My precious little monkey...

Here he is, running to the car after pick-up, dragging his bag with all of his favorite toys and random crap in it telling me "I'm gonna be the winner!! You're gonna be the loser!!"

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Overnight oats and chocolate smoothie for breakfast...

Gosh, I'm exhausted. I don't know if the the classic depressing fall weather consisting of rain and grey skies or if this weekends activities just drained me! Oh well.

The weeks are passing by so fast lately. It's already Friday again tomorrow! So what has happened this week...I've taken a long bath, watched the last episode of west world, started to see two movies, got three tattoos done, Skyped with a friends,  got my nails done and painted red, talked to my mom and dad, worked out, hung out in front of the big beautiful Christmas tree they put up and decorated, talked to my brother a lot, took a long nap and I went for a fika after the tattooing with Kassandra. Haha that's basically it, apart from working and chilling with the phone in my bed editing pictures, looking at Bieber related stuff and at funny shit on facebook. Oh and all those my stories on snapschat haha - they steal some time to but it's okey, I like it! Now it's time to finish up the movies and to watch the first episode of Julkalendern and the last episode of Wahlgrens värld. But first - think about if I should push the checkout button on my H&M shopping-basket and put some lotion on my tattoos! G'night lovies!



Mixed pictures from my Sunday...

Today was a very good day. I woke up late after a fun night out and went to Brooklyn to meet up with Hubert and Tai. We had some food. And later Moroccan tea at a cute place called Café Mogador in Williamsburg. After that we decided to go to a new hotel that opened recently nearby that's called The Willam Vale - it was so good! We went upstairs to the bar and the view is breathtaking, I got goosebumps when I saw it. We chit chatted with some random people and just hung out there for awhile before we went separate ways. I was supposed to go home but changed my mind and met up with Onur and his friend Leo. We went to a German bar and played ping-pong before we went to Bounce. I couldn't stay for long though cause I had to catch the train back home at eleven. But I was there yesterday too so it was okey haha. My favorite place for sure! Such a fun day with great conversations and meetings. So grateful for this. Thinking about that I have to leave this place and people soon just breaks my heart...



Sitting on an uncomfortable chair at Bryant Park waiting for the train back to Jersey. A little bit tired from the party last night but thankful for all the fun we had and that I get to be hungover in a place and city like this, Bryant Park, New York. It's moments like these when I get time to reflect and think about how life turned out and how grateful I am for everything that has come in my way. Good and bad - cause it made me who I am today and keeps evolving and shaping me to a better person every day. Today, like every other day, I'm grateful for so many things! This experience has taught me so much about life, me, humans and the world. It has helped me to understand. I guess growing up in combination with moving here allowed me to take a step away from myself and see what I have, what I have achieved and what I wanna achieve in life. It also made me realize and notice all the love I have surrounding me every day from family and friends all over the world. It's beautiful. I'm so thankful for being a part of your world. Thank you



Food that are good for your body...

I had a cooking night the night of the election here in America. Not because I didn't wanna watch the election. But this was the first time in a while I had the kitchen and house for myself in a while so I went a little crazy. My host parents went to Hillarys HQ in the city so the kitchen was mine from five to midnight! This was one of the things I made. A healthy shot that you can drink for breakfast, during the day or whenever. I'm too lazy to write down the benefits of the ingredients- but trust me, it's healthy!



1. Put a pot on the stove and pour the amount of water you want in there. The amout of water is gonna decide how much liquid you're gonna end up with.

2. Squeeze the lemon juice and pour it in there. It doesn't matter if you get the seeds in there, you're gonna strain everything at the end anyways.

3. Peel the ginger and chop it into smaller pieces and put it in there. If you use fresh turmeric do the same, if not put some of the dry and grounded one in there along with the cayenne.

4. Let it simmer for about 20 minutes before you strain it and bottle it. Keep it in the refrigerator and drink gold or heated up whenever you want!

