Once upon a time, there was a girl called Joy. She lived in a city called Samri. She had friends, some were real and some were fake. She is 15 years old, and she is also a Christian, she plays keyboard, piano, guitar and so on. She is always eager to learn new things and also she can sing but she is still learning how to sing, she is always trying to get better in everything she's doing, although it doesn't go so well but she still try her best to make sure she achieve what she wants. It's not so easy for her because of her goal, she always have compassion on people and thinks it's bad to have too much compassion on people. She is a really nice, kind and intelligent girl, she helps people a lot, and she is a very good friend. Whenever she is sad, she doesn't show that she is, she just smile no matter what is going on, even if a friend made her angry or did something upsetting, she just overlook it because she wants to keep the friendship. She is also someone who can't really communicate with friends well or have good social skills, she doesn't know how to talk to people to be their friend. She lived in Africa before she moved to Sweden. While she was in Africa she had some friends whom don't think of her as friends, she was so clingy because she was scared they may leave her. It was tough for her in school but she endured, she did som many things that made her parents not to be happy with her, she loves her parents and tries so hard to make them happy but it does not work well. In Nigeria, she had some friends whom they thought she was a disgrace, they don't treat her good but she trusts anybody and her heart always hurt when she gets disappointed. When she came to Sweden, it became worse because of bad social skills, she couldn't express herself not only because she couldn't speak the language but because she was afraid they may not like her. She is really ambitious and wants to do so many things, and the reason she does that is so that in case in future, if she gets maybe an injury, she still has hope on other things she can do, but if she should only do one thing and get injured, she won't know what to do next. A lot of things happened to her while she was in Nigeria, she had a friend for 8years and after 8 years Joy found out that That friend wasn't a real friend. How? Why did that friend do that?
The next chapter will tell, I hope you guys like this story