is an online shopping store focused on selling oriental items. It is when Stella, the founder of Sterxy, came to Suzhou and got deeply impressed by the stunning handiwork of Su embroidery that she decided to establish a platform displaying the oriental charm of Chinese products. Once taking a browse at, you will be surprised at the exquisite items of a quite wide range, from home decor to childrens toys.

Currently, The most popular one at are oriental iPhone cases. The features of this collection of phone cases varies from typical Chinese landscape sceneries to the representative elements of Chinese culture. For instance, there is a retro ink-and-wash style case featuring the beautiful Jiangnan landscape. Accented with old-style dwelling houses with vintage navy blue tiles and off-white walls surrounded by the still canal, the soft phone cover showcases a harmonious and peaceful riverside scenery in Jiangnan. They also provide handpicked iPhone cases adorned with Chinese cultural symbols such as the imperial dragon robe case and festive paper cutting cases in red tone.

Various oriental style cushion covers are also available at Sterxy as well to complement any decorative styles of your interior. An intricate series of cushion covers featuring Chinese Blue-and-white porcelain patterns can be found from the home decor category which adds sophistication to your sofa and couch; The collection of swimming koi fish cushion cover features delicate Chinese embroidery, displaying a natural addition to your bedroom; Another selection of splash ink velvet cushion covers are also impressive for the casual splash ink patterns accompanied with distinct calligraphic Chinese characters. Some other cushion covers feature Chinese bird-and-flower motifs, countryside ink paintings or magnificent Chinese landscapes.

Apart from oriental iPhone cases and cushion covers, there are other categories of oriental items to be found at They offer gorgeous handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags, tote bags and clutch bags with oriental characteristics for ladies; durable oriental style backpacks and accessories like ties for gentlemen; adorable and soft oriental dolls for children. Kitchen accessories, stationery and travel accessories are all available there. Whatever you are in need of for decorating your interior or giving as a unique oriental gift to your beloved, you can find the exact thing you want at

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