Btw, I didn't put any measurements up there as usual but it's because I never remember. But don't be cheap with the ginger and the lemon but don't be too crazy with the cayenne, just saying! Happy drinking!



Weekend smiles...

I got off early today cause I'm having a weekend class at Long Island University. I left Glen Ridge at 2 pm and started my class at 6 pm here on campus. I'm staying over and Bree is here with me too so I think we're gonna have a good time!

We finished class early today and went back to our dorm to do our homework and just talked about everything before we went to bed. I'm so tired after a week of a lot of work so I'm looking forward to sleep soon. Just wanted to give you a quick update. Not used to stay in on a Friday night haha so when I have time I feel like at least I have to write something on my blog...

We have class tomorrow from 9am to 9pm. Can't really say I'm excited about that, just a little. Feels kind of good to be back in the school bench even if it just for a weekend. Good night xo

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They prefect snack after a work out or if you just wanna eat a delicious breakfast or bedtime treat!

Since a lot of you request recipes of my cooking I'm gonna try to start post a little bit more often. Everything to please you my beloved ones! These two are favorites that I always go back to.

Chocolate smoothie for 2 ppl:
1-2 frozen bananas depending on size, preferably more than less
I cup of almondmilk
2 spoons of raw cacao
1/4 cup of oats
1 spoon of chia seeds
4 dates
2 big spoons of almondbutter
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder - optional

Put everything in a mixer and blend. Add more milk or ice depending on what kind of texture you prefer. I like it think so you can eat it with a spoon. It tastes like chocolate mousse!

Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Cashew nuts

Coconut oil

Chop the nuts to a desired size and put all the different ingredients you wanna use in your müsli on a baking sheet.

If the coconut oil isn't melted - put it in the microwave for a second with the honey and the seasoning.

Pour it over the müsli and give it a massage with your hands so all of them gets a taste of the wet mix. Put it in the oven on a low temperature, maybe 250-300, for and hour or so. Don't forget to open up from time to time to check it out and stir around. So absolutely don't want it to burn but you want it to roast!

Let it cool down and mix in some coconut flakes and goji berries. Feel free to improvise! Cause that's what I do.




Jimmy, me and Questlove outside a house in Glen Ridge...

I was sitting at home doing my homework when my friend Monika, a pretty new Au pair, told me to come out one block away from my house. Apparently they were shooting something for the golden globe, as you obviously can see. I live in a neighborhood with big and cute houses for sure!

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Zoodles in a creamy and cheesy sauce

You may have noticed or maybe not but I've gained a lot of weight since I moved here haha. Mostly from the alcohol and sweet juices I pour in my body every weekend smh... I eat pretty healthy during the weekdays and barely eat any treats but that hasn't helped lol. So I'm trying to go back to my old low carb high fat diet a little. It's hard since I'm a vegetarian but I'm gonna do my best. To be honest, I can't even fit my jeans anymore. Only two baggy pairs that I brought from Sweden and a new black pair that I had to buy. So it's time to do something about this for real! Here's the recipe to what I think is gonna be a new favorite.

You need:
Yellow onion
Heavy cream
Almond milk
Egg yolk
Cocktail tomatoes
Shredded cheese

1. Spriralize the zucchini and boil it with salt for a short while so it softens.

2. Fry chopped onions, garlic, (tofu) and add some heavy cream, almond milk and egg yolk(s) when it's fried properly. Stir and add salt and pepper. Throw the tomatoes in there.

3. Mix in a lot of cheese and the zoodles. Feel the texture and taste if you need to add more of something.

4. Serve and eat! Et voila!

Such an quick and easy recipe when you don't have much time but don't feel like having a salad!



Breakfast at my fav spot in Montclair - the corner

I tried to show my parents as many of my favorite spots as possible when they were here. Since I love food a few of them were restaurants. This place is close to where I live and we went here their first day and enjoyed an avocado toast with poached eggs and a juice. My dad was too hungry so his food didn't make it on the picture haha...