The birth of wireless internet marks the beginning of a stupendouschange in the arena of business. From your personal to your professional life,it has greatly changed your lifestyle. Better known as Wi-Fi, it has beenallowing you to access the web from wherever you are since the 2000s usingenough and stronger signal.

Singapore is among the most connected cities these days and anever-increasing number of businesses are now seeking to enhance their businesscommunications infrastructure along with their Wi-Fi solutions. MWI Singapore is one of thecompanies that offer innovative wireless solutions to their customers in thecity.

As a business owner, you might find it difficult to select theright solution for your business since there were a lot of available wirelesssolutions to choose from in the market. MWI Consulting wants you to choose awireless solution that offers secure, fast and reliable service. In order tocut costs and enhance your business' efficiency, consider pairing with anenterprise Wi-Fi solutions provider. If your business is doing a lot ofservices overseas then using Wi-Fi can lower the costs of long distancecalling. However, it might be stressful to find the right provider to replaceyour obsolete systems and install new ones.

MWI Consultants Singapore recommends that you choose atrustworthy provider who can set up your wireless network and provide technicalsupport for your wireless solutions. Metropolitan Wireless International alsosees great benefit in allowing your people to log in on different devices andremotely connect to your business' network wherever they are located.

As previously stated, going wireless can give you lots of benefitsand one of which is accessibility wherein your employees can access dataanywhere, and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions can deliver easy and secure access toyour network. It is now a trend to improve business communicationsinfrastructure among business owners. The highly competitive marketplace ofSingapore will surely appreciate modern enterprise network solutions that allowfast and safe access to a business' network.

You can also utilize tailored wireless office solutions that canmatch your organization needs for your business. You can witness more effectivecommunications and improved services within your organization afterimplementing these enterprise solutions. You should also consider updating yourwireless network every now and then.

Wireless solutions also allow a lot of people to access yournetwork; tailored business communications infrastructure can handle a largenumber of users wherein you can meet the needs of your employees and offer goodservice to your clients. You can avoid experiencing any missed connections bychoosing the best equipment to use.

Aside from offering quality mobile and wireless solutions tocustomers, MWI also provides excellent consulting services and steadfastproject management services.

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Business professionals seek efficient and versatile means ofoperating and reaching out to their customers using the new IT media.Innovations in IT have provided excellent solutions tailor-fitted to thespecific requirements of various industries. MWIs UMSprovides these solutions through an integrated, unified communicationsinfrastructure that incorporates all the communications facilities individualsand businesses need.

One positive aspect of this system is the full utilization ofvideo capability in tandem with other media capabilities, such voice andinstant messaging. This allows efficient use of each specific component whileinterphasing with the other components for full applicability. For instance,UMS allows high-definition teleconferencing among professionals to facilitatebusiness operations.

Companies utilizing video can maximize productivity when this toolis closely integrated in a unified and consistent way with their communicationsinfrastructure, minimizing management overhead, allowing consistent userexperiences over various devices, providing higher quality of service andeasier integration into their business systems. This seamless facility enablesa simple and easy use of communication links among a company’s staff, as wellas with customers.

MWI Consultants will furnish proof of the effectiveness of the UMSsystem through presentation of the rate of return and customer testimoniesshowing the real benefits of the system to actual business applications. Thecompany’s ten years of experience in the field of communication, and unifiedcommunications, in particular, provide assurance to prospective users of thesystem that leads to ease of operating and enhancing productivity andcoordination.

The various innovations in IT will continue to push the capabilityof businesses to keep in step with the dynamic requirements of developingcommunities throughout the world. As such, MWI sees theneed to upgrade and fine-tune the applicability of UMS to a wider range ofuses. We will certainly see more innovations and adaptations in this vitaldevelopment in the IT highway.



MWI has many years of experience in designing and developingunified communication systems to help companies improve their operations. Inresponse, businesses have found the need to utilize a unified and integratedcommunications infrastructure which incorporates all communications formatspeople require, allowing users to consistently program their messages to meetspecific goals. MWI has, therefore, developed thiscapability to allow the greatest benefit from individual messaging formats: phone calls, videoclips, chatting, video conference and texting. Let us look at these formats and understand howthey can be unified to benefit enterprises:

1. Phone calls - Phone calls have served to linkpeople directly for decades; however, with the advent of video-interphase,communicating has become more efficient and direct. Voice-and-video interphasehas become a norm in social and business world communication.

2. Chatting - In the first generation ITsystem, chatting provided a crude way of interacting globally with othersthrough text messaging in the absence of cellular phones. Today, this formathas eventually also incorporated video capability to provide a more expansivemeans of communicating.

3. Phone-texting - Just like chatting, texting byphone has become a common linkage for private and public entities. Likewise,together with video capability, using the phone via short messages services(sms) has benefitted many people and enterprises.

4. Video-conferencing - This format allows more than twoand an unlimited number of individuals to hold a meeting online using voice andvideo interphase.

These modes of communications seem commonplace for most peoplenowadays. However, unifying these and making them available to an enterprise,for example in as customer service and other business processing purposes,creates an architecture that can integrate a company’s operations with fast andeffective results, optimizing costs and maximizing profit. MWI Consultant’sUnified Message Switch aims precisely to provide the advantages andcapabilities required by today’s highly competitive businesses. Learning how touse this system to one’s advantage can help enhance productivity andprofitability.



Today, mobile technology has a significantpart in the supply chain for goods and continues to evolve throughout theyears. To handle the supply chain more effectively, many transportationpersonnel and logistics are now using multiple and commercial-grade mobiledevices.

