Today I decided to list my three top things to do in Chicago. I highly recommend visiting the city if you enjoy any of the following: sports, architecture or shopping.


My number one favourite was the games and sport activities we got to enjoy on our trip. United Center was a really nice place to go. It was so amazing to one night see it as a ice hockey rink and the next night see it completely changed into a basketball court. The ice hockey game itself was a little bit slow, but seeing ice hockey live has always been my thing. In addition, the lightning shows and music in the beginning of the game are truly fascinating (pictures above).

I have never been a big fan of basketball but this game really changed me, it was so amazing! I literally cannot explain it but it was an unbelievable experience. Definitely a basketball fan now on.


The Field Museum is a museum of history. It was massive. We had way too little time to see it, but the little part we saw was very interesting and truly evoked my interest in history again. A part of Indiana Jones has actually been filmed in the museum.


Chicago has some amazing architecture and really nice houses. Two places you should visit is the 360chicago with view of the entire city. Here you could try out “the Tilt” a little moving glasbox which moved towards the ground. It was so cool and scary (I kept on swearing the entire time). Another great place was the Willis Tower, formerly the highest building in the world. From a box with nothing but glas you could admire the city in 442meters height.

Really enjoyed this vacation, thank you to all 49 people in our group.




Let me say I am so amazed. I really had no expectations for this trip (besides awesomeness) and I was even more pleased then I could have ever imagined. We travelled to Chicago with a big group of somewhat fifty people and we Finns truly took over Chicago. In comparison to my favourite New York Chicago was a lot smaller and cosier. Our hotel Kinzie Hotel was right in the middle of the city center, which made moving around a lot easier.

The city was actually burned down in 1871 and the fire left only two buildings remaining in the city. All other buildings built after that was either made of stone or glass with certain design. Have to say that the Trump Tower was my favourite building in the city, even if I am not a fan of the man himself, this building was simply empowering and gorgeous. The class houses and skyscrapers of Chicago truly gave that big city spirit and the closeness of nature e.g. Grant Park was a very nice soothing touch to the city. Really loved it here!

In my next post I will tell you what to do and see in Chicago.





Currently located in Chicago. Have to say that so far so good, love it here! It's an amazing city, beautiful but powerful.

More coming later...




Happy New Year everybody!

First post of 2017 will be a throwback to 2016. As I said there was quite many trips, so here goes the part 2 of my 2016.



In May we competed in L’Oreal Brandstorm Competition in Copenhagen. Had the best time with my two favorite people. Best recommendations in Copenhagen is visiting the harbor and Joe&the Juice, not for the drinks but for the handsome staff :D


Prior to my birthday we visited Tallinn with some friends and co-workers. This was definitely a great trip. We ate very good food and drank the best wine I have tasted in a while (picture above).



Oh Budapest, what a romantic place with such beautiful old houses and exterior. Ten years ago I would probably never have been interested to visit Budapest, but truly happy that I did change my mind. Best recommendations is simply walking around, having a drink at the 360 bar and visiting the Zoo.



Our trip to Gdansk was mainly the result of insanely cheap flights. We flew from Turku with WizzAir and I think it was as good as any cheap airline. Gdansk was truly one of the biggest surprises for me, didn't have any expectations but the city was so pretty. Those colorful houses were definitely enjoyable.



A trip we all had waited for, since February, was our group trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities in Europe. I think there is always something new to see. I recommend to visit Anne Franks house and to go on a boat trip in the canals. Besides the great company those two where definitely my highlights of this trip.



Check out previous posts.




2016 was truly a year of travel.

As the year is has come to its end I wanted to shortly look back at all the amazing trips I done the past year. The year 2016 has been somewhat crappy for me, but one thing that has truly outdone itself has been all these journeys and the amazing travel company I have had. I'm exited for the New Year and hope it brings a lot of good vibes with it.

As the trips where quite many I will separate this into two parts



New York City is my favorite city in the whole wide world and I hope to get to live there one day. From this trip I wanted to give an extraordinary tip: Visit the 9/11 museum. It was one of the most breathtaking, sad, shocking but yet amazing museums I have ever been in!


To Stockholm I traveled with my crazy group of friends.



I have been to London many times, but the city always has something new to offer. This time the highlight of the trip was the change of guards at the Royal Palace. Definitely a memory I wont forget.


Do I even need to explain this with words? Best trip EVER. Mexico really hit the top of my places to visit -list after this trip. Amazing places, great food and the kindest people in the world. And also cheap! The trip there may cost a big buck, but when you are there pretty much nothing costs anything. The last picture is the best meal I have had in my entire life, "tacos", bought from a street restaurant. Three tacos with all the add ons cost like 60-70 cents???

To be continued.....



SO SORRY for the complete death on the blog. I have been exhausted with school and final exams. But now I'm off on a 4-week vacation so time to cheer up and enjoy life.

I decided that I also wanted to share other stuff than solely things about travel on this blog. Therefore I decided to add something that mayby could be categorized as 'wellness' mostly focusing on my own preferences in health, fitness and nutrition. Hope you like it.

