Oh, How the year sped by.

Feels like it was just last week we were learning how to color match & swatch foundations,
apply "C" shaped blush, and 
studying tones or seasons of faces.

I've used the first week of school in fundamentals more than 
anything else that i've learn, finding myself revisiting those lessons on the daily
​and for this opportunity I am beyond grateful.

I've turned my passion into a drive for a future career (hopefully)
and now can say confidently,
that I have got all the tools to successfully do a flawless glam
(or horror)
makeover for a client. 

{walked in stunned & inspired by bridal, leaving with a new found love for the exorcist...
if that doesn't perfectly sum up life, i dont know what else could ;) }

Hopefully I can share my new found knowledge, still learning on the daily,
and my new expertise... 


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I'm going to start of this post saying

Kudos to Deepika, she recently came out about her
struggles with Depression and has 
opened up greatly beyond the stigma of the topic
to discuss what she went through, in hopes of
helping tons of people who have similar

That was incredibly powerful and strong for her to do,
and I love her, I mean I follow her every move
from what she wears and where she goes. 
So using this platform for such a strong message is 
incredible, good job to her.

Now, about following her every move... DID YOU SEE
LAKME FASHION WEEK ! Homegirl did 
justice to her clothes and her makeup. 

I'm loving the left strong printed outfit paired with a 
bold statment lip, she took such different
spins on her looks, it was great.
From that there's the classy black Michael Kors
jumpsuit paired with a clean finishing on her
makeup and strong, keeping it classy but adding
just enough to her look to give 
it an edge!

Can't wait to review some more of the lakme
fashion week looks!




Got a bit creative with the use of
colors on this one, straying
away from my usual golds & browns.
Product Breakdown:

Modern Basics Pro-Pallette On eyes
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallette on Eyes
Anna Sui Black Liner
Monda Studio Pro Lashes
Benefits Bro Duo 
Nars Concealer
Makeup Forever PRO HD Powder Duo
Laura Mercier Cream Contour Palette
Too Faced Melted Lips

tip : to get a longer lasting & more vibrant color out of your shadows, wet your brush slightly before applying the shadow !



"I've always found that the most beautiful people, truly beautiful inside and out, are the ones who are quietly unaware of their effect.​"
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obsidian



​I feel as though when you are attempting to 
establish a name for yourself
in any kind of field, there's a lot of times
when you need to or should step back
and self reflect, evaluate & plan for
a successfully achieved dream.
In the end, you are trying to create a steady platform 
for yourself but until you make it to that 
point, there's a lot of constant work
and different things you gotta try...
I love the saying "fake it till you make it"
but dont forget to also put in lots of work.

With self reflection and evaluation, I think that's
something that should happen 
often in your life; i'm talking more
than a spring cleaning or every few months thing...

I have found that through looking at the people,
vibes and the things i'm doing on a regular
basis, I also work towards weeding out
what is no longer necessary or isn't helping me 
be a better person through my soul or
even physically.

I can go through phases, and usually around my sad 
banana phase - that's what i call it, cause yenno.. akela - 
I do alot of dissecting of everything
happening. Usually setting off to try things
in a whole new setting, and I think thats good.

You should mix it up before your body gets too
comfortable, because with comfort
I believe it's easier to fall into bad vibes... that's just me.

You have to stay focused on your goals.
The big picture, yeah, but i'm just saying... don't be afraid
to break it down once in a while for you to 
better understand honestly what your goal is..
It could be something bigger than what you thought,
or a series of small accomplishments.

Last note, 
It's more of a lesson i've been trying to balance my mind
around for quite a while...
Change is Inevitable.

It's not something you can run away from, It's not
something you can ignore or something that you 
can wish for not to happen.

It's something that'll just always take place in your life,
it's something that you grow with.

But that's kind've the good thing because if you don't
adore the change that was recently
brought into your life, just know that it'll
probably soon change once again...
And eventually there's bound to be a good one.

You've got to stay hopeful, beyond any circumstance.
Hope is the only thing you've got,
It's the sure thing you have to hold onto.

And your blessings. Throughout all these past few
crazy changes that i'm still not entirely sure how to 
become comfortable with, it's
always nice just sitting down and thinking of the 
blessings you do have. 

Stay blessed and Dont Fear Change, It'll all Pass.
- Note To Self



Can we puh-leeeese take a minute and just simmer in this beauty...

One of my inspirations is this image, and i've had it for a while; it's managed to stick around.
Faika Karim is a designer, and her work is lovely, I recommend you checking it out if you're a die hard
bollywood maharani glam fan like myself! She makes traditional look GOOOOD.

