to write about school and education

In swedish schools we have a grades system where you get graded with different letters from the alphabet, from A to F. A is the best you can get and F means that you failed. Your graded after every test and after every part of a subject, for example your graded when you have finished gymnastics in PE. For you to finish your subject with an A you need to have gotten an A on every single test and part of that subject, and I think that it is wrong to grade students that way. I think that someone has to change this grading system in order to make students more motivated in school and hopefully changing the system also will make fewer amount of people skip class.

Another thing I would like to acknowledge is that teachers from different schools grade students in different ways. This is something you really notice when you start in a new school. Someone says there grades in a subject are lower than yours, but you can notice how much better that person is then you or the other way around, a person has better grades then you but acts worse in class. To be honest, I don’t know why it is this way. Maybe because of that this grading system still is pretty new and the teachers haven't learned how to use it properly yet. Another reason might be that the teacher's rules from the people who made our school law are unclear, and different teachers understands it in different ways. I think that is something that needs focus and attention, because it is not fair for students to get graded as different from each other as they get.