Several businesses opt to use mobiletechnology to provide better services. To drive efficiencies and developcompetitive advantage, some big companies invested in mobile technology overthe last few decades.

MWI Singapore determines the trends that have an impact onthe transportation industry. Every shipper and logistic professional shouldtake note of the following:

The first on the list is wireless solutions.One of the known organizations in Asia that provide advanced mobile and wirelesssolutions for customers is MWI Singapore. But aside from the said organization,other companies are also using wireless solutions to help shippers achieveefficiency and transparency.

Secondly, it’s about the end user driving themobile market. Providers should create mobile-enabled equipment and interestingand practical mobile versions of their applications for end users that hasvisibility over the entire supply chain.

Third is having the individual worker inmind. Many vendors are now working to separate their devices from the standardassembly-line applications. Shippers are taking more time to match the rightuser with the right device, data, and applications they need to do a moreefficient job.

And lastly, a stronger communication across thesupply chain. An improved customer service has been evident in thetransportation industry this past decade along with the remarkable growth inthe cost, speed and reliability of mobile communications networks. Bettercustomer service is made possible because of the higher levels of communicationand collaboration.

MWI Consultants Singapore can see more greatadvancements in the field of mobile technologyin the future. Not surprisingly, smartphones are replacing ruggedized devicesin the supply chain and a lot of shippers are now choosing mobile solutionsover their “manual” comfort zones.

Mobile solutions provide a lot of benefits tousers such as tracking and trading shipments, getting rate quotes and receivingshipment notifications. One of the products of MWI Consultants Singapore can bean example of this, it is called Automatic Location Tracking System (ALTS),which allow users to manage day-to-day operations by tracking the fleet on theroads. MWI also offers consulting services as well as project managementservices.

Different businesses can now experience theadvantage of continuous connectivity given by mobile technology. No wonder MWIConsulting continues to design and create state-of-the-art mobile and wirelesssolutions that can provide better services to a lot of people.




It's no secret that mobile technology plays asignificant part in the supply chain for goods today. For many years, thistechnology continues to evolve and several transportation personnel andlogistics are currently using multiple and commercial-grade mobile devices tohandle the supply chain more efficiently. With this, managers can also do theirjob wherever they are located.

Mobile phones with barcode and labelprinters, built-in cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS), handheldcomputers, Near Field Communication (NFC), RFID tags, scanners, sharedlogistics networks, tablets, and voice recognition software are all included inthe technologies involved. Each one of these technologies also allows maximumflexibility and can be both mobile and wireless.

It is often required for most businessesthese days to use mobile and wireless technologies to provide better services.In the industry of transportation, this technology is nothing new. In fact,there were several big companies that invested in mobile technology in the lastfew decades to drive efficiencies and create competitive advantage.

Every point in the supply chain feels theimpact of the advancements in mobile technology. MWI Consultants identifies thetrends that currently impacts the industry which are important for everyshipper and logistics professional to know.

The top trend on the list is about wirelesssolutions. MWI Singapore is regarded as one of the most reliable organizationsin providing innovative mobile and wireless solutions for customers in thetransport sectors as well as public safety and security operations in thenation. Most companies today choose wireless solutions to help shippers getboth transparency and efficiency and help them create a more cohesive workforceoutside the walls of the warehouse. Some wireless solutions offer tracking andtracing capabilities.

Secondly, it’s regarding the mobile marketbeing driven by the end user. With the end user dictating mobile consumptionand driving the market, providers should develop engaging and practical mobileversions of their applications and mobile-enabled equipment that allowvisibility throughout the entire supply chain to keep up with the increasingdemand for wireless solutions from shippers.

Third is about the focus on the individualworker. Mobile devices such as smartphones aren't the same, and both shippersand vendors understood this, thus, a lot of vendors are now working to separatetheir devices from the standard assembly-line applications. Moreover, shippersare taking extra time to match the right user with the right device, data, andapplications they may need in order to perform the job more efficiently.

Lastly, a firm communication over the supplychain. In the past decade, the cost, speed, and reliability of mobilecommunications networks have increased dramatically, resulting in an improvedcustomer service. Higher levels of communication and collaboration also allowlogistics managers, truck drivers, dispatchers, sales personnel and receiverswithin the entire supply chain to provide better customer service.

Getting out from your comfort zone mayprovide better opportunities for your organization, this is why many shippersare getting out from their "manual" comfort zones and now moving intomobile solutions. It's also evident that smartphones are starting to replaceruggedized devices in the supply chain. 

MWI Consultants Singapore perceives more greatdevelopments in mobile technology in the future. Having said that, it's now atrend to combine several mobile and wireless technologies to create a totalmobile solution that addresses the needs of an entire logistics and supplychain operation.

Many of these solutions allow users toreceive shipment notifications, track and trade shipments, and get rate quotes.For example, one of the products of MetropolitanWireless International named Automatic Location Tracking System (ALTS) let users managedaily operations by tracking the fleet on the roads.

Mobile technology is indeed playing a vitalrole in the transportation management these days. It's evident that thistechnology continues to flourish in this industry. With this, variousbusinesses now have the advantage of continuous connectivity that earlyadopters did not have. Using the current technology for your organization willsurely give you a competitive advantage, that's why the MWI Consultingcontinues to design and develop innovative solutions using mobile and wirelesscommunication technologies to provide better services for their customers. MWIalso offers consulting services as well as project management services that candeliver helpful benefits.