Besides the patterns & textures used in the outfit, the makeup itself is on point.
Let me be real for a minute, I am a HUGE lover of through the dupatta shots... maybe that's 
just because I always secretly wanted to play a part in a film of the shy girl who is chased after 
the main hero, and im constantly just hiding my face (clearly i've put ALOT of thought into this...)
But with these shots, what does it for me is the fact that the makeup
looks flawless as ever. STILL. even through the 
sheer wall that could be hiding the details, if the makeup still reads then my heart is yours.

I adore the makeup finish in this one, the glow, the dark sultry eyes that add to the whole
despaired look, the bold lip, oh man.. I could go on for hours.
check out my instagram for more on
this look / designer : @styledbyavi

Faika Karim



Diamond Retouch

he captured beauty is breath taking and captivating.
Especially obsessed since I was a little girl of the Maharani type looks,
and the jewellery here is capturing my heart.
The make up is done classy & in a time less style
the deepened bottom water line kohl is making the photo even more
stunning, drawing you into their eyes.
The harsh lines of brows, lips, and contour are working for this image,
all in all I am in awe.


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time".
-Thomas Merton



I'm allowed to be clever with the wcw rules, okay.

I cannot say that i've blessed my mind with picking
up milk & honey - yet - but soon enough
i'll help the deprived soul of mine & get it physically.

For now im living through Rupi Kaur's posts on her
social media accounts,
and i'm loving every letter of it.

It doesn't just help mend whatever state my soul
is in that day, but keeps my
mind lingering on the sentences
and pondering for many moments after it's done.

All of her poetry is short and simple, yet conveys such
heavy and thought provoking work that
will send your mind into wonders.

Now, I can't honestly be the only one that
ends up in a thousand different directions from the
simplest thought or phrase, those little
screws and gears just lock in place
and can spin for hours!
(damn, imagine how many advil extra strengths I go through
from headaches #truu)
and that's exactly what her work does for me.

Tonight, this among many other pieces of her work
are mending my soul and keeping
me feel whole despite any upsetting thing.

It's crazy how just the littlest amount of words
can have that effect
and provide such comfort.

Rupi is doing her thangg, and helping my mind do its.
Thank-you, you poetic queen.
(and she is definitely a "woman crush wednesday" too)

                                " it felt like you threw me
                                 so far from myself
                                 i've been trying to
                                find my way back
                                ever since"
                                        - Rupi Kaur

Order Milk & Honey



everybody make way for the new Dior star,
I knew after seeing her Grammy's dress that this was
going to be a show stopping year for Rihanna but
she's already paving ways becoming the first
African American women to represent Dior.

Through her busy press for "Home" and her constant
musical hits, she doesn't stop inspiring young girls
around the world & inspiring fashion lovers through
her appearances pulling off the most
outrageous outfits; that is with the most class possible.

Rih spoke out saying 'It feels fantastic,' she explained. 'It is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color." 
and to that I say hallelujah. 
She is truly representing being yourself, through
all aspects of your work & life and always being
Wether that's with her acoustic sounds, or glam to 
stripped down looks, she is proving
to stay true to what she wants
and sending the message that, you can do 
anything you want; boundaries are not what others
decide for you, you have the ultimate freedom.

She is making moves that would otherwise scare
others - im guessing mostly the fear of social scrutiny - but
she is proving that it's your attitude and 
personality that will sell the most beauty. 
(and yeah, im still referring to that Grammy cupcake
dress... homegirl worked it. Had she not looked
so pleasantly happy and confident, it would've
been a disaster, but it's seen as just another 
simply confusing beautiful Rihanna moment)

So to Rihanna, I say hats off... 
I'm truly motivated & inspired and 
excited about what else she has in store for us.
stay bad.

'I think, to be acknowledged by Dior is just, it means a lot as a woman to feel beautiful, and elegant, and timeless.'




Mind the language 🙆 but here are a ramble of thoughts

it's quite the true picture, 
as long as you're feeling yourself then it doesn't matter 
at all who else is. You shouldn't spend time 
fearing or seeking validation coming
from anybody else,
especially when it's ​for something like
your dreams & goals.

They're YOURS.

Never lose sight of them because before you know it,
they could be on the fast track of becoming 
a reality.
Half of it though is to continuously believe, and 
to give it a try; even if it scares you.
If it scares you, then you know you're doing something right.

So if it's putting on red lipstick, throwing your hair in
a high pony-tail (equivalent to a preschoolers) and
dressing like you belong in a 90's rap video... 
Do you. And that's all that matters.

"A woman smiling, is like the sun. She doesn't shine for you"
Pavana पवन