Update & Diary, Work & Ideas

There´s so much that I want to mention when I think of you. There´s so many designs, and propably so many stories about designs and who gives who and what is given. I have a couple of surprises myself to the involved people too, yes! I have some gifts for you guys. But I haven´t got any experience on how to get to that point. So this is kind of brain solution at the same time, but then again writing it saves my situation anyway. And the rest of the dreams and the context is going to be there. And the movie, and my guy. And Britney Spears. And I´ve got the designs too for some of you. And colors. And things to put on the scene or wherever. Like in a store, or on the internett, or whatever you use them for. I don´t know who is the biggest collector about YOU but I guess since I have a really big context that is true that they are willing to pay a lot to get a trophy, thing, or anything that is involved. So with the looks of it, you may not be wrong to me. Tho, the gift is with me still. And the people that want to invest in it, was that you? The thing for you to help me out with some cash? Whoever it is. My context is mine.´ And its big enough. And I´m interested enough. And I´m contributing too. And I don´t necessarily lie or act ironic. But if I do it´s just to because I did´n´t know what to say. I´ve been watching you guys some years now. And it´s been clear since 2013. But 2007 was the first clue with Rihanna to me. I´m going through the context right now. The update will come at my Tumblr account I just started using.



Stella Antoniette Grude Kolstad