here is a few pictures from Sierras birthday :)

Hannahs promposal :)))

The piture on the right is from the farm. Just a normal day at the fafrm, picking eggs and feeding the chicken.

Here the kids also get a easter basket filled with easter candy and stuff. So that you can see above to the left.

And then just a few of the trees outide the house.


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Hey. Last week FC was on spring break. The first days of my spring break I didn't really do anything. I slept late and just chilled out in the sun. It was really warm outside so I had some time to tan out in the yard. On Wednesday I didn't sit for a minute. We celebrated Sierra's 16th birthday with a surprise party for her. I got up at 7 and worked all day with stuff for the party. I had a great time and Sierra liked it. I was so tired after that so I went early to bed. On Thursday I went with a older couple, that live next door, to the Air Force Base in Huntsville, Alabama. They have stores on the Air Force Base for retired people that was in the Air Force. In the stores, you don't have to pay taxes and everything is a bit cheaper. Some of the stuff there is also things you can't find in stores. So we did some shopping there and then we went to Fresh Market. It is a "grocery store" with everything natural and fresh. It was great. I wish I would my family could have been there because it was really cool. Then they took me to a restaurant that was awesome. They are such nice people. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from that trip. When I got home, I packed my stuff together to go and stay at the farm. Hannah promproposed to me when she picked me up. I was so surprised. I spent the whole weekend at the farm until Sunday. We had a great time there. We went to church for 3 hours on Friday... And otherwise we just chilled. On Sunday we started out going to Easter church and then we just chilled at their house. Later on we went to Papaw's house for Easter Dinner. We stayed there for a while and then I went back with Jill and Keith to Winchester. I got a awesome Easter basket filled with candy. It was so cute. I was so tired when I got home that I went to bed almost immediately. I did have time to open my package from Amazon. I got my selfiesstick but I think it is broken so I am going to have to send it back. Now I am back in school again and I can tell you that I am very tired and I don't wanna be here. Lol
Love all my readers! <3
Ps. I am posting pictures later!



These pics above are from the Rock on the way up to Sewanee. The view from there is great!

Here we have a few pics from the Templeton Place. The view from there is great too. The pic of me is just one of those nice clumsy pics of me. It took me like 10 minutes to get up on the fence. lol

Hwe also went to the Natural Bridge, the Memorial Cross and on the way back from our brunch/shopping trip in Murfeesboro, we had a stop at Starbucks! (ignore Sierras finger)

Spent Sunday night at Jill's bf''s house. He has a indoor pool, hottub, waterslide and a jumping board. We also dressed up nicely and went to a really nice restaurant. I had such a good time when my family was here <3 It was so good to see them again after such a long time.

This weekend Sierra had a volleyball tunament in Birmingham, Alabama. I had a great time. We got our nails done, as Sierras B-day present and we also just chilled at the hotel. Our hotel was in the same building as a huge mall so ofc we did some shopping too.



I totally forgot that I have a blog.. Ups... But now I am back on track again. Last weekend my family flew to Tennessee. It was so great to see them again after almost a year. It was awesome. On saturday we went up to Sewanee and saw different things up there. Later that day we went to a really nice restaurant up in Sewanee called High Poiny. The food was delicious. On Sunday we went to Murfeesboro for a brunch with the family. After that we went shopping. In the evening we went to Keith's house for dinner. On Monday morning we went to FCHS for a tour and my family got to see some of my friends. After that it was time to say goodbye. Best weekend ever though. I was home from school a few days from school because I was sick and then I was working on my homework for the rest of the week.
Right now I am sitting in the car on a volleyball turnament in Burmingham Alabama. We left for here on Friday after school and we have been shopping and had a good time. Next week I dont have school because it is my Spring Break. Hopefully I will find something awesome to do.
I will post pictures from the last weekends later but I have to do that on my computer and I don't have wifi here.
Have a great day!





this pic just cracks me up :DDD



Hey Ya'll.
Last weekend Sierra had a volleyball turnament in Nashville so I went shopping with Hannah all weekend. I also found a promdress for me. I will post pictures later of it. I spent a few days with Hannah and her family and I had a great time. I also decided to go to prom with Hannah because then I know I will have a good time.
Yesterday I had my Senior Interview. That was kinda fun. It was like a real jobinterview but it was not real. I had a good experience doing it. We also had to dress up really fancy and write different papers.
Today my day did not started out that great because of Jonathan. He bailed on me for a ride to school, which was kind of a shitty move because he bailed on me 5 minutes before I was gonna leave for school. What ever. Tonight my family gets here and I just cant wait until I get to see them. Soo excited! I also got a box from Wärnström's. That was really nice. I got a pair of socks and candy! :)
Hope you all have a great day! Love you all!
PS. I probably wont post anything this weekend because my family is here so I will probably post next week.

