hi everyone,

my name is Stella and i'm 16 years old, I live in Sweden and I'm currently in my first year of high school.

I do live in Sweden but i grew up in Italy and i lived a bit in Holland too.I love music and i sing (mostly for my self), Beyonce is my queen so if you ever wanna say anything about her watch your words! , I'm Beyonce's biggest fan ....I'm kinda obsessed with her and i don't mean that I wanna be her but i stalk her and i know almost everything there is to know about her. People don't really notice this aspect of me but I'm really interested in politics and I'm very opinionated...now that is someone tying everyone know about me.I watch like a 1400 TV-series like Riverdale,Empire,star,lucifer,game of thrones...basically every single tv series that there is and that's what i spend most of my time doing if I'm not at school or out with my girls. There isn't really much more I can tell you about me but I'd like to say that not many things make me mad but if you mess with my girls ....i will cut you. <3