Most girls take pictures of their food (before eating half of it and then pretend to not be hungry anymore).

Not me. Usually not.

But I did it quite some times and I will share a short memoir of my munch discoveries here. Don't expect big feasty tables, I normally attack those before even looking at my phone.

Like this waffly little stack I munched that night I was digging treasures in my new-at-the-time book called "The Dress: 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion"


Or that cheesecake. At Bertels' Salon . Somehow it always tastes so cheesy and so good.

That cap.. I almost never wear caps. Or hats, in general. Now I got reminded of a day when I was wearing this one:

That very same day my boyfriend surprised me with a romantic dinner at Umami and we tried the tasting menu. That moment when you're sitting there, smiling with polite starvation, trying to memorize everything the waitress is telling you about the tiny little pretty dish being laid before you. Well, 7 tiny little dishes, to be precise. And I was not feeling so tiny after the dessert. A memoir of the sushi:

It looks great, but doesn't taste amazing. I actually still prefer the one at sticks'n'sushi. My boyfriend was on the same opinion and we gave it a decent 6.5 out of 10. Woop woop! But do you know what is a 10 out of 10? The burger at Jagger .

That one is small, WAY TOO SMALL, but epic! <3 Love it. That scarf, by the way, is my favourite scarf ever. It's from 5PREVIEW and it's soft, cuddly and it has the most perfect color match! Now, I can talk about that scarf with such reminds me of the best passion fruit juice I ever got served ! Take a look at this.

That was somewhere in Guangzhou and it's my favourite not because of the juice but look - look at the ice cube - it comes with a flower! And it was a sweet flower. Mm. The noodles came with a private lesson on how to count in Chinese from the sweetest Chinese young lady I've ever met (Alina, I love you!) and I managed to learn how to count to 1000 within 10 minutes. I was happy to have that knowledge for 10 more hours, then somehow it vanished the next day. Alas.

But what are noodles without some table decoration, like that friendly beautiful purple orchid at that cosy ramen place in Berlin, of which I forgot the name. Oops. I just realised that 7 out of 10 meals I have are asian food. Maybe I was a geisha in a past life. Maybe I was a mermaid. Here, look at this Chinese market :) :) Cause that's how I finish this first blog post. Will catch you again soon.

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