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Aww adorable~ that's what every hot anime character do to me...

Sigh, I can finally write this post after the initial shock of having a crush hit me like a Japanese bullet train.
I haven't had a crush in soo long and when I realized it, I became a love struck dummy! ;-;

So here I am burrowed underneath all my blankets, a Cinnamoroll plush by my side, a laptop in my lap, and a whole post to write about my experience of developing a crush.

So first off, I feel like the best way to describe what my crush looks like is like Toma from Amnesia...(LMAO I don't think he's going to lock me in a cage)

amnesia the anime | Image - TomaAmnesia.jpg - Amnesia(anime) Wiki

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He sorta dresses like him too...That ridiculous hot topic get-up kind of look.

Also a little like this guy--I'm not sure who he is(UPDATE: his name is Noel Valmore) but he's pretty close to what my crush looks like too:


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(wish I had pink hair...;c)

So me and my crush work together. He's always all around the store and I'm at front a the register so we hardly ever see each other. BUT!! He always makes a point to come over, lean on my counter and talk to me for a long time. Whenever I talk to him, I just have this relationship with him where I just feel so comfortable? Like I love talking to him...But he's soo mean and teases me a lot! I said boop and gave him a fist bump, and he grinned and called me a dork. But like, it's affectionate teasing, I promise. Also, I've been having dreams about him. They've so far been very nice...Like he wants to get to know me...We go on dates....But alas, just dreams!

I hope I to see him again tomorrow...We'll see...To be continued!

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