Red is the most eye-catching color of the Christmas, she always carries the enthusiasm and the expectation.Since the 19th century, The red Christmas flower which is emitting radiant sparkles and carry about the beautiful flower language of the "join all celebration", and has become a symbol of the deck festival..

However, it is not said that will only be enough brilliant when we choose jewelry  which is multicolored from the Christmas jewelry store. And sometimes, something which is more delicate and it will be more worth savoring by people who are knowledgeable, especially the jewelry.

A clavicle chain necklace that is not exaggerated but elegant enough

The clavicle chain is not really a patent for a summer to ANS-JUMP, as it is an ornament and is worth owning a lifetime for every woman.There's no more eye-catching piece of jewelry than a low-key but sparkly collarbone chain.

Crystal necklace with her unique radiance looming over the neckline, it is guaranteed to be the center of attention at the high - grade Christmas party.

A beauty bangle is gotten proper

Admittedly, the bangle has begun to take the place of the status of the bracelet in the jewelry world. The bangle with the suitable sense of the weight which looks more decent than a hand chain, the heavy of the weight is covered in the luxurious ornaments such as the gem, broken diamond, peals and so on. Comfortable, sophisticated and easy to wear, and it looks more texture.

To choose a bracelet that is decent but doesn't lose its composure at Christmas, spending time with confidante and hitting the shops, or stopping for a coffee and a chat, can lift a woman's mood.

This single item can show be a stunning fashion style, whether it's stacked or worn alone. The design style that is simple and decent, might as well it and other similar single-product folds wear on the wrist, to create the elegant effect of the patchwork.

The glittering and translucent diamond sprinkle and fall in the palm of the hand, the ring shank which is full of the sense of modernness and twine among the fingers.

The classic series bracelet of the LOVE, gently around the wrist. Put the passion of each other blooming in the red romantic Christmas Eve. You will find it from the Chinese wholesale websites.

But because this is a more trendy style, it's almost always a good idea to rock all of your dressing styles on a daily basis, not to mention so much good luck you will have on Christmas day when you wear it.

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The historic year of 2008 which our Nihao factory was established. We have the spirit of quality first principle has experienced five years of OEM in the jewelry industry. During this period, we are constantly studying the independent development of jewelry and to understand the market trends .for our own geographical advantages which are located in the world capital of commodities - Yiwu, where we constantly improve themselves. Finally, in 2013 we opened a new chapter of online The first time that the global people can easily see neatly display 40,000 products on our official website. we treat every customer as the god, whether or not he will place the order. we do our best to solve every customer's questions. The efforts of our staff this year drew up a 1000 European customers.

In 2014, we started to expand our business scope. In the year, we added 10,000 products in 4 categories, including scarves, cheap dresses, 925 silver and so on. In order to enable us to serve more Europe and America customers, a new Spanish site was formally established. we can find without the language barriers, more and more Europeans and Americans have become our customers. This year has surpassed all other competitors in terms of technology, quality and technology, especially innovation. I believe our 3,000 customers are sure of our efforts this year.

In order to communicate better with our customers, our official website has associated with some social tools like the Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter in 2017. You can tell us your thoughts in any of these ways. Gradually communicate through these platforms, you will know us better. in these years, we are constantly improving ourselves and thanking our customers for their support. Hope in the far future, we grow together.

After a short period of two years, in 2016 our category has been extended to women's sexy swimwear, such as the Bikini, Monokinis, Plus Size Swimwear. Bags and other hot-selling products and the amount add up to 30000. For our excellent quality and the reasonable price, our website enjoys a higher status among consumers. we are in good faith inexpensive and won the majority of customers trust. Our foreign retailers have reached more than 10,000 and have established long-term stable cooperation with the majority. In order to communicate and service these customers, we have established the Facebook of official website's page, you will find that basically every day our staff will basically recommend the latest single product to everyone, where we not only cooperation relationships and more is a friendly relationship. you can always express your opinions or share some good things to us. in here, you can directly talk about with our staff that your favorite products, we send you a link directly to save your time or you have your new ideas about the design of the product. You want to make the product become the style you want, you just send me your picture and can tell us to customize. In the past two years our Facebook page views are so active and gradually you will find here more like a multi-functional community.