Neon lights make the skin look paler in general, and the whole body looks colder than usual, especially if you have a fair complexion. So if you have a dark raspberry matte lipstick in your repertoire, you're the Queen of the night!

(photo credits: Photographer Rod Clemen, Hair and Make up Lisa Christiansen, Model Agnes@Le Management, Fashion editor - me.) Top from &other stories.

Queens, Princesses, it's all a masquerade. Let's do it memorable! I loooove dancing the night away flying in bright red lights.

I also think a warm-up in a designer friend's studio with some lights added is not such a bad idea. Woop woop.

That's in Jane Christine Munch's studio and she was working on some leather straps at the time.

Let's see what inspirations Saturday holds! Until then, look at this crazy building! It's called Ragnarock Museum and it's very big and very gold. Somehow fits my neon series..


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