These pictures above are from Hannah and theirs farm :)



I have een so lazy lately and I have not been doing that much. I was out of school last week on Thursday and on Friday because of ice. This time it was actually good that we were out of school because it was ice all over the place. Our drive way was just blank ice. So I did not do that much. I slept, watched Gossip Girl and just walked around in the house. On Friday night when the ice was melted I went to Isabelles house. Jonathan had a cute way to propose for prom. He wrote Prom? On a pizza with salami and olives. I thought it was kind of cute. We watched a movie, went to sonic and walmart and when we got back home we put on facemasks. It was so much fun. During the weekend I did not do anything else then just lied at home. Now I am at school. It is so boring. They are having some kind of tests in English this week so we really don't have anything to do so I am just sitting here. Next Monday our Spring Break starts so on Friday we are going to Nashville. Sierra has a volleyball turnament and I am going to go shopping with Hannah. I really hope I would find a promdress at the same time. On Monday we are going to stay with Hannah's family. We are staying with them all week until Friday. On Friday my awesome family is coming here so Sierra and me are going to the airport to meet them and then we are riding back with them to Winchester. We have alot of things planned out for when they are coming here. The plans are still a bit open but this is what we have planned this far. On saturday we are going to Sewanee. We are going to check out the campus of The University Of South. We are also going to The Natural Bridge, The Cross, The Templeton Palace and just walk around up there. Later we are going to High Point, a restaurant. On Sunday we are going to a brunch to Jill's dad. After that we are probably going to go shopping in Murfeesboro and we might go somewhere else too. I am not sure but I might go with my family to Nashville on Monday and then go back to Winchester after their plane leaves. All plans are still open but I think this os what we are going to try to do :) can't wait until they get here. Have been waiting so long for them to get here!

I don't have any pictures to post but this one. Hahahaha my cuties! Love these people so much! I don't know how I am going to survive without them.
I will try to post later on at some point and hopefully I will have some pictures to post too.
Have a good day!! <3



Hey Ya'll.

I can't believe that it actually is March already. It is crazy how fast the time goes by.

well anyways I am not going to write anything long so dont expect anything fancy XD. hahahah

Okay on Friday I went to the movies in Tullahoma with a couple of my friends and we had a really good time.

On Saturday we went to a volleyball turnament to Alabama. While Sierra was playing, me and mum went shopping.

I dont really have anything else to say. I have slept, had school, been eating alot and just had a chill couple of weeks.

LOL on this post but have a nice day <3333

some stufff that I bought

Me and Jonathan at some point lol​




I was out of school the entire lats week because of snow and ice. I did not do anything during that week. I watched probably 50 episodes of Gossip Girl at least. On Saturday I was home alone the entire day. Mum had a volleyball tournament and I just stayed at home with the interesting program that contained lying on the couch watching Gossip Girl. So yes I was bored to death for a really long time.

On Friday I finally got out of the house for a while. I went to the hairdresser and got a haircut. Wasn't really pleased with it but better then nothing. I was done after 15 minutes and then I went back home.

The problem here when we get out of school because of snow is that everyone are super afraid to drive so non of my friends could come and get me and go somewhere and I live so far away from all of my friends that I can't walk either.

On Sunday mum and me went to her boyfriend's house to work. We cleaned his house almost all day. When I got home I went straight to bed. I was so tired and really excited to go back to school again.

This morning when I woke up I was in a really good mood. I was going back to school and finally see my friends and do something else than lie on the couch and watch Gossip Girl. So I got up and took a shower. Well then FC decided to call school of because of ice. So I went back to bed and here I am, on the same spot! On the couch.

I don't really have that much to write about because nothing has really happened lately. So I am just gonna end this post with a picture of my new emoji pants that I ordered online and a picture from Friday when I went to the hairdresser. I was a really bad snowstorm outside.

25 days until I get to see my fam. 

98 days until I'll be back in Finland.

165 days until Weekend Festival.

186 days until I turn 18.

219 days until Nickelback concert.




Hey. Hope you guys liked my video that I posted. Hahaha. So after I posted the video last night I found out that my school here is closed the whole week because of snow. So that is kind of interesting. But at the same time I really miss school, can't even believe I am saying that, but it is really boring to just sit at home for a week. I think that most of the FC people are bored, because I was looking at twitter and most of the people just wanna get out of the house. So yeah I am really bored and I just wanna get out of the house and do something. I have no plans for this weekend yet but hopefully I would find something to do. I am not really excited to just stay at home after this week.

I am really stressed about prom too. There are a lot of people that already have everything planned out for prom and I have no clue about anything... I should probably start planning it :)

I am going to post a few pictures from the past days. Have a great day! <3

I think this picture was taken like two weeks ago. We had a movie night with Jonathan and Isabelle. It was so much fun! Our faces tho....

Here are some pictures from Valentine's Day. The flowers are from my host mum's boyfriend. He sent me and Sierra flowers to school. That was so sweet! And then we have a snapchat picture of Jonathan when he tried to get me to laugh after a shitty Valentine's Day. He also bought me flowers, balloons and a teddy bear to make my Valentine's Day better. He is the best!

This is on Tuesday when I got out of school the first time. I got out of school because of snow and ice and as you can see on the picture it was no snow at all... LOL :)

Yesterday I was out of school because of snow but this time there was actually snow :) Not that much but still :)