Neon lights make the skin look paler in general, and the whole body looks colder than usual, especially if you have a fair complexion. So if you have a dark raspberry matte lipstick in your repertoire, you're the Queen of the night!

(photo credits: Photographer Rod Clemen, Hair and Make up Lisa Christiansen, Model Agnes@Le Management, Fashion editor - me.) Top from &other stories.

Queens, Princesses, it's all a masquerade. Let's do it memorable! I loooove dancing the night away flying in bright red lights.

I also think a warm-up in a designer friend's studio with some lights added is not such a bad idea. Woop woop.

That's in Jane Christine Munch's studio and she was working on some leather straps at the time.

Let's see what inspirations Saturday holds! Until then, look at this crazy building! It's called Ragnarock Museum and it's very big and very gold. Somehow fits my neon series..


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photocredit above: @enhancetheunusual

This post is not sponsored in any way. My love for NAKED was at first sight. Literally. Once I saw their tagline - "Supplying girls with sneakers" I already knew this is not just another sneaker store. I was right :)

It's just refreshing to know that there is a shop in Copenhagen offering a tasteful selection of girlsneaks from Adidas to Y-3, all in one room... makes you wanna jump around and try and buy sneakers all day. And then maybe play badminton :D

I directed this photo with photographer Rod Clemen. Legs belong to the gorgeous Natalie Nattis

So here is my wishlist for spring!!! (attention: photos below this point are not mine)




I love those because I enjoyed running around frogs and little fish and chasing ducks when I was a kid, and there is something really precious about childhood memories. They always linger. Somehow those shoes seem sharp and light, have the classic Yohji shape, but they say "Hi" to you with blue. They are there to bring a mood of vigour and sporty boldness. Yummy.



Now this (which btw is sold out almost everywhere right now) is my official preach to Nike - PLEASE RE-make this model again and again, with different variations ! There is something incredibly irresistible about the combo of this whaleface-shape and plush.... and all of it in silver. This shoe is absolutely amazing and makes me wanna chew a pink bubblegum.




This wasn't love at first glance. Those shoes first put the picture of winter in my head. Probably because they are shaped like ice-skates. But then they have the shell-fish texture... and this beautiful color that reminds of a Paradise beach. If you zoom out a little bit then you start noticing how they look as if they can fly anytime. Edgy, girly and fresh at the same time. A shoe to look forward to!

I'm surprised I didn't put anything white or pink on my list. It happens sometimes.

Ciao for now xx