I'd like to kick start by sharing the absolute best of the best smoothie recipes. These I fell in love with during my times living in Canada. The measurements are somewhat estimates.

Breakfast smoothie (for one)

Berries lots of berries (1,5 dl)

Bananas (1/2-1 per portion)

Almond milk (1-2dl, I like it creamy so I don’t put that much)

Flaxseeds (1-2 tablespoons)

1 scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder

Sometimes I add chia seeds or nuts

* on top picture of this put in a bowl, covered with blueberries, almonds, grinded flaxseeds and banana

Green smoothie (lovelovelove) (for two)

Spinach (1-2 handfull)

Cucumber (2 small ones in Finnish avomaan kurkku, not the regular one)

Celery (1-2 "sticks")

Green apples (1-1 1/2 the more neon green ones are better)

Ginger (according to own preferences)





Unfortunately all good things come to an end. This trip was definitely a solid 5/5. It was my third so called business trip, and got to say I both saw and learned a lot. As the jetlag is now hitting it's peak, I decided to finish blogging about this trip with some useful tips for others traveling to San Francisco!

San Francisco was very versatile and full of life. I definitely enjoyed the 'typical American features' such as big cars, breathe taking places (as you see from pictures above, pretty damn amazing), of course American fast-food chains was a bonus as well as the shopping and store offerings. San Francisco's biggest benefit was that it is definitely a city with a soul. As all houses reach maximum height of three floors with colorful painting and somewhat personal exterior gave a very sympathetic image to the city. There were of course some skyscrapers in addition. One of the best things was seeing plenty of areas with different features; Chinatown, downtown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz and the heights around the Golden Gate. This city surpriced me positively.

NOTE: Finnair will start next summer flying straight from Helsinki to SFO!!! GO GO GO

Finally, I wanted to list some easily accessible pros and cons as well as some tips for you.


+ Versatile city, a lot to see

+ Alcatraz

+ Good shopping, large variety of stores

- Bad neighborhoods in the city center

- Somewhat expensive

- A lot of scamming (fake ESTAs online, fake tickets, different prices, no chip readers)


- First things first do NOT buy your ESTA from a fake site, you will find the government site from e.g. Finnairs websites and in that way directed to the actual application

- Choose the location of accommodation carefully, it will have a huge impact on your trip (North Beach recommended)

- Change some cash for you on before-hand e.g. parking, bars and some shops do not take cards

- Best shopping around Market Street (shops such as Nordenstroms, Bloomingberg, Forever21 and Target may be found here)

- Visit Alcatraz! Remember to check ticket availability on beforehand, but be careful if booking online due to that many fake websites will be found. We bought our tickets straight from the Pier where the boat departures

- Take time when going to see the Golden Gate bridge, it is truly marvelous

- ENJOY!!!





This post could also be called day 4, but I decided to solely focus on one of my new favorite landsites, the #1 attraction in San Francisco (Trip Advisor 2016). Alcatraz Island. On Thursday morning we chose to use our so-called "time off" to good use and went to visit Alcatraz. We felt lucky to get tickets, because we where told they are often sold out.

None of us had any expectations for this visit, but have to say our minds where blown. The tour on the island was organized so well. We started with a 10min introduction and then continued listening 35min to a ranger telling us stories about 'prisoners at work'. I don't remember the last time that I listened this well. After this we continued to the prison building and got a headset to guide us around. This tour was nothing ordinary, it was so well executed that we actually went through every point and stayed on the island for 3hours!

The ticket cost 35.5 dollars and was worth every penny. Besides the interesting tour we got to enjoy amazing weather and most spectacular views.

Tips to Alcatraz visitors:

Get tickets early

Listen to all the guided tours

Reserve yourself a small snack (the long visit made us hungry)




Today we enjoyed some sightseeing (and shopping). We started our day by driving down the most crooked street in the world. It was pretty awesome and the view from above was showing us the entire city. After this we drove to Fisherman’s Wharf, one of the most known parts of SF. The part was in my opinion quite a disappointment; it was very old and shady. The part I liked in Fisherman’s Wharf was Pier 39. The pier was amazing, because we got to see a lot of sea lions. The sea lions smelled really, really bad, but they where quite funny. During the afternoon our company visits continued to startup company Academia.

Now of to dinner.





Greetings from San Francisco!

Have to say that this 10,5hour straight flight from Helsinki to SFO-airport was definitely one of the easiest and nicest flights I have ever been on. We got to enjoy the new Finnair Airbus A350 XWB airplane. Besides the bad wifi, everything was good, even the food.

Our Airbnb apartment is located in perfect, central location in North Beach. During our first evening we just drove around. The most breath taking experience was driving over the San Francisco bridge and seeing the city from above.

Today (Tuesday) we visited Stanford University. Have to say that we all where completely amazed by the sport facilities at the campus area. There was everything from a pool to a massive football stadium (pictured above). Definitely would not mind studying here.

To be continued...




"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us"